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  1. 1./ Checked both but no previous entries 2./ Highest is 'More Categories' at 8675309 I've checked just about everything. Thing is, it is working OK but I'm not able to see it in Admin/Configuration for any settings.
  2. OK after playing around with .htaccess I have the contrib actually working on site but no option in Admin. I altered the file by removing the 'Option' line and moving the 'Engine On' to the top.
  3. OK I've installed this contribution but have a problem. Once either of the .htaccess files is loaded to server then my site closes with Internal Server Error 500. I have tried both including changing the directory path but no go. Remove the file and normal service is resumed. Also, the contrib does not appear in Admin even though I checked and rechecked the files? As an aside, why is Chemo banned?
  4. D-Tech

    Vat Inclusive Invoice / Order Contribution

    In admin, when you add a product in Categories, does two boxes appear with net price and vat inc price? There should be a box above also that has selection for Taxable Goods. If theses are set right then the checkout should work OK, if not appears to be a problem in tax rate.
  5. D-Tech

    Vat Inclusive Invoice / Order Contribution

    You can turn off the VAT inclusive in admin so products are displayed net, then Vat is added at the cart. Is that what you meant?
  6. D-Tech

    Reach Paypal page but it refuses to show.

    OK fixed for now. I realised I had added the Must Accept Terms and Conditions (MATC) addon a while ago and something there caused the PayPal not to load. I have replaced the checkout confirmation page with a backup. I will try and see what is wrong. Rob Lane
  7. Hi, I had PayPal working OK but now I have a problem. When checkout confirm is reached and the button pressed, the redirect occurs to https://secure.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr but the message that IE cannot display this page comes up. I presume some parameter that should be passed has been altered but for the life of me I cannot figure out what. Any ideas ? Rob
  8. I have a simple shipping table supplied by my couriers :- Up to 1kg = 4.50 Up to 5kg = 5.50 Up to 10kg = 7.95 thereafter each 1kg = .26 It's the last part I need to work out. The table rate is fine but is there an easier way to add the +1kg cost on. I need this as we sell small and large weight items, a table list with all the +1kg rate is cumbersome to say the least. I've searched the shipping contributions but can't tell if anything matches this. Thanks
  9. D-Tech

    Templates: How to Install them

    A quick look at the above shows PSD which is the pic designs for Photoshop and is not necessary for the install. I would suggest looking in the install directory. Usually there is some hint there, say run index.php ?. Sorry I've never used a template myself.