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  1. Hi there, I can't help on the first issue, but on the second (extra digits), in my experience it only pertains if your CC processor requires it. So far I've only come across one that did (E-Xact). Violet
  2. Is there a way with the Freecount module that the customer has to order a set amount of the exact same product in order to get the free shipping instead of the set amount of any items in the store? Thanks, Violet
  3. Dates... I *believe* you can change the saturday delivery, etc on your account on the CP web site. You'll still get dates, but I'm sure you can choose which ones. Illegal error.... The postal code error got me when I didn't use the same format as what I had used in my CP account... one had a space in the middle, and one didn't, (A1A1A1 as opposed to A1A 1A1 ) so basically it came back as not a match. Hope those help.. it's been so long since I got mine working that I just have vague recollections of how I fixed things. Violet
  4. Hi there, I seem to be getting the same error with CP version 3.1 on MS1 (multiplying an already multiplied weight), so if a customer orders 10 products, they pay 10x10 of the weight. An order of 10 small books 'expedited' across 2 provinces is coming up as $49.90 (should only be about $6.40). Weight for 10 books (0.2 kg each) should total 2.2 kg, but on shipping.php it shows "10 x 2.2 kgs". Was the above fix not applied to 3.1 or are they separate mods completely? (I'm not sure who wrote 3.1). Thanks, Violet
  5. Once Peter sees the order, you'll get an email saying your status has been updated, with a link that you can go download from.
  6. Hi Peter, The problem I have, is when I add (in Admin), "Web Site Information Pages" or alter text to the existing ones, they don't show up in the Catalog. For example, the Shipping - the link in the catalog seems to not link to the same shipping page. I have added a enw page, but it does not come up in the Information box at all. Thanks, Violet
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for sending the needed files. I am almost done, just one more problem, and I'm sure it's something simple... In the osc-red theme, I cannot pull up any of the information box links except shipping. All the others I am trying to use & have added text in the editor to, are only showing TEXT_INFORMATION in the catalog. Also, the articles are not showing up under the drop-down. Like I said, probably something simple I'm missing - but have had a flu from he** the past couple of weeks - and can't think straight long enough to know where I can fix this. Thanks to anyone who can help, Violet
  8. Hi Peter, I have managed to add to the existing DB with no problems, thanks! However, I am still unable to view any added text on the main page of the catalog (I can see it i the preview in Admin, just not catalog). I re-downloaded but didn't see an index page in the catalog, only in install and admin. Thanks, Violet
  9. Noticed something else... don't know if it helps or not. (Browser) error on page: Line: 67 Char: 101 Error: Unterminated string constant Code: 0 I'm assuming this is a javascript error... but I know nothing about javascript. Thanks again, Violet
  10. Me again :lol: I tried that URL (assuming you meant put that in the address bar), but I get "page cannot be found", I don't have anything set in my htaccess for the root as the site will have an entrance page. I did try but I also get "page cannot be found". My htaccess for /catalog/ has the following for the index page: DirectoryIndex index.php default.php I know I'm having blonde moments today, so what am I missing? If it matters, I'm using the babyblue theme Thanks again, Violet
  11. Hi Peter, Beautiful... thanks so much! :D
  12. For some reason, the text for the mainpage is not showing up at all. I have catalog/includes/languages/english/mainpage.php set to 777 for permissions... am I missing something else? I've even tried hardcoding it, but nothing... it does show up in the admin text editor, just not in the catalog. Thanks, Violet
  13. I'm wondering about the potential of using another site's database (MS1) with your install. This other site already has alot of product in, so I don't want to lose that. I was successfully able to connect your version to the database, but of course none of your work is the DB yet (template tables, etc). Is there a quick-n dirty way to add your additional DB info into my phpmyadmin, or is there far more to it than just the templates & editors to worry about? I'm not an SQL expert, so be gentle :lol: Thanks, Violet
  14. I had made the same mistake, assumed it was an "Add-on" and not a complete install. Other than the issues mentioned about some of the themes, all is working. I'll keep an eye out for the updated file on your site. Thanks again! Violet
  15. Hi Peter, First let me say thanks for your hard work, for what's sure to be a great mod! Contributors don't seem to get enough support around here anymore, only flack and grief :roll: I have run into a couple of what are probably small problems, maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am running an MS1 catalog with your admin & catalog files. After an install, I got this at default.php: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_date_raw() (previously declared in /home/lifesalt/public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english.php:27) in /home/lifesalt/public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english.php on line 27 I noticed on the english.php file that lines in that area are commented out, but as I'm not proficient in PHP, I can't troubleshoot it. The admin side seems to be working fine, other than the main page editor, where I get "TEXT_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST"... what file does this pertain to? It may not have uploaded properly, so if I know while file I can check into it. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks, Violet