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    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hey Robert, Thanks for the quick answer on this. I have applied your suggestions to my custom module and the .htaccess file. I've even restarted apache but I still get a "Page not found" message (given by notfound_404.php) when I access http://www.mysite.com/pages.php?pID=1. I've turned the debugging reporting ON and I notice there are no query in the debugging info. Could that be a lead into the cause of this issue? Any light you get provide on this will be greatly appreciated. Vince
  2. vincentdemers

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello, Many thanks for this wonderful module. It's very usefull. I am trying to do a custom module so that the information pages module that comes with Creload will work with SEO URLs. Here is a copy of the code I am using. This code is based on the Usu_Article_Info.php and the template provide in the SEO URLs module package. <?php class Usu_Pages extends aDataMap { const MARKER = '-page-'; // Could for example be -c- or -l- etc. const DEPENDENCY = 'pID'; // _GET key like e.g. cPath or lPath etc. const FILENAME = 'pages.php'; // The filename define of the file where this code will be actioned, this MUST NOT be a define public $dependency = self::DEPENDENCY; public $dependency_tags = array( self::MARKER => self::FILENAME ); // key value pair of tag (like e.g. -c-) => filename ( e.g. FILENAME_DEFAULT ) private $page_relations = array( self::FILENAME => 1 ); // Page relation for this module ( e.g. FILENAME_DEFAULT or FILENAME_LINKS ) private $markers = array( self::MARKER => self::DEPENDENCY ); // Markers as key value pair like -c- => cPath or perhaps -l- => lPath private $base_query; // Template query with placeholders ( :placeholder ) waiting for real values private $query; // The final query which will be $base_query but with the placeholders replaced with real values private $pages_title; // property populated in the acquire() method, there may be multiples of these, rename in line with the query results private $dependency_value; // Dependency value, so if the dependency was cPath and cPath = 27 then this value would be 27 private $installed = false; // Unless it is a core module $installed should only be true if the contribution is installed ( e.g. articles or links manager etc ) public function __construct(){ $this->base_query = "SELECT pages_title FROM pages_description WHERE pages_id=':pID' AND language_id=':languages_id' LIMIT 1"; usu::$registry->merge( 'seo_pages', $this->page_relations ); usu::$registry->merge( 'markers', $this->markers ); usu::$registry->addPageDependency( array( self::FILENAME => self::DEPENDENCY )); $this->installed = true; // pages Hardcoded to true in this instance - see above comment. } protected function acquire( $base_path, $full_path ) { $this->dependency_value = $full_path; // Full path perhaps with underscores $placeholders = array( ':pID', ':languages_id' ); $values = array( (int)$base_path, (int)usu::$languages_id ); // pages These values will replace the placeholders above in $this->base_query $this->query = str_replace( $placeholders, $values, $this->base_query ); // Replace the placeholders with actual values $result = usu::query( $this->query ); // Action the query $this->query = null; // Unset the query for future usage $row = tep_db_fetch_array( $result ); // Return the array of data ( or false if there are no results ) tep_db_free_result( $result ); // Housekeeping if ( false === $row ) { return false; // No results for the query so abort } $this->pages_title = $this->linkText( $row['pages_title'] ); if ( false === isset( usu::$registry->{self::DEPENDENCY} ) ) { usu::$registry->{self::DEPENDENCY} = array(); } usu::$registry->attach( self::DEPENDENCY, $this->dependency_value, $this->getProperties() ); } // End method protected function getProperties() { $properties = get_object_vars( $this ); // $properties becomes an array of all properties within this class unset( $properties['page_relations'] ); // Get rid of this key as it is not needed in the registry return $properties; } // End method private function get_full_path( $path ) { return $path; } // End method private function get_parents() { } // End method public function buildLink( $page, $valuepair, &$url, &$added_qs, $parameters ) { if ( ( $valuepair[0] != self::DEPENDENCY ) || ( false === array_key_exists( 1, $valuepair ) ) || ( false === $this->installed ) || !tep_not_null( $valuepair[1] ) ) { return false; // Either this module is not installed or the value pair does not meet our requirements so abort } $base_path = $valuepair[1]; // well it might be a single top level item if ( false !== strpos( $valuepair[1], '_' ) ) { // It is a path with parents? ( has underscores ) $base_path = ltrim( strrchr( $valuepair[1], '_' ), '_' ); // Grab the base path which is the number at the end of a path with parents ( e.g. 2_23_37_52 = 52 ) } // Sanity check - if the $base_path is not numeric then we dump it if ( false === is_numeric( $base_path ) ) { trigger_error( __CLASS__ . ' Incorrect ' . self::DEPENDENCY . ' presented: ' . $valuepair[1], E_USER_WARNING ); return false; } // Get a full path with underscores from the database $full_path = $this->get_full_path( $base_path ); // If this item is not already in the registry we use the acquire() method to query for the data if ( !isset( usu::$registry->vars[self::DEPENDENCY][$full_path] ) ) { if ( false === $this->acquire( $base_path, $full_path ) ) { return false; // Looks like an invalid request so dump it } } else { usu::$performance['queries_saved']++; // Already in the registry so we saved one query } $reg_item = array(); $reg_item = usu::$registry->vars[$valuepair[0]][$full_path]; $link_text = $reg_item['pages_title']; // the property added in the acquire function this would have been set in the acquire method like $this->pages_name switch( true ){ case $page == self::FILENAME: $url = $this->linkCreate( self::FILENAME, $link_text, self::MARKER, $full_path ); break; default: $added_qs[filter_var( $valuepair[0], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING )] = usu::cleanse( $valuepair[1] ); break; } # end switch } } ?> Information pages are normally accessed through these kind of URLs http://www.mysite.com/pages.php?pID=1 but whenever I access a page I get a "Page not found" message and there are no query in the debugging information. Can anyone give me a clue about what's wrong here? Thanks Vincent
  3. vincentdemers

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hey Thanks for the prompt response. I just found the source of the bug was in my special character array... there was a wrong coma in there... Thanks again!
  4. vincentdemers

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for this great contrib. I've installed it on many websites and always worked like a charm. However this time I have to switch a creloaded site that has the ultimate seo r141 contrib installed to a new server. The contrib works fine on the old server but on the new server the URLs produced by tep_href_link() do not contain either the category or product name... They all come out like /-c-4.html Please check the debug report below: Anyone can give me a clue about where to start to debug this? thx!
  5. hello mate, does your 'save order on checkout_confirmation' contribution affect other payment methods like CoD?? Will my other payment modules work fine if i go on installing your contrib? thnx

  6. Hello All, Since this contribution seems to generate a lot of interest, I'm opening this official thread for support. I'll be answering questions here from now on. Vince