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  1. AFAI understand, that applies to the PRICE of the item, not to the shipping costs, right? I need shipping cost to be 0 when we offer products which are, for example, downloadable, and coexist with the rest of products which are actually shipped.
  2. Can I have shipping cost=0 for only certain articles, but the standard flat fee aplied to the rest of items? Any contribution to this? I couldn't locate any. Thanks!
  3. Where could I find the shipping cost per product? I could see one which gives each product a single shipping value, but I don't like it because it's cumulative, which means if someone orders 10 CDR, they get the shipping value by 10 times.... ANy other i've missed? Thanks!
  4. I'd like to see something like this too, for example, if you sell non material goods like a program, no shipping charges should be applied. Any1?
  5. The idea is that I have 2 kind of products, ones served from a location, with a shipping cost of x and another group served from another location, with shipping cost of y, and user should not be able to mix products on the same cart if they're to be shipped from different locations... Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Same here. Additionally, I loose both oscommerce.gif logo and banner... But they DO NOT disappear, they convert to 1x1 pixels... Do you use STS template? Any1 can help??