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  1. Okay, I've got the layout issue sorted at last. The code that generates the output is in includes\classes\pad_base.php . On line 185 (in my code): $out.=' <td class="main" colspan="2"><b>' . TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS . '</b></td>'; delete the 'colspan' bit: $out.=' <td class="main"><b>' . TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS . '</b></td>'; then find the two lines that look a bit like this (lines 216 and 245 in my code): $out .= '<tr><td align="right" class=main><b>' . $stocked['oname'] . ":<br></b></td><td class=main>" . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$stocked['oid'].']',array_values($stocked['ovals']),$stocked['default']) . "</td></tr>\n"; and add in a new '</tr><tr>' bit in the middle and change the text alignment to left: $out .= '<tr><td align="left" class=main><b>' . $stocked['oname'] . ":<br></b></td></tr><tr><td class=main>" . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$stocked['oid'].']',array_values($stocked['ovals']),$stocked['default']) . "</td></tr>\n"; Ta-daa! Easy. Now, does anyone fancy telling me how to reverse the sort order of attributes please?
  2. Hi! I'm using QT Pro, and what I want to achieve is this: So, that's adding a line break in after the attribute title and I'd also like to reverse the order of the listing (currently it starts with the most recently added item, I'd like to do it the other way around). The code is in product_info.php and I'm pretty sure that the bit we need to look at is this: //++++ QT Pro: Begin Changed code $products_id=(preg_match("/^\d{1,10}(\{\d{1,10}\}\d{1,10})*$/",$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] : (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN . '.php'); $class = 'pad_' . PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN; $pad = new $class($products_id); echo $pad->draw(); //++++ QT Pro: End Changed Code Unfortunately, I've got no idea what that means. I'm sure adding in a line break and reversing the list order can't be hard. Can anyone help please?
  3. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Hi Gavin, nice to have the professionals on the board :)
  4. Mata

    Recover Cart Sales

    Firstly, thanks for the great contribution. I have a problem that occasionally customers skip out of the payment system before it can return them to my shop. I get the payment, but according to OSCommerce their transaction appears to not have gone through. I've recently installed Recover Cart and I love it, but is there any way that an extra button can be put into the tools screen that allows you to say that a payment has been made for a transaction? It would be very handy!
  5. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    On the plus side, after changing the 'order info format' to 'plain text' that's sorted out the <br /> problem in the customer emails!
  6. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Nope still no luck with that. My callback.txt file currently is method1 POST url1 http://www.topgoth.com/shop/checkout_process.php fields1 oscsid, orderref, ccissue, amount, streference, stauthcode, stconfidence, stresult, month, year, cctype, truncccnumber, securitymessage pipe1 no method2 POST url2 http://www.topgoth.com/shop/checkout_process.php fields2 oscsid, orderref, ccissue, amount, streference, stauthcode, stconfidence, stresult, month, year, cctype, truncccnumber, securitymessage pipe2 yes For some reason there appears to be no difference in behaviour now if I switch between method 1 and 2 in the OSC module controls with this callback.txt . My current settings at time of writing this are: SecureTrading STability Payment Module Enable SecureTrading Module True Sort order of display. 0 SecureTrading Site Reference [*snip!!!*] Merchant Email Address [*snip again!*] Order Info Format Plain Text Transaction Currency Default Currency Customer Notifications True Select Success Callback script 2 Select Failure Callback script 2 Settlement Period 1 Required fields name,email Payment Pages Set Detect Amount Tampering False Detect Callback Spoofers False Transaction Suspention Policy None/handled by SecureTrading Payment Zone --none-- Set Order Status default *** Using the fake Visa details, num 4111111111111111 exp 10/2004 security num 197 I get in Secure Trading a successful transaction, but on my site the cart is still full and I'm told there has been a 'Credit Card Error!' I'm on Milestone 2.2 . I've tried every configuration I can think of, a few of them broke it completely for a while, I've got it back to the state it is in now, but I'm really beginning to lose my mind on this one! I just can't see what's wrong with it! Thanks for putting through the test transaction. Currently OSC shows no record of that transaction having occured, which I assume is related to the problem with the cart not clearing. No matter what Secure Trading is currently doing it's not currently telling OSC about it.
  7. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Oh, and another strange thing, the store name $store isn't being passed across to ST either, and the order info $orderinfo when it's emailed to the customer comes up with <br /> after each line. I only mention this because maybe it's related...?
  8. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Hmm, no, no luck there. The cart is still full. I've copied and pasted your callback.txt file onto my own (changing the URLs obviously) but without any joy. I'm currently confirming the success in SecureTrading, so using method 2, because my pages aren't hosted on a secure site at the moment, I can link to http://www.topgoth.com/shop/checkout_success.php from the bottom of that page easily enough, but if the cart is still full that's still a problem! I'm really out of my depth on this one so any further help would be appreciated!
  9. Mata

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Hi all, I'm pretty much having the same problem but with a bit of a twist; If I put through a test transaction and use callback method1 to return to the OSC pages the page reports a card error, and so obviously the cart is not emptied, but if I use callback method2 I stay on the ST pages, the transaction is successful and the cart still is not emptied! Help!