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  1. OK, now everything seems to be working. But, when I access the admin as a user with a few privileges, I'm getting an error instead of the product list: 1065 - Query was empty I have notice is running an empty query. It's in the categories.php script: $categories_query = tep_db_query(""); Any clues???
  2. I think I know where the problem is located. I have HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.2.1 installed and it's probably a compatibility problem. I will try to find the way. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have installed this great contribution, but for some reason I can not access any of my products. catalog/admin/categories.php?selected_box=catalog doesn't show anything at all. Any clues? regards, Niko
  4. Hi Everyone, Has anybody notest the problem duplicating a product with this addon? The name appears twice in the product list (admin). I'm wondering if anyone has addressed this issue. Regards, Nick
  5. nikotome

    PayPal IPN v2.3.3 no total amount

    Hi, I have recently installed the PayPal IPN v2.3.3, but, for some reason, the total amount is not displaying in the Paypal screen. I've looked all morning for a solution, with no success. Anybody can help me on this? Kind regards, Nikotome