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  1. hI, Jcall, 

    Just wondering how to get the license of OllaCart? or is it free to use?

    Good job Jcall.



    FL. USA

  2. Grep tells me that neither php_network_getaddresses nor getaddrinfo appear on ocPOS code. Are you successfully running other PHP applications on that same server? If this were my server, I'd create a file called aaaaa.php with the following contents: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Then save, upload to the ocPOS folder, and try to access it in your browser, just for a sanity check. I think that the problem is likely something other than ocPOS directly. -jared
  3. Is this for a version you downloaded here from oscommerce.com, or an earlier version?
  4. I'm glad you figured out the problem! I was just going to post something similar to what you already figured out. -jared
  5. Emma, I just emailed you on this. Please let me know via email if you need any further assistance, and I'll be happy to help. -jared
  6. Harvey, This is a feature not (yet?) included in ocPOS. I realize that it's a pain, but I just never got time to update the pricing functions to have an option to include VAT in pricing versus list VAT separately. -jared
  7. That appears to be a bug in 2.5. I do not believe that 2.1 has that bug. I just haven't had the time to squash it in 2.5 yet. I had thought that issue only appeared in OSC mode (as documented in README.txt). Apparently not. <sigh>
  8. Try setting OSC_ATTRIBUTES_MODE to NONE. -jared
  9. could be a PHP version issue -- I have run it for a while on PHP 5.5 but not tried on 5.6. Even if that were the case, I wouldn't expect your symptoms. If you feel comfortable giving me HTTP+FTP access to that folder I could remote in and see if I can figure out what's going on. -jared
  10. You get all of that in your browser? That's not normal -- it should be interpreted by the PHP engine server side. Try creating a text file, name it whatever you want, with the following contents: <?php phpinfo(); ?> and upload it to your server. Now access it in your browser. Do you get a nicely formatted page, or something full of text? This is strange -- Do you have other PHP applications working on that server? -jared
  11. The pastebin error includes both a code snippet and an error message. I'm guessing that the actual error is this: Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: No such file or directory in /var/www/xn--pizzalg-v1a.dk/public_html/pos1/includes/functions_values.php on line 21 Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/xn--pizzalg-v1a.dk/public_html/pos1/includes/functions_values.php on line 21 Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/xn--pizzalg-v1a.dk/public_html/pos1/includes/functions_values.php on line 21 correct? Did you enter the database details in db.php? Did you run install.php? -jared
  12. Support for many osC add-ons, including that one, can be added to by anyone to ocPOS but are not built-in. There is nothing ready-made to activate, you'd have to locate the parts of the code that figure out pricing and add in logic to handle that alternate pricing structure. I don't have any external repos for this, github or otherwise. Feel free to branch it! -jared
  13. There is no template for sending mail, HTML or otherwise, but you could create your own. For example, in the MailCustomerReceipt function, you can see the HTML mail headers being set. A quick Google search will return numerous examples of sending HTML email via PHP.
  14. I like the look and flexibility of that new layout. Nice!
  15. @@motorcity: Thank you for the kind words and support. You're a good friend. @everyone_else: 2.1 is the "stable" version. 2.5 is in use in a few shops, but has more warts (and more features). I am neither an accomplished nor professional PHP developer, as you can likely see in the product. It's more than just a few lines here and there, and I've put many many hours of work into it, but 2.5 isn't as polished as I'd like, as you can plainly see by perusing README.txt. There is even an alternate layout (look at in index.html and NEW_LAYOUT_index.php) that I was working on, but didn't finish (theme?). I may or may not be successful finding time to help out, make fixes, etc. I am nearly certain that I won't have time for enhancements, but time may tell us all otherwise. ocPOS was a huge help for my wife's shop years ago and has made a big difference for others. I hope it is useful for you. -jared