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  1. It is normal that OSC does not show attribute prices outsite "product page" ... here is a demo of fresh clear OSC ... it works the same way :rolleyes:
  2. What about the standard "AM" in the admin. Does it show everything correctly.
  3. When you are asking ... always share information like: OSC version ? AM Version ? Are there any other attributes contributions installed? :rolleyes: For now: 1. Probably your issue is not conneced in any way with AM (for sure if you use 2.8.0-2.8.3). 2. There may be another contributions that are not compatible with AM. 3. Hidden DB errors ... somewhere. ;)
  4. Maybe you have php errors turned off. Check everything again ... check the 123 bug in sessions ... try to remove the .htaccess in the attrib manager's folder. Good Luck :rolleyes:
  5. Please read the previous page(s) ... search lines in red. I'm sure you will find a solution. V2.8.3 is created by another coder so I do not guarantee that it is bug free. Try V2.8.2 :rolleyes: About the errors ... in Firefox ... Tools->Error Console ;)
  6. Few questions: 1. What is the browser you use Name + Version. 2. Did you get any javascript errors. 3. Version and modification level of the shop. 4. Version of the AJAX AM you are trying to use. Without such information it is impossible even to think about where the bug can be.
  7. No such option in OSC ... TEXT field type is a part of another contribution.
  8. 99% it is not an AJAX AM issue. Probably in customers_basket_attributes or code that access it ;)
  9. By default in OSC if you do not enter "+" or "-" ... "-" will be used to calculate the final price. Maybe modding the javascript in the AM will help you disabling ;)
  10. About 2.8.x version: Do not enable SORT ORDER ... if you already use it plese stay with 2.7.x. Adding new options/values may not be compatible with some non EN languages. About 123 error please read previous page.
  11. About the 123 error ! In: admin/includes/functions/sessions.php change line 123 "return isset($_SESSION) && array_key_exists($variable, $_SESSION);" to return isset($_SESSION[$variable]); :rolleyes:
  12. These buttons are made to sort attribute templates ... not options :thumbsup:
  13. You can comment line 194/195 in admin/attributeManager/classes/attributeManagerConfig.class.php if(!$soInstalled && $this->getValue('AM_USE_SORT_ORDER')) amDB::query("ALTER TABLE ".$this->getValue('AM_TABLE_ATTRIBUTES_TO_TEMPLATES')." ADD COLUMN ".$this->getValue('AM_FIELD_OPTION_SORT_ORDER')." INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'"); but I'm not sure if 1.8.x will work with "Sort Order".
  14. That way if you have & sign in the option/value name ... it will cut the name.