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  1. Hi, Would like to know if I cud install yoyr contribution AJAX Attribute Manager on my oscommerce RC2.2a store as it says all installation instructions for MS2

  2. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Phocea - Thanks for taking this one on, I don't seem to be able to find the time these days. If you get it stable, please feel free to take it out of beta, I can't realistically see myself delving back into it. Thanks again, Nimmit :thumbsup:
  3. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Do you have any other attribute contribution on the product page?
  4. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi, Thought i'd post just to let everyone know what the status of this contribution is. I have decided not to continue with the rewrite as i think it will complicate matters which isn't fair because i dont have the time to support it. I know that it currently seems to have some quirks that i think are session related (ie. different setups). Unfortunatly in my testing i dont seem to be able to replicate them. As soon as i possibly can i will release version 1 which will include a few fixes to problems that people have been having. I will then "open it to the masses" so hopefully other people will continue / extend it. Thanks for any compliments that people have been giving, they are very appreciated. Sam aka Nimmit :thumbsup: At the moment there is no sort order system in place. My problem was there were so many sort order contributions it is difficult to choose which one to base it on. Because i just don't have the time to 'properly' support it i thought it would be simpler not to include any. thanks
  5. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    As it says in the install "Only needed if you have any of the following contributions installed - Admin Access" You obvioulsy don't have that contribution installed so don't worry about that step
  6. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Just to let everyone know, I am currently doing a complete re-write of this contribution. It is not ready yet but the previous version will become (in my eyes) obsolete. It includes drag and drop sort order, more refinded interface, better graphics and animated effects. I have (silently) taken into account everyones suggestions and comments all the current issues will be / have been addressed. On the down side (for some), it will be using the prototype.js library wich will conflict with the most popular wysiwyg contribution. The benifits of using this and other librarys in the new version way out ways the down points. There are other wysiwyg editors such as tinymce which are 10x better anyway. I am extreemly busy at the moment with other things (such as relocating to the other side of the world) but as soon as everything has settled down at this end i will release a final version of the current system, then release the new one when i finish it. Some comments and quick fixes for some questions people have been asking... It does, and if you look at the code you will see that? Already defined messages fix Only some setup are effected by this problem and it is becaue of the way the include paths are setup. In attributeManager/attributeManager.php - add the full include path to the includes comming out of the attribute manager direcory. e.g. change // db wrapper require_once('classes/amDB.class.php'); // session functions require_once('includes/attributeManagerSessionFunctions.inc.php'); // config require_once('classes/attributeManagerConfig.class.php'); // misc functions require_once('includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php'); // parent class require_once('classes/attributeManager.class.php'); // instant class require_once('classes/attributeManagerInstant.class.php'); // atomic class require_once('classes/attributeManagerAtomic.class.php'); // security class require_once('classes/stopDirectAccess.class.php'); to... // db wrapper require_once('attributeManager/classes/amDB.class.php'); // session functions require_once('attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerSessionFunctions.inc.php'); // config require_once('attributeManager/classes/attributeManagerConfig.class.php'); // misc functions require_once('attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php'); // parent class require_once('attributeManager/classes/attributeManager.class.php'); // instant class require_once('attributeManager/classes/attributeManagerInstant.class.php'); // atomic class require_once('attributeManager/classes/attributeManagerAtomic.class.php'); // security class require_once('attributeManager/classes/stopDirectAccess.class.php'); Im not quite sure what is going on the the session not registered problem i will have to spend a bit more time trying to replicate it. A quick fix for anyone using .htpasswd to secure there admin directory is just to comment out this line in attributeManager/attributeManager.php change... stopDirectAccess::checkAuthorisation(AM_SESSION_VALID_INCLUDE); to ... //stopDirectAccess::checkAuthorisation(AM_SESSION_VALID_INCLUDE); Anyone using an admin password contribution shouldn't use the above fix as it will open up a security hole and you could find your selfs waking up with no attributes in your db! Hope this helps a bit, Sam
  7. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    That isn't a bug, the prices arn't saved in the template. Just add ... below it <!-- osc@kangaroopartners.com - AJAX Attribute Manager --> <tr> <td colspan="2"><?php require_once('attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerPlaceHolder.inc.php')?></td> </tr> <!-- osc@kangaroopartners.com - AJAX Attribute Manager end -->
  8. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    as far as i know wysiwyg doesn't work in firefox anyway - i may well be wrong
  9. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    <body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" onload="SetFocus();"> That bit of code is just your body tag? If that is the code currently on your site then you haven't followed the install i instructions for this contrib properly From install... What i was saying is. if mo pics required you to add somthing to the onload function e.g. onload="moPicsFunction();" you would need to add that function call to the go on load funciton instead. I think you have just missed one of the steps of the install. Just replace the SetFocus() with goOnload() and see what happens
  10. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    This is an admin module so the customer will never see it. I think you want the quick find contribution. Please search the forums for an answer a this question has nothing todo with this contribution. <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> function goOnLoad() { <?php if('new_product' == $action || 'update_product' == $action) echo 'attributeManagerInit();specManagerInit();'; ?> SetFocus(); // ADD YOUR JAVASCRIPT ONLOAD FUNCTION CALL HERE << functionCall(); } </script> From the sounds of that error somthing hidden is trying to get focus. Nothing in this contribution takes focus. Focus is taken by calling the javascript function focus() (e.g. element.focus();) It isn't called once in this. I had a quick search on the net for this and saw a few references to wysiwyg editors. I'm not saying it is anything todo with your error but if you do have the wysiwyg editor installed might be worth looking there. or here http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=139939 someone else on this forum with similar error.
  11. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    attributeManager.js in function amUpdate (look for the blur()). If in the future you need any help todo with your modifications can you please pm me because it is not strictly anything todo with the contribution. Thanks.
  12. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Does the more pics use javascript? If so, in the install were you required to add somthing to the onload in the body tag? If you were add what ever function call to attrubuteManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php within the goOnLoad javascript funciton. Thank you, it is nice to hear some positive feed back!
  13. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Yes - Thanks again. Please be patient. I am not able to replicate this problem which means it must be platform specific. I susspect it is todo with the way in which the php require_once works. Becuase of where the different files are used they all need access to the db class, i was under the impression (and have been using it in this way since php4) that require_once would take care of the duplication of includes. But it appears that php is seeing the from different include paths and as such is treating them as different files. I know how to sort it out, but I am not happy with releasing so many versions so quickly. i am not releasing another version untill i can take some time to go over the whole contribution. The reason i have been uploading so many versions is I have found from experence that if i do not do so people will start fixing the bugs and uploading them. The problem with this is that then several versions start running and people overwrite each others 'fixes', it gets very confusing! I have a few more features i need finish off then i will release version 1 - then people can do what they like. I hope everyone understands what im going on about here. FreeLancer i will get to your query. Bloating the thread with repeats doesn't help anyone. This is free software so unfortunatly some times you have to be patient.
  14. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Ouch :blush: that bit hadn't been updated since about version 1.6! There were other bits in that file that had to be changed Thanks for letting me know Eventualy the bugs will all be ironed out! AJAX Attribute Manager v2.1 beta - Multilingual