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    aftabn10 reacted to kymation in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    Use Firebug instead of the crappy Developer in Firefox. It will show you the location of the HTML and the CSS that applies to that line. Most of the HTML is in the includes/functions/products_specifications.php under whichever function is being used.
    That said, I would leave the spans alone and just apply block mode in the CSS if that's what you need. The result will be the same.
    The no_results class was intended to show filters when there are no products that would be shown by that filter. It's usually grayed out and disabled. You'll need something more general if you want to add styling to all filter elements.
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    aftabn10 reacted to kymation in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    Yes, set your filters to link style. You will probably need to fiddle with the styling to make it look right, but it will work.
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    aftabn10 reacted to germ in Contribution Issue   
    There's nothing wrong with that file.
    I put it on my WAMP server and get no errors.
    When you downloaded the contribution did you also download the "bug fix" (a newer version of admin/extra_info_pages.php)?
    It's either that, the install directions are incorrect, or you did something you shouldn't have when installing it.