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  1. tim_o_boy

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Thanks Tom. Since posting we've actually had a customer pay through 3D-Secure so I now know it definitely works. I'll look into getting one of our cards registered for 3D tomorrow so I can test fully. And a big thanks to those of you who have worked so hard on this contribution.
  2. tim_o_boy

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Using this updated contribution I've had 3D-Secure working pointing at Protx's test server and have now switched it to my live site and the live server. Everything seems to be doing what it should, but I have no way of testing a live 3D transaction because my personal Maestro card goes through without invoking the 3D testing in the iframe. So the card goes through and I get the result that it's not part of the scheme (yellow flag). So how do you test fully if you don't have a card that's part of the scheme?
  3. tim_o_boy

    Protx Server Contribution?

    Thanks Tom. Yeah, reading more about it, Server isn't needed and Form will do the trick. May well get back to you on the offer of help over 3D-Secure in the Direct contrib.
  4. tim_o_boy

    Protx Server Contribution?

    As far as I can see from Prtox's website Server is very much a different product from form or Direct - Protx Products My reason to use Server (or Form) at this point is that I've been using Direct on our site for a few years and now need to upgrade to allow 3D-Secure checking before the July 1st deadline when UK Maestro cards will no longer be allowed without it. As I'm struggling to make my site work with the 4.4 version of Direct contrib (specifically kicking off the 3D-Scure checking - everything else works), I need to put Server or Form in place as a temporary measure to continue taking orders. Just to give a little more background as I know you're involved with the Direct contrib, I run a heavily modified version of osC so it's not just a case of plugging in this contrib. And when I say modified, I don't mean with lots of contribs added - the cart has been altered radically using our own code. So I guess I should just use Form for now?
  5. tim_o_boy

    Protx Server Contribution?

    I'm looking for a contribution that will allow me to interface with Protx's VSP Server product. There's a contribution for Protx's other 2 products (Form and Direct), but I can't find one for Server. Is it possible that the contrib for Form also works with Server? TIA