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  1. Hi ! In first, I'm sorry about my english. I hope tou can understand me ! On my shop I use CCGV,4135 This work very well but I've got a problem : When a client use discount code on order, CCGV apply discount to all products ordered even specials products. Exemple : A music box with a special discount of 20%. You have less 20% in the basket but CCGV add also discount like 15%. 20% + 15% = 35% of discount !!! Is a very big problem for me ! Other exemple about à book : In France, you can't give more than 5% of discount on a new book. Is a french law to protect small library. If client can use 20% discount code on the this book, it is totaly illegal !! Maybe can you help me et give me a method to fix my problems ? Thank, Riziere