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  1. I'm using osCMax 2.0.4, which includes Wishlist v2.4b. Is it possible to have more than one wishlist? What I'm trying to accomplish is this: Customers use the wishlist more like a "favorites" feature so they don't have to search for items the order frequently. This is for a site that sells laser printer supplies, so it would be great if they could have one wishlist for each model of printer they have. Has anyone else tried to do this? Also, what is the very latest version of Wishlist? I've seen posts on version 5.0, but haven't found a place to download it. Thanks!
  2. Yes, that would be the problem. I see your point. Thanks.
  3. I'm using Easy Populate 2.76b since it was installed with OSCMax. When I try to open Installation and Documentation.html I get this error: File not found Firefox can't find the file at /C:/Users/Alisa/AppData/Local/Temp/catalog/admin/EPDocumentation/contents.htm. * Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors. * Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted. HOWEVER, I did just try the "Display" option on my zip extractor and I think I got what I needed. So, I guess I'm all set. Thanks though.
  4. I have a customer who would like to allow his customers to save their searches. For example, let's say every time they visit, the search for EPSON SYLUS Photo R280 red ink. He'd like to make is so they don't have to type that each time. I haven't seen any way to do this with OSCommerce, but figured I'd ask. He also wants a "favorites" feature, where customers can create a list of frequently-ordered items. I'm thinking that the wishlist feature might be easily modified to do that. Basically, remove the Email submit form and change the wording from wishlist to favorites and it's done. Is there a better way? Thanks!
  5. I just installed OSCMax, which already has Easy Populate included. I wanted to see if there is a way to overwrite the product database by uploading a file. Specifically, if an item is in the catalog, but the new feed does NOT include it, I want it to be deleted. If that won't work, can you delete all the products and then just upload them again? I would love to read the documentation, but when I download the Zip file (and I tried twice), I can get into the readme.txt files, but not the Documentation and Installation file. Is there another location where I might find that? Thanks!
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    Thanks Simon. I am always amazed at the generosity of people on the forums. I really appreciate your time!
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    I JUST installed osCommerce and was checking out some options. I was looking for a way to upload many products at a time and found excel-import_1_51a_1.zip. Installed it and everything looked ok. I went to the admin panel in my store and the link to "Excel Import/Export" was there. I get these errors at the top of the screen: Warning: main(easypopulate_functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/a/l/i/alisammeredith/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/excel.php on line 5 Warning: main(easypopulate_functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/a/l/i/alisammeredith/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/excel.php on line 5 Warning: main(): Failed opening 'easypopulate_functions.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/content/a/l/i/alisammeredith/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/excel.php on line 5 Then the page looks normal, gives a browse option. Then there is this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_uploaded_file() in /home/content/a/l/i/alisammeredith/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/excel.php on line 489 I've searched contributions and the forums and I don't see anywhere where it says you must have easy_populate first. Thanks in advance for any help.