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  1. Hello from Germany, we use PayPal Standard. In our Paypal account we cant see a transaction_subject. So we add the line in the function process button: 'transaction_subject' => $customer_id, But there is still no subject on the Transaction search. Do you see a subject in your accounts? Or ist the variable dead? Greetings PS: Sorry for my bad english-
  2. abelukain

    Ebay manager

    Does the addon work for Ebay.de, too? Or Only for Ebay.com? Thank you.
  3. abelukain

    PayPal Plus interface

    Hello again? Any news from a PayPal Plus Modul? I cant believe that there is no other person who want to use this. This is a very fine offer from Paypal.
  4. abelukain

    PayPal Plus interface

    Perhaps? Is this so? That sounds good. I think he is working on v2.4.0 Joli Beta stuff and so there is no time. (poor english. I know)
  5. abelukain

    PayPal Plus interface

    No reply here. Pity :(
  6. abelukain

    PayPal Plus interface

    Hello from Germany, PayPal hat started the new Service "PayPal plus" in Germany: https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/paypal-plus There are interfaces for many shop systems but no oscommerce. Does anybody knows this PayPal Plus? Ist there a chance to get a payment module for PayPal Plus? Thank you. Greetings and sorry for bad english :-) PS: In the german forum there was no answer to the question.
  7. abelukain

    New Google Sitemap Generator

    Hello from Germany, I use this contrib, too. (with Seo URLs) It works fine, but... I want that the file creates sitemaps for german and for the english articlenames. So the quantity of the links should double. Can someone help me with my problem? The language_id must included. But how? Thank you and sorry for my bad english. Best regards
  8. Thank you for your reply. I thought that I (or someone else) can only one good "If Clause" in Seo Creation File. For Example: If (english article name) then set the english season cookie. or so :-) So that the System knows thats the english season is startet again.
  9. Hello from Germany! 1. My english is not very good and so "Sorry" :-) 2. Ich use the Seo contrib in my shop (language german). Everything works good, but if i chance the language to "english" the arcticle name change to the english name, too. Fine. But if i visit the englisch articel after an hour again, then the englisch Seo Url goes with me to the german site. Thats not good for the google index. 3. What can i chance that the english seo url always goes to the english site? (with ?language=en). Do you understand what I want? Thank you all! Greeting from Germany
  10. Hello, from Germany! Everything works fine. But what can I do that the picture also close when i klick the Picture. Not only by clicking the Close Button. Thank you and sorry for the bad english.