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  1. Sorry for posting another topic right below my other one but wasn't sure if you'd catch this. Jim, if enough people need it--I would really appreciate you coding it for standard post to pull the new rates for MVS. I know it's going to be a bear. But I don't think I'm going to be the only one needing it (I could be wrong). Unfortunately some of our stuff can't be out in the time that Priority Mail is supposed to deliver. I really wish USPS would stop futzzing around with their API.... Thanks Fox
  2. Oh, bugger. What can we use instead as a sort of default, low cost option? We don't ship any of that live animals or anything. We just ship books and smallish items via USPS, all over the place. Would it be Priority Mail? In our cases it seems Priority Mail is not pulling enough in terms of rates--especially for Hawaii and Alaska. We're a bit lost in this aspect, I'm sorry. We've been using Standard Post for a long time; it was named something else before that. Thanks Fox
  3. Hi Jim, they've updated the API and it's causing issues with standard post. It's trying to pull in the state data apparently, and it's working on some of the zip codes and some are not. It's kind of random right now. I'm not sure how else to explain it really... Could you please advise? I'm using MVS shipping on oscommerce 2.2. Thanks Fox
  4. starfox221

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Trying to get DHL to work with International rates. Does anyone know if there's been an updated version of this particular module? Not exceptionally crucial--just looking for a backup.
  5. Bless you Jim! We're working 100%. Can't thank you enough for your hard work. Thanks Geoff
  6. Do I need to uninstall the module and then reinstall it for each vendor by the way? I've been just replacing the php file which seemed to work the last time you released a patch. Thanks Geoff
  7. Hi Jim, does this update fix international shipping for MVS? If so, it's not posting rates to my shipping calculator. I haven't conducted a test order but normally if it doesn't post to the shipping calculator it won't post to the checkout process, either. Thanks so much for your help, you've been awesome.
  8. starfox221

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hi Jim, no rush but have you had any luck with international rates at all? Thanks Fox
  9. starfox221

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Just another quick bug, I don't believe international rates are working either. This isn't as crucial for us but might be for others. Thanks geoff
  10. starfox221

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Jim you're amazing, huge kudos to you. Thanks so much for your hard work. Thanks Geoff
  11. starfox221

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hey Jim, tried out the file, thanks for your update. However, Standard Post--what we really rely on-- doesn't appear to be pulling in rates. Priority Mail is pulling in rates just fine. It's at least pulling in some rates for our products so it's a step :D I appreciate your hard work. Thanks Geoff
  12. I've tried deleting the old usps.php and trying to install the new one but it doesn't show up in my list of modules I'm able to install. I'm trying to use this with MVS (which shouldn't have that many problems, right?) I've attached what I currently have. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My USPS is not returning rates at all, and I've patched the last version (January). Is there anything I can do?
  14. I'm a bit lost--where should we be changing Parcel post to Standard in usps.php? Or what changes should we be doing to get everything up-to-date? Thanks