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  1. Check out the post a little ways up. Click here to go to Post 391. See if that might be the cause.
  2. For those of you who are not getting their orders updated: You have to go into your Google Dashboard. Go to settings. Go to Integration. Put in your API callback URL: It looks like this: https://***YOUR SECURE DOMAIN***/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php Put in your actual secure domain in place of ***YOUR SECURE DOMAIN***. Remember, the settings in your sandbox are separate from the settings in your real account. You have to make changes for both.
  3. I have had some trouble with tables being automatically created with this and some of my other contributions. What tables need to be added. I want to do it manually but I don't know what I need to add.
  4. I'm having the same problem. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well. Other than that the module works great.
  5. I have been working with this module all day trying to get it to work with store and have been successful. Now the only problem is that after the buyer comes back to my site VIA gc_return.php the shopping cart is still full, the products have not been subtracted from my inventory, and the store does not know an order has taken place. I do however get the confirmation email from Google. Maybe this is because I am in sandbox mode? Any idea what the problem may be? I have not had much luck searching for the fix. I have found this bit of code below, but that only solves one out of three problems: <?php $cart->reset(true); ?> Also, when I get to the Google check out screen it defaults the shipping to Flat rate 6.99 instead of Free shipping when orders are over $70. Is there a way to default the shipping the Free Shipping?