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  1. I follow step by step instructions but still: couldn't check out while the quantity over all was below 1 If i have more than 1, it is ok. Any solutions?
  2. edmond1815

    Customers extra fields

    Hi everyone, I just read your all posts about this contribution. Installed, step by step, but i can't captcha the fields into email. I used PWA, no login, etc. I just want to customer can fill some extra fileds in create account, not required, and these fields show in customer e-mail. In Extra Fields Manager, every field are checked with "Send Field In Emails", but not working. I see the fields, but what they complete not shown in e-mail. Please a solution, about this great contribution. Edmond
  3. edmond1815

    show product names in category box

    Same problem. Any sugestions?
  4. :-) I don't want to use the coupon multiple times. I want to use it just once. Now, customer can use it multiple times. In admin section, i set to use it once, withou succes. I think is PWA problem, because they don't need to login, and the ID is always "0". Anybody can fix that? Discount coupon, use once with PWA installed.
  5. Hi, What are you doing exactly? I want the customer can yous once the coupon code. I have PWA installed. Please give me you solution to try in my site. Thank you in advance, Edmond for my problems i think i fixed part of it. the problem was that a code that was only to be used once was not stopping. on my discount reports page it showed i had -5 left. (not good) also any order using that discount i was unable to set the status (shipped/canceled/processing) the page would cut off right at the discount (does not show tax/subtotal/total) The fix for me was to delete all the discounts including the testing code that came with it. i made a new one and this is what happend: The coupon code you have entered is no longer valid. Our records show that you have used this coupon 1 time(s). You may not use this code more than 1 time(s). so far so good. i will try to reproduce the error to see the difference. (i should have saved the SQL record to compare)
  6. Hi, I have 1 time set in admin panel, to use the cupon, but the customer can use it more than one time. I have PWA contribution installed, too. This is the problem? I want to let the customer to use just one time, the coupon. please an advice. There is somebody here, who implement this contribution with PWA, and works to use just one time, the coupon?
  7. Hi i just install this great contribution with auto install 3.2 Works great , except a code can be use more than one time. Where can i set this? Thank you
  8. After installing Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 by Chemo, the also_purchased module dosen't shown in product_info page. The rest work perfect. Any sugesstions? Thank you
  9. edmond1815


    Hi, I tried on index.php to remove required for column_right. Now i don't have in all pages column_right, and this is ok. But, i have centered in stylesheet the catalog width 758, and the content is still centered, and dosen't exapand to right now. Actually i want to have centered entire catalog. This is ok, but removing the right column, the middle information, i want to exapand to right to be aling with header and footer. What should i change more, for that? Thank you, Edmond
  10. edmond1815

    Register Globals Support

    I copied entired files from that patch and row by row, manualy. I tried to patch a Template Monster Theme, local in my computer. localhost/install give me a blank page. i use MAMP for Macintosh. A full version of Oscommerce RC2a works great on installation in same conditions. Any ideea? Thank you
  11. edmond1815

    Customize this layout

    Hello, I already have installed and customizing an online store, with oscommerce. Now i want to change entire layout, to look like this one: http://www.templatemonster.com/oscommerce-...lates/9174.html After some thinking days, i guess the best method is to start form begining, with fresh install. I want to know if you have some advices, to make it more simple, eficiently the customizing process. 1. First i will change in stylesheet.css, a fix width, about 750 px. 2. Remove the right column. 3. Small images of a product, set to 150/100 px, bigger then original 4. Make some images, with link in right corner (like new boxes), for "free shipping" or "save 40%" . 5. Images with link in main page, for some big anouncement. 6. I will remove account, and create account with PWA contribution. The orders grow up, with this contribution. I need some advice, how to: 1. Move the basket (shopping cart) to top. I guess, i have to remove, or change header.php for that. 2. Featured Products to look like in TM template. The price in right, details and buy now buttons, exactly in that place. 3. Put the top line buttons with "Home". "New Products", "Specials", instead breadcumb, how is in original oscommerce. I would be very appreciate of any advice you may offer, to customize the layout. Thank you, Edmond
  12. edmond1815

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Me, again :) I guess i have no luck with STS in this evening.. After i enabled, installed buton, and update the setting via admin on Modules/STS in catalog main page is nothing. Only blank page, without any errors. If i set to false the STS default, back to normal oscommerce. The paths are correct to sts templates, to test, etc. There is another precess to enable STS ? Thank you
  13. edmond1815

    problems installing STS....

    Hi, I installed STS with OScommerce RC2a, but after enabled (true) STS Default i have a blank page in index, main page. What can i do? Thank you PS: I followed the steps exactly like is in documentation..
  14. edmond1815

    [Contribution] STS v4

    :) Now it is ok. Fresh install all, oscommerce ans STS and works. Maybe missed some files. Thank you
  15. edmond1815

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi everybody, i used oscommerce on two online stores with a lot of contributions, and thank you all for that, is very powerfull. Now, i have a fresh install on my computer local, instaled with succes. I tried to use EXACTLY the indications in documentation to install STS 4.5.8, but after i replaced all the files when i acces localhost/admin there is a blank page. No error, just blank page. Actually i can't acces my admin section to enable STS. The oscommerse was fresh installed, with no modification. Searching for answer i found this topic. I checked twice, and the indications is exactly like is describe in documentation to install STS. I search for code like in manual install to see , and looks ok. Before install STS, admin works great. Any sugestions? Thank you in advance, Edmond