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  1. gbmarin

    Authorize.net AIM 1.0 on Godaddy

    All I can say is thank you! Thank You! Thank You!............. I've been messing with authorize.net for 2 weeks now and after adding this code and making the update to the curl location, it works great. Again, THANK YOU! I'm going to put together a simple guide to help others out in the future with the GoDaddy nightmares. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never used GoDaddy as a host.
  2. gbmarin

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    I'm having the same problem, getting the following error.. Error! An error has occurred within our system while trying to process your credit card. Please try this transaction again. If the problem persists, please call 1-800-317-6958 to place your order. I changed the curl timeout to 45 and I looked at the error you mention above. Does line #239 need to be changed to MODULE_PAYMENT_QBMS_APPID? I did that also and I still get the same error. The credit card info I'm using to test is: Gregory marin CC# 4111 1111 1111 1111 Exp Date: Dec 2008 Any suggestions??
  3. gbmarin

    Credit Card Providers

    I'm really not sure. I've read through most of the developers guide and couldn't find out much between the two. I do know that the hosting will not work with a static IP, which is what my host (GoDaddy) offers. So I was trying to work on the desktop model but didn't have much luck. If you figure it out let meknow, or maybe I can hire you to set up mine. Thanks for the advice, I'll look into Authorize.net. Thanks Greg
  4. gbmarin

    Credit Card Providers

    Does anyone have any suggestions on service providers to use? I'm looking for one which is easy to set up and get running. I presently have QBMS. I have had my store set-up for weeks now and the only thing preventing me from going live is the hassle and frustration of trying to setup the QBMS credit card module. At this point I'm looking for an easy fix and saying goodbye to Quickbook!!
  5. gbmarin

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    Is there a tutorial on installing the desktop version? After a week of messing with this I'm thinking of looking for a new merchant service provider and getting away from this "joke of one" called Quickbooks. I've used them for a year or so now, but never in an ecommerce function.