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  1. Hey Guys, This maybe a repeated request for help but I have checked through this topic and have not found any answer to my question nor any component that could help me, i apologize in advance if this is a repeat request :D! Basically I am looking for something that will allow me to have additional product Identification numbers such as: MSKU: (Manufactures Product ID) VID: VendorID SKU: (My Product ID number) So when I use easy populate I can use Vlookup to replace the prices within the csv file, and it will also make supporting the website easier when someone calls up about a product. Do you know of anything that will enable me to display a SKU on the product page and enable EP to update the SKU/VID/MSKU... I honestly haven't looked at the coding of EP and could more then likely do it myself but am looking for a simple fix, maybe a script to update MYSQL and some Php modified files for EP and catalogue.