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  1. dj_blueshift

    EFSNet Removal?

    ok this is a bigger problem than i thought: I tried installing other payment modules. They dont show up during checkout. I tried uninstalling the 2 modules I had installed (efsnet and paypal) but they still appear during checkout. I tried removing efsnet module from the payment folder but this procures an error during checkout (it still wants to call efsnet). I tried deleting every instance of "efs" and "efsnet" in my database, but still no luck; it still shows up during checkout or an error if I delete the file. I'm thinking it's an error with sort orders or the admin payment modules file (i tried replacing mine with the original oscommerce file but still doesnt work) any help would be greatly appreciated as I am truly stumped.
  2. dj_blueshift

    EFSNet Removal?

    I had the EFSNet payment module installed but due to problems with ConcordEFS, I'm removing it from my site. Problem is, even after I click uninstall in the admin module, EFS still shows as an option during checkout. Where could the efs files still be called fom? these two files are: catalog\includes\modules\payment\efsnet.php catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\payment\efsnet.php
  3. I use Lee Nielsen's Ultrapics contribution which changes the image uploading code. I can't change anything after "Around lines 562-5, change from" because it's not there. Any chance of a Ultrapics compliant version?
  4. dj_blueshift

    [COntribution] osC-ProductListingSelect for MS2

    hmm now it's working for some reason. i'm having problems with my hosting so maybe that was the problem. i'll alert you if it keeps happening, thanks!
  5. dj_blueshift

    [COntribution] osC-ProductListingSelect for MS2

    in list mode as well
  6. dj_blueshift

    [COntribution] osC-ProductListingSelect for MS2

    just found a problem, in column mode, when i click on a category with no subcategories, I get a parse error at line 162 in product_listing.php
  7. the one below the WYSIWYG is the one i currently have installed and comes up with the "unlink" error.
  8. Problems I have: 1) The main image text boxes don't allow you to browse and they all say "picture for main description" 2) In those text boxes, backslashes are doubled when a picture address is entered but when I go back to edit, the backslashes are now spaces. 3) When I try to delete a pic, I get: "Warning: unlink(*mydirectory*/catalog/images/C:Documents and SettingsOwnerDesktopmain.jpg): No such file or directory in /home/plezuret/public_html/ecstasy/admin/categories.php on line 213 Warning: unlink(*mydirectory*/catalog/images/secure.jpg): No such file or directory in /home/plezuret/public_html/ecstasy/admin/categories.php on line 225 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /*mydirectory*/catalog/admin/categories.php:213) in *mydirectory*/catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 18" The first one is because of the backslashes being deleted. The second, I don't know because the picture is there. The third, how would I fix this?
  9. dj_blueshift

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    w00t! thanks a lot! :)
  10. dj_blueshift

    Product Attributes/Item Editor/Price v 1.2 i

    yep, I get the same error :/
  11. dj_blueshift


    Just one complaint. The height of the Categories box does not adjust visibly with the number of categories. My guess here is that it does increase its height, it's just that the increase in size by plain text is lest than the increase of the padding of the cells of the coolmenu, causing the coolmenu to overlap the box below it. Also, if I click on a category with a subcategory, the categories box extends beyond the bottom of the coolmenu. This is because the subcategory is placed below the text, eg: Category ----->Subcategory Would it be possible to code it so that the height of the categories box is (amount*count($categories))+(vertical_coolmenu_cell_spacing*(count($categories)) If so, where would I put this? In the coolmenu.php I tried changing "$height.= 2.65*count($categories);" to all different numbers which seemed to have no effect whatsoever on the height of anything. Also, there would need to be something to compensate for the size change of the Categories box when a subcategory is displayed. Here's my site so you can get an idea of what I mean: http://www.plezuretoyz.com/oscommerce-2.2ms2/catalog/ (I added a test folder so you can see how it shifts with a subcategory)
  12. dj_blueshift

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    Just waiting for an MS2 update :) Looks very nice!
  13. If I click on Coupon Admin in the menu, I get: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare create_coupon_code() (previously declared in /home/plezuret/public_html/oscommerce-2.2ms2/catalog/admin/coupon_admin.php:24) in /home/plezuret/public_html/oscommerce-2.2ms2/catalog/admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php on line 25 How would I fix this?