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  1. I believe the contribution you are looking for is: LightBoxed UltraPics. It's very cool!
  2. I have an idea that I would like to see implemented if possible. I don't have the time or skill-set (yet) to write it all myself. It doesn't seem like it would be a terribly difficult thing to accomplish though. What I am thinking is that products from Amazon can be intermingled with products I have in stock and all added to the proper shopping cart. Amazon has its own shopping cart system and osCommerce its own shopping cart. What I would like to see: Database updates to add fields for Amazon links / buy now buttons. The Buy Now from Amazon buttons replace the regular osCommerce buttons for Amazon items. Shopping cart changes to identify clearly that items would be purchased from Amazon and osCommerce. Checkout process from osCommerce completes normally, maybe with a warning that there are Amazon items that will be purchased separately, then if there are Amazon items, once the osCommerce checkout is complete, they are taken to the Amazon shopping cart to complete checkout there. Anybody want to work with me on this project? Thanks, Dennis Parker My osCommerce site: