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  1. I have been running version 2.2 but I need make move ahead and I like to re-create the store in fresh version of the newest 3.x. what I need now is to exlude 4 products from shipping to a certain state. basically create a speciifc zonme that excludes these products from selling/shipping.. does anyone know how or can create such a thing...
  2. I know there are many sales reports out there by contributors, but what I am looking for: What is needed is a Daily Report that Gives a Column that shows A-Invoice by Invoice Total & Inventory B-The Total Sales For That Day C-Total Inventory that was sold for that day Please advice
  3. I have SPPC contribute but I want to make sure that when a dealer enters the site, shipping is defualted to their address on file so they do not give their log-in to their customers without them purchasing the items themselves.
  4. I am looking for a Products Purchased Report by Invoice, I know there is a Products Purchased Report by date, but through out the day, I want to be able to say give me all of the items purchaed from this invoice to this invoice so I can give it to personal to pull the next few orders in one sheet.
  5. mrgrphx

    Actual Attribute Price for v2.3.1?

    what modifications did you end up making, I started going to 2.3 a while ago and realized that actual price would not work, so if I could use actual price attribute on 2.3, I would rather use that.. what modifications did you have to make to work?
  6. For a long time I thought this contribute was not working but it turns out that I have to open: http://www.myshop.com/catalog/admin/aat_adjust.php every time I add an attribute even new ones, I thought I ONLY had to to this on old attributes not new one I make.. but even when I make new ones (fresh ones) the price still say (+the number) until I go and run http://www.myshop.com/catalog/admin/aat_adjust.php Every time.. Anyone with similar or know why??
  7. I am looking for the same thing, did you get an solution??
  8. I am looking for the same thing, did you ever get a solution??