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  1. sorry, i obvsiously miss that button. So far, it only added and change but not delet all and place new data... or at least i had fragments left from after the cvs import... tested 10 or so times now... If your telling me it does delete all then insterts new data then i have this wierd output after the import... it says update and new at the end of each row return... any one else getting that? Don't think i want to fix that as it seems like a very nice feaure :) i was just wanting to know were the button was or what to turn on or insert, not insulted. thank you and have a great day
  2. hello, I sure this has been ask/requested before but I am wanting to have the option to just over write the product db add then insert from the csv file. This would be great for when some one needs to do seasonal items or for fast changing inventory. I think I could write a contribute but I know it'd be rough and sloppy as I only learned 3-4 months ago how to write php. Hope this is something already perfected. Have a great one.
  3. jbasszd

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi, so i have installed your mod, love the idea, but though it works on the admin side no luck with the customer side... iat this point I just have STS that would be the problem i think... but i just don't know... any ideas?