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    Automotive filter function

    Thank you very much for the link. That is excellent!!! I have been trying to find something dynamic enough to handle a variety of vehicle attributes. For example: Year Make Model Engine Submodel 1 Submodel 2 Etc. A great example of my problem that you can relate to would be how to map products to this new truck: Year: 2007 Make: Chevrolet Model: Silverado 2500 Engine: 6.0 Submodel 1: 2WD Submodel 2: Crew Cab Submodel 2: Long Bed I have yet to find anyone doing that in osC. In fact, most sites get you into products with Year, Make & Model and then you have to scroll through a bunch of products that may not fit your specific vehicle. One site (truckperformance.com) does a great job with their YMM selection. They get your make, then year, then model, then, after only 3 clicks, you see products. When you click on the products, it then asks you to supply additional attribute info such as engine, 2WD or 4WD, bed, cab, etc. That way, the customer isn't frustrated with drilling down 6-8 clicks at the beginning. I like it! The other half of my problem is that I want to enter more vehicle info in the back-end so I can better manage and group things. For example, the vehicle category info would look more like this in the back end: Year: Make: Model: Engine: Submodel 1: Submodel 2: Submodel 2: Fuel Type: (Gas, Diesel) Transmission: (Auto, Manual) Vehicle Type 1: (Truck, Car, SUV, RV, Van, Etc.) Vehicle Type 2: (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible, Etc.) Vehicle Type 3: Vehicle Type 4: Vehicle Type 5: This way, I can map to an individual vehicle, groups of vehicles, all vehicles, etc. I also need a Universal option for things that are truly for all vehicles. (air fresheners, brake fluid, detailing products, etc. I doubt that a person that owns a WRX would want to see a mud flap set with a "Pro Rodeo" logo on it. Something like that could be mapped to "All Truck", "All SUV", "All RV" but not to any cars. Conversely, not many truck owners would be buying Sparco race pedals, so I would only map those to cars. Does what you have allow for something this comprehensive? If not, have you seen anything close to what I need? Thanks! Jim
  2. gravanatuning

    Automotive filter function

    Great work. Do you have it operating live yet? If so, what is the URL? Jim
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    Year/Make/Model - Finally!

    I searched for this contribution and did not find it. Do you have a link? Thx!