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  1. F22-Raptor

    Simple Visitor Newsletter

    I just finished installing this contribution (ver. 2.1) but I can't find the newsletter_bulk module in the drop down list in Newsletter Manager. Also, no emails are sent out anymore if I use the existing newsletters modules (newsletter or product_notification). On the page shown after the user sign up for the newsletter there is a graphic missing in the corner, the path is: /images/table_background_visitor.gif is table_background_visitor.gif part of the initial installation of osC or was it supposed to come with the Simple Visitor Newsletter package? Everything else seems to be OK but if I can't send my newsletters then this contribution doesn't help me at all. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  2. F22-Raptor

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Thanks for your reply. I've unistalled 2.0d and now my site is fine but if I make the changes in index.php the Featured Products (that is the Featured Products contribution) and the right column are not shown. Any idea where I should insert the code so it works with Featured Products? Thanks Dan
  3. F22-Raptor

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    I just installed ver3.0.1 and managed to mess up my site. The index page does not show anything other that the cell where the logo is (header + the 1st table and td). I've gone through the files I modified but i can't really see anything that is not right (maybe it is right there but I am too tired to see it). Anyway, that's all I'm getting. Stupid question though: Does the new version have a dependency on the older versions or is it a new build from the ground up? Do I have to uninstall the older one 2.0d? Thanks Dan
  4. F22-Raptor

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    I have the same problem but the previous version of CFC. In my case is the other way around: - In IE I get the flash movie with both URLs http://www.domain.com or http://domain.com - If I use https or www.domain.com then the link doesn't work anymore - In Firefox www.domain.com or https (with or without www) do not work (white box) - In Firefox http://domain.com the link works as well I will upgrade to the latest version soon and hopefully this will go away but just in case somebody is looking at the code and the bug needs to be fixed be aware that this behaviour exists in the previous version as explained above. Dan
  5. F22-Raptor

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    White space instead of flash movie solution - at least what worked for me. I had a set of step-by-step instructions and lost it when I tried to do the spell check so I'm just going to keep it simple now. The problem in my case was the the XML file was created but the permission on the directories where the resized images were supposed to be created did not allow the carousel app to write the new file. Using WinSPC (free app, just google it) I was able to verify the permission on say DVD directory and change the permissions to 777 I did the same thing for all directories listed for my products in the XML file and the carousel worked fine including products with special characters like A Bug's Life (apostrophe in this case). Now I need your help. Can someone give instruction on where exactly to insert the code in index.php to have the carousel displayed right above the box in the middle? I have the Featured Products contribution installed so if you are familiar with it please provide instruction for this particular setup if not just for the stock index.php The installation instructions that came with the contribution are not very specific as to where to insert the code. I currently have the carousel in the header but is right after the logo code and it's shown to the left, what do I need to do the center it? Do I need a new cell after the My Account Cart Contents Check Out and use something like align="center"? Thanks to the author(s) and all those who help here. I hope my solution above helps someone. Dan
  6. F22-Raptor

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Nevermind. I was being stupid. I put the code for estimated shipping inside the SPAN.errorText instead of having it all by itself so the trailing } was after the } for this contribution. Moving the } to the right place solved my problem. :D D.
  7. Hey Benjamin, thanks a lot for your info. I actualy installed the Automated Labels and Canada Post contribution and that fixed my problem with the Multi-product Update contribution. The funny thing is that even after I run the SQL srcipt that came with the Canada Post contrib my database was still not updated so I took a look at the script and re-run only to insert portion for products_ready_to_ship. I think I have the eShipper contribution running now but for some reason I don't have an option to select the shipping methods. I've been in contact with Shimon (Shimon, if you are reading this: THANKS again for your help) and he's given me some pointers. At this point the problem is with the value in set_funtion, in the instructions it says to change it to text from var(255) (I think) so I guess when I installed the contribution I didn't change the type in time and I ended up with only the first 255 charactes of the function. I looked at the file where the funtion comes from and tried to update the value again but it doesn't seem to make a difference. If anyone can post what they have in set_function for configuration_key for MODULE_SHIPPING_ESHIPPER_TYPES that would be greatly appreciated. This is what I have, which I think is incomplete or wrong: tep_cfg_select_multioption(" . "array('FedEx Priority', 'FedEx First Overnight, 'FedEx Ground', 'FedEx Standard Overnight', 'FedEx 2nd Day', 'Purolator Air', 'Purolator Air 9AM', 'Purolator Air 1030', 'Puroletter', 'Puroletter 9AM', 'Puroletter 1030', 'PuroPak', 'PuroPak 9AM', 'PuroPak 1030', 'Purolator Ground', 'Canada Worldwide Same Day', 'Canada Worldwide Next Flight Out', 'Canada Worldwide Air Freight', 'Canada Worldwide LTL', 'DHL Express', 'DHL Express 10:30AM', 'DHL Express Saturday', 'DHL Express Second Day', 'DHL Next Afternoon', 'DHL Ground', 'DHL International Express', 'UPS Express', 'UPS Expedited', 'UPS Worldwide Express', 'UPS Worldwide Expedited', 'UPS Standard (Ground)', 'UPS Express Early A.M.', 'UPS Three-Day Select', 'UPS Saver', 'Canada Post Priority', 'Canada Post Xpress Post', 'Canada Post Expedited', 'Canada Post Regular', 'Canada Post Xpress Post USA', 'Canada Post Xpress Post INTL', 'Canada Post Air Parcel INTL', 'Canada Post Surface Parcel INTL', 'Canada Post Expedited Parcel USA'), ', now()) Dan PS Benjamin, your site looks great.
  8. F22-Raptor

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Stupid question but how do you change the style in the css file for this contribution? I was able to change the header colour by trial and error but that's about it. My borders are not visible (I guess they are set to white) and I could not find a parameter in the css file that made the border show up. Am I doing something wrong, can somebody provide an expanation on what the entries in the css for this mode are? Thanks D.
  9. Hi Shimon, I'd really like to install your contribution on my server (RC2.2a on a Linux box) but I'm having a hard time getting it to work. I've gone ahead with the installation but all I managed was to srew up my server (restored from backup). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but hopefully you can help me or at least point me in the right direction. Here's what I've done so far: 1) Installed the Estimanted shipping contribution 2) Installed Multi-Product Update using the packge included in your contribution * when going to the admin panel here's what I get (I understand this is not your contribution) 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_ready_to_ship' in 'field list' select p.products_id, p.manufacturers_id, p.products_quantity, p.products_weight, p.products_weight_type, p.products_length, p.products_width, p.products_height, p.products_dim_type, p.products_ready_to_ship, p.products_hs_code, p.products_price, p.products_model, pd.products_name, m.manufacturers_id, m.manufacturers_name from products p, products_description pd, manufacturers m where p.products_status = 1 and p.products_id = pd.products_id and p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id and pd.language_id = 1 group by pd.products_name order by p.products_quantity * am I supposed to run some sort of sql script to create the tables? I did run the sql script included with your contribution but that didn't help. 3) started the install of your contribution but I'm a little confused with the instructions at step 1 "Copy only new files mentioned below to corresponding location in your osCommerce store. Be careful not to blind copy all files in one shot to save your time. Some files, such as filenames.php are provided only as a reference for your convenience. Copy all files from catalog folder to the same locations in your osC store (this is the only folder you may blind copy without second thought) admin\eshipper_export.php admin\classes\customs.php admin\classes\eshipper_shipment.php admin\classes\xmldocument_ex.php admin\classes\shipping_request_builder.php admin\languages\english\eshipper_export.php admin\languages\english\eshipper_shipment.php" * the path to my classes is admin/includes/classes and in your package there is no xmldocument_ex.php (I found one under \catalog\includes\classes in the zip file) - am I supposed to create a new directory called classes? If not is it OK to copy the files in admin/includes/classes? Do you think my issues are related to the fact that Multi-Product Update is not working well? Sorry for the long post but hopefully your answer will help not only me but other people in a smilar situation. Thanks for taking the time to write this contribution and for sharing it with us. Dan
  10. F22-Raptor

    Live Support phpOnline

    Great contribution. Thanks a lot for doing this. When I log into my admin panel in the News window I get a message saying: ERROR: I can connect to MYSQL but can not check the tables. My database is local and I created the user will all rights except grant. Any suggestions how to fix this, do I need to worry about it? Thanks angain. D.
  11. Hi, can anyone help me with this: Notice: Constant PAGE_PARSE_START_TIME already defined in /opt/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 14 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _sess_open() (previously declared in /opt/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/functions/sessions.php:18) in /opt/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 18 I get this error when I click on the Change Password link in the admin panel. Thanks D.