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    Thought had all the bugs worked out - got past the api, login, etc. Now the following error occurs: Credit Card Error! The first four digits of the number entered are: <br>If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card.<br>If it is wrong, please try again. HELP.
  2. teetime050

    can't get authorize.net module to work

    I had the same problem over the weekend.. and the following help - fixed our issue. Our problem was in shipping and payment. Now... can not get authorize.net to see the credit card number...so if you all know that one any help appreciated. Fix for our problem: OK, it may be something like this, if this is your osc version: This is a known bug in the osCommerce 060817 release and has to do with the modules not refreshing with updated changes in the admin. This fix has worked for several users: 1. Open the catalog/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php. 2. At the end of the “do_magic_quotes_gpc” routine, add the following code reset($ar); It will end up looking like this: function do_magic_quotes_gpc(&$ar) { if (!is_array($ar)) return false; while (list($key, $value) = each($ar)) { if (is_array($ar[$key])) { do_magic_quotes_gpc($ar[$key]); } else { $ar[$key] = addslashes($value); } } reset($ar); } 3. Do the same for the compatibility.php file located in catalog/includes/functions/compatibility.php.
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    Error processing authorize.net credit cards

    Did you ever figure out the problem? Same thing on my cart.
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    Table Rate - Shipping Module

    Thank you very much... I will try that.
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    Table Rate - Shipping Module

    Client is wanting to use shipping based on weight. Up to 5lb 12.50, then increase by increments of .50 When trying to use under Shipping Modules - Table Rate I can install it, but cannot change the setting to False then Update - doesnt update or change the pricing to 5:12.50,6:13.00,7:13.50 and so on up to 10 - when I hit update, it reflects back to default already there. This happens on all Shipping Modules. Utilizing OSCommerce 2.2 All other functionality of cart is working correctly. HELP!!!
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    Table Rate - Shipping Module

    No... just found that out. Payment options do not update through the admin panel.