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  1. can anyone tell me where the latest package I should download ? thx
  2. @xavkick What seems to be the problem? can you elaborate more? maybe me or Hari could help !
  3. yes I got a pm from someone saying id did not work it seems that I worked on another version of oscommerce.. RC1 I think (I also added the product extra features in my store manually.. ). So if someone has the latest version of oscommerce.. and a little knowledge of php... maybe can help us update exactly the files. (my contribution works if you know where to put the code fragments in the latest RC2 version.)
  4. thank you very much! already did that and uploaded my little contribution there :D so check it out : Product Extra Fields in product listing
  5. hello can you please help and tell me how can I show the product extra fields in product listing? or at least which file do I have to edit? (is it he same product_info.php that appears in the list?)
  6. thanks for the support! :D

  7. ceetah

    how to install templates

    me too! me too! pitziilu@yahoo.com thanks!::D
  8. thank you thank you thank you the product extra fields worked great!
  9. ceetah

    manufacturer2 2.0

    my bad it only shows the manufacturers2 that you actually use.... and I used only one: the second (that appeared in the dropdown) so the contribution works great!!!!!
  10. ceetah

    manufacturer2 2.0

    does anyone have a working version of this contribution? I have these problems : 1. the dropdown box in index.php only shows one manufacturer2 (the second from the DB, there are 5 inserted!) 2. if I select that only manufacturer2 from that box.. it shows all the products that have manufacturer2 feature
  11. each product has to have some features I input just like this :
  12. I want to enter for every product these : manufacturer manufacturer2 manufacturer3 description description1 description3 so the product "Product 1" has to show : manufacturer : xxxx manufacturer2: yyyy manufacturer3: zzzz description : ffffff description2 : ssss description3 : ggggg and I want to enter these in the admin panel the same as I enter the manufacturer (with a dropdown.... or text input) it's like "product features" feature in cs-cart : product features (bottom of the page, last lines) it says : "Product features. Allows define extra data field for the products." look here : PICTURE I want to know if anybody here did that I do not need any other fancy stuff from cs-cart..