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I make and sell specialist parts for 4x4s which is what got me into osCommerce in the first place (as well as the fact that it's free).


I currently own 2 4x4s one a total off-roader - the one I play with (the one in my avatar) and the other is a tow tug and daily drive.


Unfortunately due to work pressures I haven't been able to get off-road for over a year - something I hope to resolve in 2011.


You can see my osCommerce store at http://xpajun.com - which if you look you'll find running on 2.3.1 - managed to update it prematurely last night (December3).


Why prematurely? Well the idea was to upload the admin first and make sure that was working before updating the front-end except a keystroke in the wrong place had the admin over-writing the front-end arggghhhhh.


Well I burnt the midnight oil and got it up and running - still needs a bit more work doing on it (on both ends) but there are a lot of features standard in 2.3.1 that are worth having a store up early for.


Thanks for stopping by and reading - just remember anyone can make a mistake - back-up - back-up - back-up!!!