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  1. BryceJr

    PayPal Standard Fields

    Check >>here.
  2. BryceJr

    PayPal Payment Standard setup in osc 2.3.1

    "Encrypted Web Payments" should be turned off. It has nothing to do with your site's security or SSL. It should be "on", if your site uses paypal generated buttons in conjunction with "PayPal Payment Standard". It is use to prevent tampering of paypal generated buttons. PayPal Payment Standard Setup You don't need certs and keys. If you insist on having them, click here.
  3. BryceJr

    Pay Pal problem

    You are porbably using "LIVE" keys and cerificates on a "SANDBOX" or test mode. Paypal sandbox behaves like a live transaction server except it uses fake accounts. Transactions are contained within the "sandbox". Once everything is set up correctly and working fine, then, you can switch it to LIVE. Did you set up a sandbox account? Also, read the "Sandbox" user guide. You can sign up for a sandbox account at https://developer.paypal.com Sandbox user guide >> https://developer.paypal.com/en_US/pdf/PP_S...x_UserGuide.pdf
  4. BryceJr

    HELP! PayPal won't work!

    Check >> here.
  5. BryceJr

    Sam's Anti-Hacker Mod Error in line 60

    Open notepad. Create the following files. also_purchased-english.cache categories_box-english.cache manufacturers_box-english.cache Insert 2 blank spaces(press space bar twice)in each file. Save it. "File"--"Save As" ... set the "Save as Type" to ALL FILES Upload files to your cache directory/folder.
  6. Click >>here. Pick the "AutoInstaller 2.14 for Purchase Without Account v2.1 --- 30 Jun 2009" download. If that doesn't work (read complaints about autoinstallers) use "Purchase Without Account v2.1 - FullPackage --- 9 Mar 2009" download.
  7. BryceJr

    Preparing PayPal - Order Status ?

    If real orders were paid fully through Paypal, Paypal will send you an email indicating such a transaction. It will also show in your Paypal account. Those are the ones that matter.
  8. BryceJr

    Paypal Website Standard Set Up Errors

    If you're not using Paypal payment buttons generated from Paypal's website, in your Paypal Standard module, set "Enable Encrypted Web Payments" to FALSE.
  9. BryceJr

    Completing the Paypal Standards Module

    When your customer is passed from your store to paypal, you can customize what page they see. This can be selected at Paypal under your Profile. Enter your email address there. That's the email address where you receive error messages during testing. After testing is done and no other erros are shown, clear that box. Set the server to SANDBOX to test. Besides that, there are more things to set. Here's a guide Sandbox User Guide If you are NOT using paypal payment buttons on your site, "encrypted web payments" set to false and ignore public keys and private certificates. You don't need them. This may come in handy also Paypal Website Payments Standard Setup for osCommerce
  10. BryceJr

    PayPal Standard and Encrypted Web Payments

    Your site SSL cert has nothing to do with encrypted web payments and vice-versa. You still need SSL as I descibed above and that is to encrypt customer information while on your web site. Encrypted web payment in conjunction with public/private cert and keys work to prevent other people from tampering paypal payment buttons, assuming you're using them. Obviousdly, you're not. Enabling encrypted web payment does NOT encrypt customer information. Use the link I provided above. You'll see that setting up "paypal website payments standard" has nothing to do with public/private certificates and keys. They only come into play when you're using paypal payment butons. For the purpose of this specific thread, encrypted web payment and SSL = salads and dolphins <--NO RELATION
  11. BryceJr

    PayPal Standard and Encrypted Web Payments

    If that's the case, you don't need to enable it (see post #2 above). Yes, that is correct. It's good you have a SSL cert. If properly configured in your server and in the configure.php files, it will encrypt the parts of your store such as login, create account, checkout, etc. Your customer's data is not transmitted in clear text. Once your customers have been transferred to paypal for payment, paypal has their own SSL cert to secure their site for financial transactions. ->This should help.
  12. BryceJr

    PayPal Standard and Encrypted Web Payments

    If you're using paypal payment buttons generated from paypal website, encrypted web payments must be enabled including certs and keys. Other than that, your email will suffice.
  13. BryceJr

    PayPal install question

    When downloading addons, read the description. If it says "full package", that's what you're looking for. You downloaded an update. osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v2.3.3 For 2.2MS2 16 Nov 2007 <-- Download this. It's a Full package
  14. BryceJr

    Where do i find "currency_code" variable

    Edit: Alex has better solution
  15. Open a text editor and type these php_flag register_globals on php_value register_globals on save the file as ".htaccess" and place it in catalog folder or wherever your site is located. If you already have an .htaccess file in your catalog folder, open it and insert those two lines. Close all browsers and restart APACHE.
  16. Follow the discussion >> here
  17. BryceJr

    grrr Ok I tried and tried

    This is YOUR catalog.php This is the catalog.php from the addon. See any difference? Better take his advice. It will help you a lot.
  18. BryceJr

    grrr Ok I tried and tried

    Is this the one you used, "ot_discount_coupon_codes_3_33" 21 Mar 2009 download?
  19. BryceJr

    about CCGV v5.20a

    CCGV5.19 bug fix2 19 Jan 2008 If older versions work, maybe they will. Use whatever works.
  20. BryceJr

    about CCGV v5.20a

    I compared yours with the original. I don't see the syntax error.
  21. BryceJr

    about CCGV v5.20a

    Post line 85-97 of payment.php (includes/classes)
  22. In admin/define_mainpage.php Look for this // This will cause it to look for 'catalog/language/(L)/define_mainpage.php' $HTTP_GET_VARS['filename'] = FILENAME_DEFINE_MAINPAGE; Change to this // This will cause it to look for 'catalog/language/(L)/define_mainpage.php' // $HTTP_GET_VARS['filename'] = FILENAME_DEFINE_MAINPAGE; $HTTP_GET_VARS['filename'] = 'define_mainpage.php';
  23. BryceJr

    What module to use?

    Instructions Here
  24. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=290075