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  2. Nope, I uninstalled it and removed the files then redownloaded it and uploaded the files here: includes/modules/order-total and includes/languages/english/modules/order-total I am still getting the links when I try to edit it in the admin. I'm perplexed as to what to do, geez the whole thing is just one file, it shouldn't be this difficult to get it to work. Now I don't mean to simplify your work on this contrib, it is much appreciated. I just can't seem to get it to work in my environment. Thanks for any help you can afford me, Cheri
  3. Thanks for the fast reply! I'll try that and if/when I make some money on this I'll certainly make a donation. :) Thanks, Cheri
  4. I downloaded your contrib and have one little issue with it. After I installed it and went to edit the options, when I move my curser over any of the options on the right to edit them, everything is underlined as a link to your site (but the site is spelled wrong and i get an address not found error). Is there something I'm missing here? This is a free contrib isn't it? I wouldn't want to try using something that I was supposed to pay for. (If that is the case please accept my apologies and let me know how much and who and where to pay.):blink: Thanks for the help, Cheri
  5. CheriJ


    Can you add the STS contrib to an existing shop without alot of file changing? I've already added the Tinymce, Header tag and extra pages contribs, will those affect the install of the STS contrib as well? And another question (I'm full of them this morning!) not related, how can I add an image to a text area? As mentioned, I did install the Tinymce contrib but I must've biffed it somehow because I don't have the font button or the image button and haven't figured out what to do to fix that issue yet either. Have a look see here http://www.smokebutler.biz and any feedback is appreciated as well! I still have to figure out a formatting issue on the Quit Smoking Tips page. Always something :lol: I'm still pretty new to all of this, but I'm learning thanks in large part to this forum!! TIA Cheri
  6. My editor has no html button nor does it have an option to change the font style or size. I'm pretty new to all of this so if someone could help me out I'd sure appreciate it. Thats all I need to do is see the code and change the font at will. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!! Cheri
  7. Thanks so much Jack! I got it fixed and am going great guns now! Thanks again, Cheri
  8. Hi, I installed this contrib and it seemed to be going well until I tried to access the admin, at which time I got the 'page cannot be found' message. With this in the address bar: /admin/FILENAME_LOGIN This is the second time I've tried it with the same results. I must be doing something wrong but just can't seem to figure out what. The catalog loads and shows the header as 'Home Page' as it should, the problem arises when I try to get to the admin area. Any ideas what this newbie may have screwed up? Thanks! Cheri