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  1. Hello All I have recently installed this contribution on our oSc platform. It works flawless for items with no 'Product Attributes', but the coupon code does not discount any items with Attributes. I searched for a good duration of time and was not able to locate this specific issue. (We are using the Attributes Plus contribution) Any direction will help! oSc 2.2-MS2 PHP -5.1.6
  2. lefty78

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I think I know where it is located: qbi_shiposc is the table qbi_shiposc_serv_text is where the text is located I change "UPS Ground" to "Ground" I change "2nd Day Air Early AM" to "2nd Day Air" I save these values and then go back to the qbi match page and hit the shipping tab. When I do this, the text entries in the database go back to "UPS Ground" and "2nd Day Air Early AM" So, in short - I can change them, they seem successfully changed....but when I access the match page....they revert. I am obviously doing something wrong.
  3. lefty78

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thank you for the fast response. I have checked this previously and it all seems to match. Possibly I am looking in the wrong place? Do you mind writing me a quick "finding the need tables for dummies" so I ca be sure I have located and edied the correct info?
  4. lefty78

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have this contribution....this EXTREMELY HELPFUL AND TIME SAVING CONTRIBUTION......installed and working well. I have one small issue that I have yet to be able to correct. I have loaded in my shipping methods and they show on the QBI match page. I can use the drop down list to select the proper matches - ground for ground, 2nd day air for 2nd day air, 3 day select for 3 day select, etc. BUT - only 3 day select, all overnight options, worldwide express work. Ground and 2nd Day air always resolve to "Method Not Set". They both show as properly matched in QBI, but they export as "Method Not Set" I have tried: *updating the shipping methods by iif import (I have created all new ones, I have changed the spelling of all of them, etc - but the ones that WILL match always match - ground and 2nd day always remain an issue) *checking the database to make sure spelling matched exactly. Neither method has worked and I have searched for an answer high and low and mulled over this for numerous hours....nothing. All I have been successful in finding is writings of how to get it to work if it is not working at all.....just need to know how to get it to work properly if SOME of it is not working. Help is appreciated! Again awesome contribution!
  5. lefty78

    Ship In Cart

    Nevermind....$%!*$ dreamweaver.....
  6. Nevermind....$%!*$ dreamweaver.....
  7. lefty78

    Paypal IPN

    Perfect! If an address was perfect and properly formatted, no problem. But, let a customer misspell something or use av instead of Ave.....a complete block. I have 5 orders since friday that are just sitting there and undoubtedly will not get finished. I think this was it! Thank you sir! My hat is off.
  8. When I add a contribution.....most contributions. The pages affected by the contribution end up with extra large font that really destroys the look of the page. Some sections it is so large the font is overlapping. Can anyone point me in the right direction???
  9. lefty78

    Ship In Cart

    I just installed the contribution and the idea is perfect. I do have a big issue. Once I hit the shopping cart all the font goes haywire and the page looks horrible due to the change. any help??? This actually happens with more than just this contribution.
  10. lefty78

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    OK. I searched and hope I just didnt miss it. Anyway, great contribution. It works great and saves us a ton of time. What we are looking for is the possibility for this to fix issues like my example below: Customer Enters: Joe Shmoe 123ValleyRoad Austin, Texas51515 Corrected: Joe Shmoe 123 Valley Road Austin, Texas 51515 Any help or direction would be appreciated!
  11. lefty78

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    My issue is resolved. This is a great contribution and the resolve ended up having NOTHING to do with the contribution. Timing was just amazing for this coincidence. I asked my hosting company, told them what was going on, yada, yada. They stuck to their guns....it was a problem that was not related to the server "check your admin setting" Well I am not a complete idiot. But, I checked again and again as I know sometimes mispellings or errors can "hide" very well when you have been at a console for hours on end. Nothing found there. So I removed mods one by one. Nothing So.....I backed everything up and took the site down. I removed everything. Created a new database and installed an unmodded store......SAME PROBLEM!!!! NOW the hosting company took action......after 12hours of me working frantically for no reason. Their fix took about 15 minutes when they finally took responsibility, I have included their only message below. Maybe it will help others, but I still dont believe it, the response sounds like more of an excuse..... ""We are happy to inform you that managed to resolve this issues. There was a spam ACL that was filtering the mails sent from your oscommerce application. We fixed it and now everything should be ok. ""
  12. lefty78

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Please help me with direction here! I am receiving orders and have to call each person individually. The IPN worked PERFECT for the live test run, and orders processed normally for a while as well after that (last night) today I noticed the flow of orders stopped. I logged into admin and it didnt. I have tested with all forms of payment, the same thing.....NOTHING Has anyone else had this problem after installing the IPN???
  13. lefty78

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

  14. lefty78

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    OUCH, THIS HURTS! Ok, so my problem was resolved adding the correct file to turn on register_globals on in the ext foler set. Now for the confusing part. PaypalIPN works perfect. But, there is always a but. Now suddenly when a customer checks out with a regular credit card.....nothing. no email to them or me (this means no middle digits of the credit card). The order shows up in Admin, but thats it. I have to call the customer and ask for their card again........ This was working flawlessly all along until I install paypal ipn. HELP!!!!?????