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  1. Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519

    Have you checked the site at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ to see if it supports TLS1.2? It is a server requirement, but if they are running an old version of php, then they may not have support for tls 1.2. If that's not supported then A.net is not going to work. That's probably the problem. It is possible there is a curl option setting it to a lower version of SSL, but I doubt that is what the problem is because it would have been set to something already discontinued like SSL V3.
  2. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    If a product has options, then you don't want a link with options preselected. The link should be for the product alone, then someone selects options.
  3. No, it doesn't give ip info, but you can track order id numbers. it does have session tracking where you can see people over multiple sessions and their paths and actions. Also shows search terms they choose. All anonymous data though.
  4. Occasionally, I have to edit an order down to zero and the low order fee kicks in if it’s set to true. So, first I have to turn the low order fee off and then remember to turn it back on. So, today I had the idea to change the conditional statement to check the order is not zero. If the items are taken down to zero, then the low order fee does not apply. if anyone wants to do this, in class "ot_loworderfee" find if ( ($pass == true) && ( ($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) < MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_ORDER_UNDER)) { and change to if ( ($pass == true) && ( ($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) < MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_ORDER_UNDER) && ( ($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) > 0) ) { Probably makes more sense to have the zero test condition first, but really doens't matter. I've tested and it works.
  5. I mentioned this to Burt the other day and he didn't realize bestsellers show out of stock items. He's going to hotfix this on his next round. I have Google showing my bestsellers in some snippets for searches, so it's handy to only show in stock items. Google updated within a day on this. I've done a lot of head scratching over time. Worried I would wear out a bald spot.
  6. In my case, there are items that are gone because I can't get them anymore. For bestsellers, I modified mine so out of stock items don't show on bestsellers.
  7. I saw this as an issue a long time ago and have modified how I handle it over time. I have products that can be gone for a while but come back, so I modified the notification to show a link to be notified by email when back in stock. There's an addon that handles some of this to when a stock level is put back in, an email is sent to the notification list with a link to the product. For items that are gone and not coming back I give a "410 Gone" header and a message for the consumer to see. Sometimes, I'll add a redirect in .htaccess from one product to another.
  8. The Google Analytics data doesn't contain any personal data, but you can figure out who some people are with transactions.
  9. The most likely reason that fixed it for you, is that the script is set to be called in footer_scripts. The other option is for it to be called in header, but it's better to delay any script you can to footer. Some scripts need to be in header though, or the page doesn't load correctly.
  10. While I was using the display tool in Adwords for different search terms I stumbled on this snippet. It's a pretty specific term that I show up like this, but Webmaster tools, shows high up on my list of terms bringing traffic for the last 28 days. Wish Google would show it for more, but I'll take what I can get. Mine is the snippet for Dried Flowers "R" Us. This is an organic listing, not cpc.
  11. Google Snippets

    @burt You might find this interesting. I modified my best sellers to only show items that are in stock a while back, so I only show items that can be purchased at the time. Anyway, I marked hydrangeas out of stock yesterday and Google has already updated that snippet to reflect this.
  12. Google Snippets

    Yes, I knew that it would be geo-targetted, but I only ship within the US. I check different states and it shows for the ones I've checked. Rankings vary state by state and cities sometimes. I noticed recently that Google changed some of the info it displays for me. I do think it's interesting that it pulled from the bestselles too! I have to say I'm pretty happy about this right now. Everything helps.
  13. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    One problem is this addon isn't really maintained and in the future, I think it will be problematic. However, for now, I've been using it for a long time so I'll stick with it. If I were setting up a new shop, I would not employ this addon.
  14. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    One thing about it, is most browsers will autofill if you start typing words you remember from URL's.
  15. Falcon Heavy launch

    Just walked outside to see the Falcon Heavy rocket launch. Pretty cool and easy to see from Orlando area. They're better at night but still worth seeing. Really great when you're close, but tons of traffic and they don't always go as planned.
  16. Falcon Heavy launch

    @clustersolutions Yes, the sonic booms always seemed to be at 3AM or such. Dogs would freak out barking their asses off! Dixie Crossroads is still there, and in my restaurant management days I worked with some managers from there when I worked for Bennigan's. I was at the one near SeaWorld, but we had a bunch in Orlando. Never heard of Frankies though. Time flies, doesn't it Tim?
  17. Upgrading osCommerce 2.2 RC2a to PHP 5.6

    What php version are you upgrading from? You might be hitting problems with "session.bug_compat_42". This might help you https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3575180/what-are-session-bug-compat-42-and-session-bug-compat-warn Even if it's not this, you probably are running into some kind of session problem. If you are good with something like Beyond Compare you can upgrade some of the files that will deal with this. You are probably much better served upgarding to a new current version. It won't be much more time consuming and not too hard.
  18. Falcon Heavy launch

    I saw where they often will use concrete or the like to simulate the load. I have to say that a Tesla is way cooler, and yes, I am that easily impressed. @clustersolutions After the launch Elon went to Fishlips to have a beer to celebrate. I don't know if you've ever been there, but it's a 2 story bar & grill in Port Canaveral. I used to play poker on Suncruise and we'd go to Fishlips before for apps and beer. Pretty good calamari and a great place to watch the cruise ships go out. I imagine the bar was packed for this launch as it always was for the shuttle. Went on Suncruise one night for a shuttle launch, which was pretty cool to see from 3 miles out. The shuttle and a poker tourney!
  19. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    I figured I'd update this thread for anyone that encounters this error. I couldn't find anything I was doing wrong, so I emailed icloudadmin with the info on my site and server, which they list on the above link. I got an automated response stating they would check into it and make any needed adjustments. It also said I would not be contacted again unless they needed more info. I'm no longer having the problem, so I guess they did something that corrected it.
  20. Recently, I started seeing emails like the welcome signup and Burt's keys emails for reviews. But, I don't think it's rejecting order emails. This is the error message I'm getting below and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen these? host mx6.mail.icloud.com [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 5.7.1 Message rejected due to local policy. Please visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204137
  21. Admin suddenly slow - cause & solution

    If you look at my post above, you can see how I changed mine to work. I'll help you if you need help though, and it's no problem.
  22. I suddenly started having very slow access and page loads in my Admin (it's renamed) while the catalog side ran fast. After thinking about this a bit I figured it had to be because of the Apache Auth on Admin. To back up a little, Apache 2.4 changed the way .htaccess works for allowing and denying, see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/upgrading.html There's a module call mod_compat that makes the old system compatible, but that's definitely where my problem was. It would take a minute for a page to load in Admin. Important to note that the exact way they show on the apache site didn't work. Mine below works. Here's my old .htaccess SSLRequireSSL Order Deny,Allow deny from all allow from IP my ip AuthName "Restricted" AuthUserFile "my path to file" AuthType Basic require valid-user Here's my new one that is working completely from my testing. Test yours if you change this. NOTE: Important to note that the exact way they show on the apache site didn't work. Mine below works. SSLRequireSSL AuthType Basic AuthUserFile "my path to file" AuthName "Restricted" <RequireAll> Require valid-user Require ip my ip </RequireAll> I don't know if anyone else will run into this but I'm guessing this is coming. We should probably look at making changes to all the .htaccess files.
  23. Admin suddenly slow - cause & solution

    Hi Bill, I commented out the auth part of it. You can comment out everything for a minute to check it then put it back. I see you PM and you can PM me your .htaccess file and I'll look at it. I might be able to fix this in a heartbeat for you.
  24. Falcon Heavy launch

    @clustersolutions Were you there when the Titan blew up in 1998?
  25. Falcon Heavy launch

    I moved to Tampa from Louisiana in May 86, but my wife had lived there for a while. She saw the Challenger from there too.