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  1. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    Back to the Icloud subject. I did some research and reading and I found some threads where various people had temporary intermittent problems with this. I tried analyzing the email headers, but I don't see anything obvious between order emails and burt's key emails. Maybe it's just intermittent.
  2. Recently, I started seeing emails like the welcome signup and Burt's keys emails for reviews. But, I don't think it's rejecting order emails. This is the error message I'm getting below and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen these? host mx6.mail.icloud.com [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 5.7.1 Message rejected due to local policy. Please visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204137
  3. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    On an episode of Bizzare Foods there were some people in the Keys that were shooting and roasting them. I've eaten lots of aligator, crawfish, oysters, etc... , but never a lizzard.
  4. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    The icloud email servers work for me.com and icloud.com adresses. It may be some change they recently made, but I suspect there is somethng different in the email headers between the welcome email and order email. I've modified things over time, so I'll look into that this week. Do you really want Iquanas?
  5. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    It only recently started and it's on Welcome emails and Burt's Key emails (requesting review), so no order emails have been rejected. I have SPF and DKIM, Reverse DNS, etc. This only recently started also. My Welcome email only has email links in it and the order key only has one for the review. But, order emails have a link to the order. This particular server has been running for a little over a year and haven't had any other issues. There's only a couple sites on the server without a lot of email being sent. I was curious if others have seen this problem pop up.
  6. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    I'm on a dedicated server that I control, so it's not being marked as spam from there. I'll dig into this more and see if I can find the issue.
  7. The table rate can be selected to go by price instead of weight. Not sure on your zip code question. I use a fedex module that gets quotes from the fedex site based on the order going to the address. It works pretty well as long as my boxes and weights are good. My products are light so dimensional weight is what drives my ship costs.
  8. Another part of Florida. My friend took this pic yesterday Kayaking. They think it was at least 10ft.
  9. I checked the weather up there and it shows -23 for @Dan Cole! I can't even imagine what that's like for you guys. However, I'm going play poker wiht friend's tonight and I think I'll have to put on long pants becase it's getting down to 50. Probably need a long sleeve shirt too!
  10. @Dan Cole It's going to be 67 today for the high. What I know about cold is I would die living where you live! This is the best time of year in Fl with mainly sunny skies and nice days. Stays green all year long, which I also like. No changing of leaves, but I sense that's overated! Personally, I like wearing shorts all year round, so I'll stay here. I think the coldest I've been in is the upper teens back in Louisiana. I built a snowman in 1974 when there was snow on the ground In La. Sorry, didn't mean to make you jealous. Well, maybe a little!
  11. @clustersolutions, I'm in Winter Park, which is basically East Orlando. Talking to one of my customers today about Sebastian Inlet and the fishing there. I used to live in Tampa/Clearwater, then Ft Myers/Cape Coral. Did a lot of fishing in both of those. Lot of lakes in my area and the coast is not too far. @burt, The tax in Florida is supposed to be where the buyer lives also, but I just charge where I am. For any state outside, I don't charge tax, which is the bulk of my sales. The California peeps have pretty good weather, but Florida kind of shines right now for weather. It's actually cold right now in the 50's, but most of our days in winter are 70's or even 80's. I imagine the UK is pretty cold right now. A lot of the US is very cold right now.
  12. Plural search not working

    My point is that with autocomplete, when someone searches "chair" then everything will display that qualifies and they should stop typing. It's probably never going to be perfect and if you make it idiot proof, then the world will provide better idiots.
  13. Plural search not working

    I would suggest looking at some of the addons that offer search suggest also. I use https://apps.oscommerce.com/c1sKS&twitter-typeahead-autocomplete-search I think it works pretty well and when your customer starts typing characters it starts to display. All the big online merchants do this and I think it's expected. Burt also has a search tag cloud box that I use.
  14. @ArtcoInc That's a big difference from FL to CA, because I think the highest in FL is only 7% but I'm not sure about the Miami area. CA has state income tax also, doesn't it? No state income tax in FL either. Overall, it's a good state to live in.
  15. @clustersolutions Wow, sales tax in CA is 9%!!!!!!!!!!! While OSC has always shown Florida sales tax tat 7%, that is wrong. It's 6% state sales tax with counties having additional tax. In Orange county, it's .5% for a total of 6.5%. I do like the way you show that. I notice on Amzn and some other large ones they show it then have a subtraction line for it.
  16. You wouldn't want it to be absolute, but you could strip out the white spaces and create two search terms. Where it would work on the My Dog to MyDog term, there are others that it won't work because you need the space character. So, create a second search term and then have it search for either.
  17. A few people here asked that we have a thread on Adwords, so I'll start it. I've used Adwords since 2003 when you could do a nickel a click. Then, it became a dime and the race was off. Over time I've learned a lot and had a love/hate relationship. This year Adwords account managers have helped me in updating and learning new features. Currently, my ROI is the best it's been in at least a very long time, so I’ll try to share some ideas. For me, a big key is getting a repeat customer, but I also get some good sales from it. First, you need to tie in Analytics, which is now part of Adwords. Analytics can show you what sales you are getting through different ads and you can get the actual order id. This helps in adjusting ads or even stopping those that don't pay off. I look a lot at last 7 days and 30 days. The 7 day view is good because you can see how small bid adjustments can cost a lot. This can be done in the Adwords screens too. https://adwords.google.com/analytics/ And using a Google Feeder like Jack's, you need to set up with Google Shopping. Jack has a great support thread on this and the Google shopping team will help you if needed. I was slow to get this going, but it's really working well on some items I sell. This gets you the ad boxes you see with pics at the top of Google as well as Google Shopping. https://merchants.google.com/ That covers the basics but AdWords and Analytics have a lot of features. The biggest thing with AdWords is the better your ad is, the less you have to pay and still rank high. So, take advantage of all the little extras like extended links and callouts. Use all the characters you can but keep substance. Once you create a base ad, you can copy and edit to make versions to test. I added "Fully Secure Website" to one of my ads and it get 4 times the click through than any of my others in that ad group. I did this based on switching to all SSL all the time. Adwords also serves it higher, so it likes it. You can also tailor you bids based on areas like states (Texas for instance). Adjust based on days of the week or time of the day. Adjust up or down for phones with browsers. I bid that down because my biggest competitor on this isn't responsive in their site design. Remarketing was a huge fail for me that burned up cash with no ROI. Small bid adjustments that make you rank higher can cost way more than expected, so the 7 day running view is key. The other key is look at it every day. There is some trial and error, but this can get you sales you are otherwise missing. A lot probably depends on your margin, but for me I'll give 200 to sell 1600 especially since some will repeat. There's a lot more to this and I'm not sure how much this helps, but hopefully others have something to add. Or, if anyone has questions, maybe I can help.
  18. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    @clustersolutions, You are absolutely correct about some host not being secure. Over time, I've seen some posts on the Cpanel forums by people hosting a lot of sites asking really stupid questions. The thing is, no one cares more about my site and business than I do. I do have to admit that taking on my own server, which is at a SoftLayer datacernter, has been a big undertaking. Personally, I enjoyed post.
  19. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    I went with a dedicated server in 2007 and there is a ton of stuff to learn. I like learning, but there's just a ton. I had help with getting it setup an managing in the beginning. I think the most important security piece I learned is protecting SSH. Changing the port to some hard to guess number, not being able to log in as root, then having a wheel user that is only for logging in and using a certificate to log in with it. For firewall, I only have ports I need open. As I think about it, the list goes on and on. On the positive side, you can zip it up pretty tight. For instance, I only use SFTP, so port 21 is dissabled. I would never want to be an actual webhost though.
  20. You can do a lot of customization with the bootstrap customizer. I modified a lot using it, but it will be site wide. Here's the tables on it. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/customize/#tables
  21. If you only want to do this in the checkout_shipping page then look for this code in checkout_shipping.php, and it should be around line 239. If you don't want the hover or the striped, change it. However, it may confusing to your shoppers if it doesn't hover. It's best if you have a test site to experiment with. <table class="table table-striped table-condensed table-hover">
  22. Chase Payementech

    I use Chase Paymentech with Authorize.net as my CC processor. I've been very happy with them and whole heartedly would recomend them. I noticed at the beginning of November that there was a 9.95 credit to my account that I couldn’t figure out, but I didn’t pursue it hard. I just got my end of the month statement and it’s listed as 3954301 - GOODWILL ADJUSTMENT - HURRICANE RELIEF It’s small, but I feel good that they did this without me asking for it.
  23. There's also a setting under admin/configuration/stock called "subtrack stock" that can be set to false. Like in my case where most items are bought in bulk and sold in different quantities, it's better to not subtract.
  24. Paypal duplicate orders

    I'm getting duplicate orders on almost every paypal order lately. I'm getting paid twice too. Most people aren't aware it's happening, but I've had 4 in a row. For a while I was having orders fail, but now, two at a time. Anyone else have this problem?