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  1. I've kept mine at myIsam and never changed to InnoDB. My site isn't very busy and this has worked since we changed to myIsam from whatever it was before. Cpanel has some of the tables it uses as InnoDB, which are in the connection stats.
  2. I think there are always some failed and aborted connections and I think it's server wide when it shows that but I'm not positive. My aborted are really small part of the total Failed attempts 55 0.34 0.16% Aborted 14 0.09 0.04% Total 35 k 217.18 100.00%
  3. The duplicate order problem went away and hasn't happened again. Paypal ran pretty well for a while but in the last week I've had 4 failed/incomplete orders.
  4. I never get that error either. You might be able to see some useful stats under Phpmyadmin on the status button. I think some hosts mute what can be seen, but it's easy to check. You can also check max connections under variables.
  5. I'm the self appointed king of backups and that has really saved me a couple times in various miistakes. My site is fully backed up and swept to an Evault server every night. On my Windows computer I use Acronis and Windows backups going to an external hard drive. If my MySQL data files get messed up, I can just replace the whole folder with a backup on Windows quickly. Most people have their sites on Webhost that will pull this trigger when they want. I bet there are people running on Maria wiht OSC that don't even know it. I went to a dedicated server in 2007, and besides more work and headaches, I can make it more secure.
  6. There was only one hosts on the main Cpanel thread on the upgrade that had any problems and that was with old Joomla sites. There were many that said Maria is faster and less resource intensive. Server Admins have been doing the upgrade without notifying their customers, so it's probably smooth the way Cpanel has it down. I've used the Cpanel upgrade a few times when I've upgaded MySQL versions and never had any issues. On my production sever/site, I'm going to wait until a slow time of the year to do this. Wtih Php udates or ugrades, you can just go back if you need to easily on Cpanel.
  7. @burt Which version of Maria did you install and did you run the upgrade function? I'm assuming you did this on Windows. Maria states that the MSI will automatically run the upgrade.
  8. Well, I read more yesterday on the Cpanel forums and Maria is supposed to be a drop in place replacement. There's not as much discussion there as I would expect, but there are a few threads. There is a thread asking about upgrade problems and many hosts say they have done the switch with no problems. The problem on Cpanel is you can't go back if there is a problem. I also read that Red Hat is dropping MySQL in favor of Maria. There are some people on the Cpanel forums that are putting presure for Cpanel to offer MySQL 5.7 saying that end users and devevlopers are demanding it. Hosts and datacenters are saying that Cpanel is losing business when someone needs 5.7 because they're being sold other control panels like Plesk or DirectAdmin. Cpanel has the upgrades mostly automated, but everytime I've upgraded MySql, Apache and Php have to be recompiled before it works.
  9. I thought list is the default but if you set it to grid, then your remembers it the next time. You might post this on the BS thread or start a new thread with this quesiton. But, you can find this code around line 98 in product_listing if you want to play with it. You could force list if you really wanted.
  10. I did find this info on migrating to Maria
  11. I'm running Cpanel 66.0.23 and currently using MySQL 5.6, but support for MySQL 5.6 in Feb 2018 from what I understand. I think Cpanel will still let it run since they let MySQL 5.5 run on current version. However, from there, the only choice is Maria for upgrading on Cpanel. One thing on Cpanel is they don't have a way to downgrade, so if go to Maria and it doesn't work, then that's a problem. I know Harald has mentioned Maria, but is anyone else using it or tried it? I haven't really explored Maria, but I guess in the next few weeks I'll download a copy to my local test server and see how it works. Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. After thinking about this, I realized I've modified mine compared to how Cpanel writes it. Mainly, with SSLRequireSSL and require ip. Cpanel now has password protect label inside of "leech protection". Unfortunately, I don't think it has the ability to add the require ip address, which in my case feels like added security.
  13. @MrPhil That's actually how I had done mine a long long time ago. I agree it's better because it puts the password file in a protected directory outside of public_html. This problem showed up after a nightly Cpanel/Apache update. I have a dedicated server and have run Apache 2.4 for many years now and this just popped up. May have been a glitch in mod_compat or mod_access_compat, but this is the future anyway, so I'll leave it. I know they have dbm auth too, but haven't explored it.
  14. No, what I was wondering is if there would be more info to give with an image on a category page. For that matter more meta info on the category page. In looking at, I'm not finding what I was thinking. Right now, for instance I have this on my dried wheat page and i wondered if I would be better with more meta info. However, my site still has some old code in it and parts I haven't fully updated. <div class="thumbnail pull-right"> <img src="images/categories/dried_wheat.jpg" alt="Dried Wheat" title="Dried Wheat" class="img-responsive" width="102" height="125"> </div>
  15. Jack, you've given me an idea to explore for categories with pictures.