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  1. The big news in the US last week is Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, which is a premium fo Whole Foods. I think Whole Foods is US only though, so many of you may not be familiar with it. The nickname is "Whole Paycheck", becaue it's so expensive. Great beer seleciton though, and cheeses too. Amazon's attempt at delivering food with prime food hasn't been successful according to CNN. One thing I'm seeing is Amazon delivery vans with Amazon being the actual shipper all the way. Shipping is my biggest challenge with dimensional weight making my shipping costs high. I did hear rumors a few years ago that Amazon would become a player in actual shipping to compete with Fedex an UPS. I hate Walmart for multiple reasons, so I won't buy anything from them.
  2. Using FB this time I got " Data incomplete - social login aborted. Please choose another login method. " However, I had deleted the app on FB yesterday after it worked. So, I have my account info on your test site unless you deleted it, but not the matching FB app. I'll be AFK this weekend, so I won't check until Sunday night.
  3. I used FB to login and had no errors or problems.
  4. You should read the whole set of instructions on setting up and securing your site. Your admin is wide opne to hacking and you just posted that in a public forum. Use SSL always for admin and rename the admin to something else like it's advised. Be secure from the start.
  5. Shipping doesn't work for me either with Paypal express in a US store. To be honest, I have not tried very hard to troubleshoot this. Normally, I troubleshoot problems using a localhost set up, but that won't work in this case. I think in my situation the problem is tied to my fedex module that I need to use, which quotes dimensional weight. I did get it to work with standard shipping.
  6. I just noticed the author is co-founder of Ignitor, which he didn't disclose in his article when he mentioned it. Sketchy!
  7. One thing I see from the SEO article is the author is trying to sell Ignitor. He has a bunch of articles to point to that. Still he has some good points. There is a lot to pour over but Google Analytics can also help you quite a bit because you can set up Ecommerce factors and see where you get your sales from down to the invoice number. If you haven't set up Analytics, get started with that too because it's free. There's a module now in OSC, so it's easier than ever. For impressions, the key is being on the first page, but high impressions come with keywords that are searched more. Some of my stuff is obscure, so not searched much, but I still get sales when it is searched. If someone searches a term but you are on the second page and they don't go to the second page you don't get the impression. But, on the first page you will. The WMT report he talks about is pretty cool and can show a lot of info, and can do individual keywords or phrases too. Find a product that's searched a lot on your report and look at it over time. You'll see when your ranking goes up you probably have more click through too. One thing is you need to highlight "search type" if you have images showing up. I have unique images and so that skews the ranking on the main report. If you search "cedar roses" I have some of the first images, so that skews my ranking on that phrase. You really want web searches, and on some phrases, mine changes a lot. I used to rank number 2 on Google and have had some problems this year, but I'm back on the first page and working on that. One key thing is getting new products and getting reviews. I'm using Gary's review request and that is helping on some products. The cool thing about Adwords is you can change your bid to drive your positon, but making a better ad is time well spent and can help your ad rank well. It will show you a score up to 10/10 in Adwords on different keywords. Honestly, a lot of this is overwhelming, so I try to take it on in bits. So many thoughts came to me as I wrote this, so I hope it makes sense.
  8. Every idea on how to see and compare data is helpful. For me, certain items are searched far more during some seasons and that affects impressions. Also, holidays like the recent weekend in the US lowers the amount of searching done. Actually, the month of May sucks for me and June isn't stellar. So, if you're tweaking things, it's important to consider things like that. We all sell a variety of things and the metrics to shoot far vary with that. I'm not always sure what is really good on some metrics. With a niche market I think it's harder to figure some of this out. A lot of big companies are competing with me now with Adwords. Since we're all in sales, we look at things differently from people just trying to get traffic. I've used Adwords since 2003 with varying success. In recent conversations with Adwords reps I realized they don't fully comprehend our world. For me, there is a spot where my spending gets the best ROI and beyond that is wasteful. That also varies on the time of year. Adwords does have some great tools for looking at search rankings on different devices in different locations. They also have table data on how you compare to others in your keywords.
  9. Did you check with your ISP to make sure the DNS servers you are using are correct? That is set up in your router/modem.
  10. That really sounds like an ISP problem. I'm guessing you have DSL from what you've said?
  11. You don't have any of your cookie path or cookie domain info. That might be your problem
  12. If it works for your catalog side okay then you're good on dns records. One thing is you should have all your admin pages as https even for the HTTP_SERVER. Otherwise, you're subject to MTM with passwords.
  13. You can use www with a subdomain, but you have to have that set up in dns records. However, you really don't see www used with subdomains. I can't think of one off hand. You also have to have the subdomain in dns. Most hosting packages will do that when you create the sub domain. There are some handy domain tools at Can you see your dns records?
  14. @@gjpinzino You might need to change host, but this shouldn't be a big headache. You have several months and now you now what you need. A server that only supports TLS 1.0 is running an older OS and you will need to move. I think @@Jack_mcs does some hosting and is familiar with oscommerce and, so maybe check him out. Any way you look at it, you will need to move servers. With a little planning, it's not too hard.
  15. I wonder how many servers are running that don't support TLS 1.2 at this time? PCI was pushing for 1.2 sooner but too many servers didn't support it. I upgraded from a centos 6 server to a centos 7 in December this last year, but I think centos 6 supported 1.2 also. I was forced to switch because Softlayer was ending support for 32 bit servers. Cpanel limited 32 bit to WHM 56 also. I was pissed that I only got 90 day notice, but i've gotten way better at upgrading servers since this is the 4th one I have.