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  1. I emailed him and I'll let you know if I get a response.
  2. I'm not much for a lot of gimmicks, but I figure everyone likes fast. I keep things pretty simple though and minify as much as I can and I optimize images. But, now you know it can be done with OSC and full SSL. I've been working on speed for 10 years or so.
  3. I had tried this before but it's always good to recheck. I got an Excellent stating I'm faster than the top performers in Shopping with a mobile load of 3 seconds.
  4. If anyone is following this thread, I'm happy to say that this works. My image shows up for my index page now and it seems to have helped move me up a position or two in ranking. I put it near the title tag. So, if you have a main search term that applies to your whole site, then maybe give this a try. Here's how I did it on index. <div class="page-header"> <h1 class="col-sm-9"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?></h1> <div class="img-responsive thumbnail col-sm-3 text-right" itemscope itemtype=""> <img src="images/search_term_primary.jpg" alt="Search Term" itemprop="primaryImageOfPage" /> </div> </div>
  5. @greasemonkey Hey Scott, what do you sell?
  6. If you google "norteamaru" you'll see he's been spamming other sites too.
  7. They redirect and the second link isn't as it's written out. It's spam.
  8. A lot of crap spam posts showing up with that being the only post to the name.
  9. So, I did some reading on and Stackoverflow and I think I found somethig to try. Just so I can expand on this, my main search term is "dried flowers" and Google list my index page, but i dont' have an image on it. Google is showing other sites ahead of me that have a category in some way called "dried flowers and those with images are ranking higher. For some of my items, I am #1 on Google and it shows the product image, so my thought is to have a main image on my index page. Here's the code I found to try. Has anyone done this? <div itemscope itemtype=""> <img src="e.g./pic.jpg" itemprop="primaryImageOfPage" /> </div> Anyone have any thoughts or reason not to do this?
  10. I hope this can turn into a tip that can benefit everyone, but I don't have the answer yet. I've noticed using Google's "Preview & Diagnosis Tool" that mobile sites showing an image in the mobile search rank 1st even in different states within the US. This tool is in Adwords and it lets you show first page of Google for different places and different formats, like Desktop, Ipad, mobile phone. While it's for seeing how your ad shows up, I find it helpful in seeing my organic listing and how it varies state to state. With tablets and desktop, rankings jump around depending on location. I've noticed that some sites have images that show up on their organic listing while others don't. Mine doesn't but I want to find out how. The thing is, on most of the sites Google is showing some image that' on the page and I don't see anything dictating that. With mobile, the first sites organically are those with images showing in the search. Does anyone know how we can specify an image for the site to show on mobile?
  11. @greasemonkey I don't know if Fedex SmarPost is an option in Canada, but it may be something for you to explore. Fedex picks it up from you, but the post office delivers it. UPS also has something like that. One of the farms I work with is shipping that way and it's much less. My main partner doesn't want to do SmartPost, and there are some limitations. You might want to check it out.
  12. Hey Scott, I'm very interested to hear how you do with this. Thanks for including us. I see Amazon vans delivering now. I've heard that they may move into shipping. Maybe they can hammer Fedex and UPS in the US for a while. Shipping is killing me.
  13. The big news in the US last week is Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, which is a premium fo Whole Foods. I think Whole Foods is US only though, so many of you may not be familiar with it. The nickname is "Whole Paycheck", becaue it's so expensive. Great beer seleciton though, and cheeses too. Amazon's attempt at delivering food with prime food hasn't been successful according to CNN. One thing I'm seeing is Amazon delivery vans with Amazon being the actual shipper all the way. Shipping is my biggest challenge with dimensional weight making my shipping costs high. I did hear rumors a few years ago that Amazon would become a player in actual shipping to compete with Fedex an UPS. I hate Walmart for multiple reasons, so I won't buy anything from them.
  14. Using FB this time I got " Data incomplete - social login aborted. Please choose another login method. " However, I had deleted the app on FB yesterday after it worked. So, I have my account info on your test site unless you deleted it, but not the matching FB app. I'll be AFK this weekend, so I won't check until Sunday night.
  15. I used FB to login and had no errors or problems.