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  1. A little more info on this. The way I determined this was the problem is when I commented out the auth, the admin loaded fast. I only had to comment out for a couple seconds to see the effect. Also, for my ip, I use the first two numbers of my ip. For instance 192.168 which in my case is my ISP from my part of my state. So, if my ip changes like from Hurricane Irma coming through, then I'm still good without changing that. If I try to access it through a VPN, then I get a 403 error.
  2. I suddenly started having very slow access and page loads in my Admin (it's renamed) while the catalog side ran fast. After thinking about this a bit I figured it had to be because of the Apache Auth on Admin. To back up a little, Apache 2.4 changed the way .htaccess works for allowing and denying, see There's a module call mod_compat that makes the old system compatible, but that's definitely where my problem was. It would take a minute for a page to load in Admin. Important to note that the exact way they show on the apache site didn't work. Mine below works. Here's my old .htaccess SSLRequireSSL Order Deny,Allow deny from all allow from IP my ip AuthName "Restricted" AuthUserFile "my path to file" AuthType Basic require valid-user Here's my new one that is working completely from my testing. Test yours if you change this. NOTE: Important to note that the exact way they show on the apache site didn't work. Mine below works. SSLRequireSSL AuthType Basic AuthUserFile "my path to file" AuthName "Restricted" <RequireAll> Require valid-user Require ip my ip </RequireAll> I don't know if anyone else will run into this but I'm guessing this is coming. We should probably look at making changes to all the .htaccess files.
  3. The one that annoys me the most is Google using a font color of #bababa on pages like and on an Ipad it's hard to see sometimes. They should know better.
  4. Well, without me changing anything, the duplicates seem to have stopped. However, I had another failed order, which I didn't have any when the duplicates were happening. I'm going to enable both PDT and IPN like you did and see if that helps. I think Paypal servers are glitchy though. They're probably a huge target for DDOS and various attacks.
  5. I'm in Winter Park, which is in the Orlando area, so we just lost power with a lot of tree trash to clean up. As long as a tree doesn't fall on the house, we're good and we didn't have any damage. However, there are people still without power. It wasn't nearly as bad fof us as in 2004 when Charley came through for my area, but pretty bad for the state. Winter Park has about 25k trees and there were only about 300+ down for Irma. For Charley, there were 8,000 trees down and it was a mess for many months. I used to live in Cape Coral near Naples and that house I'm sure went under water. The way the power companies help each other is how life should be. Those linemen work their ass off and deserve the money they make. It's a lot of hours for the. It doesn't even freeze normally where I am. It was 80's in the house though with 80% humidity though with no power.
  6. I've noticed some days that the Paypal site is glitchy. My server is in Houston, but it didn't drown and I haven't had any problems other wise. is near perfect for me. I was down Sun-Wed over here from Hurricane Irma.
  7. Thanks Dan, I'll try it that way and see if it solves it. My customer base likes using Paypal, but it's been problematic at times for me.
  8. I know this is an old thread, but I don't have as much experience with Paypal. Do you have IPN and PDT enabled? I was having failed transactions sometimes and now I'm getting duplicate transactions with duplicate payments. Should I enable PDT too? I'm using Paypla Standard.
  9. I'm getting duplicate orders on almost every paypal order lately. I'm getting paid twice too. Most people aren't aware it's happening, but I've had 4 in a row. For a while I was having orders fail, but now, two at a time. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Out of curiosity, I checked my Analytics for IE and there's none under IE 8 in the past 60 days. However, way more IE 9 than IE 10. All the revenue I have from IE came from IE 11. Back in 2005 I remember 90% of my browser traffic was IE, and now it's 7.9%.
  11. Hey @burt I remember when you were working on that, so in an effort to keep my memory sharp, I found the thread where you talked about. I don't think you have a link to it but maybe the timeline will help you out. I think this is the same time.
  12. @burt that sentence cracked me up. Sounds like you're getting older and more forgetful, or maybe just sooooo many modules over time. I find myself wondering sometimes "why did I make that change and when did I do it?" . So far, when it comes to aging, I'm not a fan.
  13. Depending on your control panel for hosting you may able to install it yourself. If you don't see that section, or it's not obvious, ask your host to install it for you. It has to be done correctly.
  14. I wish I could help you more with this, but I'm sorry I don't have the answer. However, when you find the answer, please post so we can learn.
  15. Check out this link and read through. It covers a lot