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  1. My landline is for my business, so I have to answer it, but some days are annoying. I have found on some of them that pressing 2 or 9 to be added to do not call list does work. Not perfect but it helps. Most of my legimate calls will have the state calling if it's a cell phone. I don't do local business, so most from my area code are BS, especially if they have my local exchange.
  2. I have a landline for my business that's been around since 2002. At first, I realized that my old credit card processor had sold my info. The US has a do not call list, which doesn't apply to businesses, but you can still get listed on. However, that doesn't work because most don't care and there's not enforcement. There is a Forida company that was heavily fined a couple months ago, and they were doing a couple billion calls a month. Local number spoofing is rampant and it's hitting some people's cell phones pretty hard. I've been looking into getting a call blocker, but I have the ability to block 12 numbers though my phone service. I've been rotating them through, as some only call for a period of time then go away.
  3. With all the privacy laws going into effect and disscussions, I started wondering. Does the whole world have a problem with telemarketer & robo calls, or is that just a PIA in the US? The most annoying one to me, is all the various numbers spoofed pretending to be Google Business Listing. Lot of calls where no one is there that call often sometimes. Seem to come in waves too. So, is this everywhere?
  4. I'm not doing sizes for each device and what I've done goes way back before smart phones. I sever a small image that is typically under 2k for my thumbnail. Then when you click on it you get a large image from another folder. It makes my pages lighter and I have can a larger, higher resolution for my large image. Remember, my site is old and I still have core mods from that. I haven't searched to see what others have done, but you might find an addon that does this without changes to core.
  5. One thing I did a long time ago is set up a thumbs directory and big image directory, so only my small sized thumbnails are on the load. Also, at times, I'll go through and run an image optimizer to make sure they're all small as can be without degrading them. So, my home page is only 240k to load. I added a main site image to see if it helped my tablet and mobile because they like to show an image. That added a little size to the site, but not much. I've had my site running since 2002 and some of my systems are old and could be improved. This test is with Google Analytics turned off. Not much slower with it on, but the grade goes down because of how it works. It's also full SSL all pages.
  6. If you have Cpanel, it has a button called "optimize website" that will set up deflate for you at the directory level. You have a couple options for what you want to compres. I use "Compress All Content".
  7. bot trying to hack band end

    Apache changed how the access is written for 2.4 and I ran into a problem within the last 12 months or so with the old format causing an issue. Even if you don't put the ip address, you still can use cpanel or the like to create a password protect. Then you can modifiy it. You can just put the beginning of your ip address like below. This works for Apache 2.4 and is a little different than older. This way the ip has to begin with 123.123 and that stops most of the world. You still have to have valid user/password. RewriteEngine on SSLRequireSSL AuthType Basic AuthUserFile "/home/myname/.htpasswds/public_html/allrenamed/passwd" AuthName "Restricted" <RequireAll> Require valid-user Require ip 123.123 </RequireAll>
  8. It's food for thought. My cert is not due for a while as I do more than one year at a time. Not sure how much people even look at this now. Cpanel also does free SSL now. I have a couple other sites on the sever that have the Cpanel SSL and it's kind of the same thing where they keep it updated.
  9. Been using this for long before that existed.
  10. Somehow, I didn't realize that Geotrust was affected. It's just a little bit of a pain, because they do the verification again. I've been using the True Business for quite a while now since it's not very expensive through SoftLayer.
  11. So DigiCert bought Symantec, and in September Chrome will disstrust Symantec root certificates. When Chrome hits version 70, any site using a Symantec, Geotrust, and I guess others will be distrusted. I received an email from Softlayer stating Symantec needed to be replaced and they would initialize this for all accounts. Having Geotrust as my cert, I didn't think I was affected. Well, Symantec called me yesterday to verify some things and let me know that I needed to replace free of charge. So, be aware that you may be in this group and look into it. Here's more info https://www.digicert.com/replace-your-symantec-ssl-tls-certificates/
  12. PHP 7

    I was just talking about the hash functions used, but I don't really have an argument for it. http://www.php.net/Hash I just put the function into a test page and the errors went away after the (int) addition, but I was just testing the output of the function. I did get the string offset errors at first.
  13. PHP 7

    Why not use the PHP builtin has functions?
  14. PHP 7

    It only works when there's no z in the output. I ran into this on another piece of Harald's code I was playing with. I found a workaround, but it's not a good one and I'm not sure why it even works. Putting a -1 after $q stops errors. function tep_random_name() { $letters = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'; $dirname = '.'; $length = floor(Hash::getRandomInt(16, 20)); for ($i = 1; $i <= $length; $i++) { $q = floor(Hash::getRandomInt(1, 26)); $dirname .= $letters[(int)$q-1]; } return $dirname; }
  15. PHP 7

    Try this. Did a little searching on StackOverflow and learned a little more. Had to add the Hash class so I could experiment. This yeilds an output now. function tep_random_name() { $letters = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'; $dirname = '.'; $length = floor(Hash::getRandomInt(16, 20)); for ($i = 1; $i <= $length; $i++) { $q = floor(Hash::getRandomInt(1, 26)); $dirname .= $letters[(int)$q]; } return $dirname; }