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  1. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    @clustersolutions, You are absolutely correct about some host not being secure. Over time, I've seen some posts on the Cpanel forums by people hosting a lot of sites asking really stupid questions. The thing is, no one cares more about my site and business than I do. I do have to admit that taking on my own server, which is at a SoftLayer datacernter, has been a big undertaking. Personally, I enjoyed post.
  2. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    I went with a dedicated server in 2007 and there is a ton of stuff to learn. I like learning, but there's just a ton. I had help with getting it setup an managing in the beginning. I think the most important security piece I learned is protecting SSH. Changing the port to some hard to guess number, not being able to log in as root, then having a wheel user that is only for logging in and using a certificate to log in with it. For firewall, I only have ports I need open. As I think about it, the list goes on and on. On the positive side, you can zip it up pretty tight. For instance, I only use SFTP, so port 21 is dissabled. I would never want to be an actual webhost though.
  3. You can do a lot of customization with the bootstrap customizer. I modified a lot using it, but it will be site wide. Here's the tables on it. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/customize/#tables
  4. If you only want to do this in the checkout_shipping page then look for this code in checkout_shipping.php, and it should be around line 239. If you don't want the hover or the striped, change it. However, it may confusing to your shoppers if it doesn't hover. It's best if you have a test site to experiment with. <table class="table table-striped table-condensed table-hover">
  5. Chase Payementech

    I use Chase Paymentech with Authorize.net as my CC processor. I've been very happy with them and whole heartedly would recomend them. I noticed at the beginning of November that there was a 9.95 credit to my account that I couldn’t figure out, but I didn’t pursue it hard. I just got my end of the month statement and it’s listed as 3954301 - GOODWILL ADJUSTMENT - HURRICANE RELIEF It’s small, but I feel good that they did this without me asking for it.
  6. There's also a setting under admin/configuration/stock called "subtrack stock" that can be set to false. Like in my case where most items are bought in bulk and sold in different quantities, it's better to not subtract.
  7. Paypal duplicate orders

    I haven't had a duplicate order since it stopped a few months ago. I'm having failed/incomplete orders where it shows "Preparing [PayPal Standard]" this week, which also come in spurts. I don't know if they just bail becasue of shipping costs or what. No customer I've ever contacted has responded and they are new customers. I've never had one of them contact me either asking about the order, so I assume they are bailing.
  8. Shipping Module Options

    it's been so long since I used table rate I had to install into my test site to take a look. It only lets you limit it to a zone and Fl is the option becaue they tax set up for Fl, at least I think that's the reason. If you're shipping using UPS it's worth getting that module working. Seriously think about getting some commercial help and you can get quotes by posting in the commercial forum. Since you were hacked before it's really worth making sure your set up is fully secure. You're right that the ups will be harder to set up but rates will vary a lot across the country. Shipping is a big problem now because it's skyrocketed in costs. The table rate just won't be that good. I can ship a box on the east coast that's $20 and to Wa. it can be $45. If you have phpmyadmin available you can run this query to remove everything but the US, but you can get into trouble running sql queries if not careful. I don't know a quick way to get rid of the other countries zones, but I think this will solve it. Phpmyadmin is on Cpanel. DELETE FROM `countries` WHERE `countries_id` != 223 Really think about getting some help until you get it more figured out, because it's just not that simple. I get your frustration and I've been there.
  9. Shipping Module Options

    I'm not sure you have the patience to do this. And, you make it hard to want to help you. This is not simple and if you want something simple maybe set up a lemonaid stand. This takes time and patience and wont' be done overnight. I suggest you got though each setting in the admin panel and try to understand it. All modules install pretty much the same and then you have to set them up. To ship only in the US, which is what I do, I removed the others countries and I put a disclaimer in the create account. When I started, I had someone helping me some, and I put my heart into learning more. Feel like I should be further ahead but I've made money with an OSC store started in 2002. But, it's not easy on so many levels.
  10. Shipping Module Options

    You need to do some reading of OSC install and then any addons will have info with them too. You can start https://library.oscommerce.com/ Bottom line is you have to spend some time learning how things work. There's a lot already written and the upsxml addon, for instance, has a super long thread. do some searching.
  11. Add shipping cost

    You can find the addon with it's info https://apps.oscommerce.com/z6l1O&upsxml-version-1-5-for-oscommerce-2-3-x
  12. Shipping Module Options

    Something to think about is dimensional weight. If you're shipping items that are lighter than normal you might want to look at that or you might just think about building shipping cost into your product. Shipping cost is the biggest complaint i here about. I use a fedex module that I modified to use the dimensional weight support that the UPSXML module has. I split it off of version around 1.3 upsxml. The fedex module is 9.4.2 from https://apps.oscommerce.com/LtzO5&fedex-web-services-v9 and I've made changes there. With either of these modules you setup the zip code you ship from and you'll need developer keys that you get from UPS or fedex.
  13. Conditional formatting an input field

    Yes, I'm formatting it as it's inserted into the database and have done that for years with no problems. Like you, I hate it when they put it in as 1234567890, but I'm a little anal about some things. I also have been using the function ucwords to capitalize names and addresses for a very long time. I have to say also that the Google autocomplete for addresses works really well for me with only a few issues that I was able to solve. Far less zip code missmatches compared to before.
  14. Conditional formatting an input field

    Here's an example of that library adapted to php. However, if the country isn't entered as caps, it errors. https://giggsey.com/libphonenumber/index.php It is kind of cool that it shows the city that the number exists. In my case it's correct.
  15. Conditional formatting an input field

    Even if you only format it for the US, it makes it better. I'm glad I did it way back, becuase it was driving me nuts and that's a short trip for me. You could just put the conditon if the function I showed to only format US. You can see I format it to $1-$2-$3, but you could change to whatever you want. You can probably find regex already done for different countries online.