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  1. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    I think it's been that way at least a long time. You can look through the timeline on github and see.
  2. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    I just happened to look at this file and I think you are missing a ' on line 38. Should be tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_shipping.php', '', 'SSL')); I opned it in Netbeans and it flagged it. This thread has been moving pretty quickly so I haven't followed it all.
  3. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    The file she is using is in the catalog side, so the admin config is not called. She could put it in her configure file, but i was going off the install instructions from that addon.
  4. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Kellie, DIR_FS_ADMIN was defined somewhere or your error would have been different. You should search through your files for it because it can't be defined twice. On your post abobe, the second line is what we've been working on. Are you still getting that error, or just referring to the first line? I don't have an answer for you on the paypal warning.
  5. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    see my post above
  6. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Think I found your problem. Look at step 7 in the instructions on this addon and if you added the last line as is, then there's your problem. It has to have the correct path. 7) Edit catalog/includes/filenames.php Add the following before the closing ?> // BOF Fancier Invoice define('FILENAME_EMAIL_INVOICE', 'email_invoice.php'); define('FILENAME_EMAIL_CACHE_FILE', 'temp_cache.php'); define('FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE', 'invoice.php'); define('FILENAME_PRINT_MY_INVOICE', 'print_my_invoice.php'); define('FILENAME_ORDERS_PRINTABLE', 'print_my_invoice.php'); define('FILENAME_ORDERS_PRINTABLE_INFO', 'print_my_invoice.php'); define('EMAIL_INVOICE_DIR', 'email_invoice/'); define('INVOICE_TEMPLATE_DIR', 'templates/'); define('DIR_FS_ADMIN', '/home/username/public_html/catalog/admin-name/'); // absolute path required
  7. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    Okay, a little searching and it looks like you installed this addon "Fancier Invoice & Packing Slip for OSC 2" Line 30 is require(DIR_FS_ADMIN . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . "/" . FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE); You need to make sure you have DIR_FS_ADMIN defined correctly, just change that line to the correct path. Probably read through the documentation or see if there's a thread for it. One thing that stands out is that it is not compatible with Paypal IPN. It's a good practice to have a test site of some sort to try things first. Otherwise, you'll continue to have your site crashing.
  8. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    I don't think email_invoice is a stock osc file, so it looks that you added that. You need to look at includes/modules/email_invoice/email_invoice.php on line 30 That needs to point to the correct path for the language file. Is this a contrib you added?
  9. John W

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    You can make an error log to easily acces by doing this in application_top. Find require('includes/configure.php'); after that add ini_set('error_log', 'includes/catalog_errors.log'); This will create an error log in your includes folder. Run an order and then you can post the results here.
  10. John W

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Line 67 probably starts with $path_to_wsdl and the path you specify doesn't have the RateService_v9.wsdl in it. Note, the version you have may be different. 9 still works for my needs.
  11. One site I found very helpful when I was looking to change is https://www.merchantmaverick.com/ and they had a lot of info on different processors with pros and cons. People looking for a payment system will have to do some homework as to what suits them best. To be honest, I don't remember what my minimum is because it's not a factor for me. When I say A.net works great, I mean it works fast and always for over a decade. Very few problems at all. Really, all my payment parts are tied to Chase. I looked up my gateway fees and it's 27 cents for Amex and 10 cents for the others. There are a bunch of little stupid fees on my statement, but my percentage for last month with everything rolled into it was 2.22%, and I'm good with that. My Amx gateway is in that. However, a merchant account has a credit ratings factoring things like chargebacks. There are a bunch of Visa/MC rates and I get .3% charged above that. Amex is separate with only my gateway fee charged by Chase. Another thing I like about Chase is their statement is easy to read although 9-12 pages. Of course, the title of this thread was asking about which module do we use. Obviously, we've strayed from that.
  12. @Jack_mcs Everything is covered by Chase, but Chase is one of the few companies that does the whole backend process. I saved thousands a year when i switched, but I was paying too much before. I don't remember in detail, but I looked into this a lot in 2012 when I switched. I don't pay anything directly to A.net, but I did have to close my old A.net account and Chase opened a new one. I don't have any PCI fees or scans, but I am required to be PCI compliant. I'm don't remember if there's a minimum, but it hasn't been an issue for me. I think Dan also using this same combo and I think he's happy with it too. If you're looking give them a call and it can't hurt. Key thing is to ask about interchange plus pricing.
  13. @Jack_mcs On my first merchant account, i had to pay A.net fees separately. When I switched to Chase Paymentech they cover all the A.net fees and I get interchange plus pricing that's really good. If you ever think about changing, take a look. Wish I had done it long before. They've been great in many ways.
  14. John W

    Fake accounts

    In my case, it blocked about 10 and they seem to have stopped. I do wonder what their end game with this. Don't really see much purpose unless they have a way to worm into the site with it.
  15. I've used Authorize.net since 2002 and it's been great. They made their AIM available shortly after I started with them and I've used it since. I switched to Chase Paymentech in 2012 for my back end and they work with A.net. It's a great combo! Chase offers interchange pricing, which is the way to go vs the tier system. I also take Paypal, which some customers really prefer. I took Paypal in the early days and got more complaints, so I got away from it for while. Had it back for a few years now. IMHO, A.net works way better.