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  1. mrssocolov

    Working on integrating Propay XML

    I too was wondering if anyone has figured this out - or - can anyone figure out a contribution for adding to our sites. I have a Propay account and would love to use them instead of signing up for a new merchant account. - Marlo
  2. mrssocolov

    images and header

    If it is not possible for you to change the logo name to logo.gif - you should read the How do I? thread in the Installation and Configuration forum thread - He has the directions where you can change the coding to read the correct information. - Marlo
  3. mrssocolov

    images and header

    Hello First make sure you have uploaded the logo into the images folder. Next makesure the logo is called logo.gif or it won't show because that is how it is coded. The template is looking for the image titled logo.gif in your images folder. If there isn't anything in the images folder called logo.gif then it will show the box with the x in it like it is now. Hopefully this helps. - Marlo
  4. mrssocolov

    Is this Possible? How? Paypal Problems....

    lol - if I updated to Paypal IPN - it can get hacked. If I remove Paypal - I lose a lot of my customers and with a dummy credit card number it can still get hacked - so it is a lose lose situation. I guess I was just wondering how it happened - oh well - guess I will just have to live with it. Hopefully it doesn't happen too much - or I will have to turn everything into CDs to ship - or close the store all together. Such as life I guess. Thanks anyway.
  5. mrssocolov

    Is this Possible? How? Paypal Problems....

    Well - actually I tested the system - PLEASE no one test my ordering system unless you tell me you are doing so - and it is actually working fine. I have two paypal accounts - so I was able to send payment to the account attached to my website. And the order went through fine and recorded as an order in the system. So it isn't a matter of the Paypal process isn't following through. It is working fine. It is just on this order - she ordered three items (one was a downloaded item) and paid all three suposedly with Paypal. It recorded fine but I didn't receive payment for it. And of course her email isn't valid. So, I can't get a hold of her. She is out of country(out of US). I am thinking this was a hack of some sort to get the downloaded item. Is it possible to hack the order via Paypal to get a downloaded item? I know you can with a bogus credit card number (which is another one of my options - I offer credit cards as a payment option as well) - but I wasn't aware that you can hack the Paypal payment too?
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone else has come across this.... Ok, so I had a customer purchase from me. Just about all of my items are downloadable items. So, once they complete the Paypal payment - they are given the downloading link for that item. So, I had a customer purchase a downloadable item. Select Paypal for payment - go through the payment process - I think complete the payment process - and then the order is recorded(with Paypal Payment as form of payment) but I did not receive the payment/money/funds? How is it possible the customer to can go through the process of Paypal payment - the order is recorded in my order system - they get the item and I do not get payment? Has anyone else run into this problem? If so - how did you solve it? Or stop it from happening again? So, I tried looking up possible solutions to this problem - Has anyone tried the Downloads Controller v5? Any takes on this contribution? Is it a good thing? Or should I try something else? - Thanks Marlo MarloDee Designs - www.marlodee.com
  7. mrssocolov

    Problem with my Product Listing Page!

    Got too frustrated with trying to figure this problem out on my own - so I went to Scriptlance.com - and found someone to fix it for me for a few dollars.
  8. mrssocolov

    Need help changing the size on my images...

    Ok - Someone suggested to me to go to Scriptlance.com - so I did and found someone to fix it for me for only a few dollars. I tried and tried to fix this on my own - but got too confused/frustrated
  9. mrssocolov

    Need help changing the size on my images...

    Edit posting - 12/12/07 - Ok I have been trying to resolve this with no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can begin to look for the coding problem? What php file should I be looking at? It is not the product image because it is fine - so I need to look under the sub-category area. What php is that? Any help would be helpful - please!!
  10. mrssocolov

    Problem with my Product Listing Page!

    Hello I am having a similar problem with my site as well - although it is not on the product page itself - it is when you visit the sub category. I try changing the size via the main oscommerce adminstration of my site. But it doesn't seem to be working or it won't adjust the images to change the sizes from the larger to a thumbnail. I am not sure what page/php to look at for any possible coding problems. Been working on it for days. So does anyone have suggestions as to where I should begin? Website is http://www.gorgeousjewelrystore.com - Thanks for anyones help and Happy Holiday's!
  11. mrssocolov

    Problem with my Product Listing Page!

    Hello I too am having the same problem and I posted a while back with no responses - soooo....going to try this way
  12. Hello Ok - my site is http://www.gorgeousjewelrystore.com - My question is - when you click on a subcategory - like lets say the Misc category under Celtic - you are brought to a page where it has my product listed for the customer to view. Only problem is - it is showing the full size of the product image. I don't want it to do that because of course it is throwing off my site and looks awfully funny. So - can anyone tell me where do I go to adjust the images showing up on those pages. I would like for them to of course be smaller - then the customer can view it but they will be able to view a larger pic when the click on the item (because the fuction to view larger item I have left in). Thank you!