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  1. I have a couple of Easy Populate problems and was hoping someone could address: 1. how do you delete items? I can upload hundreds of items but I also need a way to remove the old stuff. how are you managing your catalog? is there an easy way to delete or remove multiple items using easy populate? do you flag the inventory as 0? 1. how do you get the short description to populate? 2. how do you get the product image URL to appear vs naming the actual product file name if I right click the properties of the missing image on my site it has the path as: http//domain.com/images/http://www.prodimg.com/digitalcontent/JPG_200x150/512F5EC2-C652-4545-B7E1-54A1E15EFFE8.jpg I am using easy populate version 2.76e appreciate if someone could assist because we are stuck. thank you