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  1. Yes I think that is the one, I have sent you an email. Thank you.
  2. Hi Steve Its just the standard Credit Card module that comes with oscommerce, but we also need to tie it in with Protx/SagePay eventually.
  3. Hi Ive installed this contribution, every thing seems to be working fine, but when I enter a credit card number and click submit, the details of that credit card do not show up in the admin section, where as they do if I turn the contribution off and go back to the normal one, any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi, I couldnt see the new definitions in the download....only new & modified files and the 2 sql files. am i missing something??
  5. Im trying to install this add on but dont understand these part of the instructions: STEP 3.2 - And then add new definitions to files list below: (Do NOT overwrite your existing files with the ones came with this package!!) catalog/includes/database_tables.php catalog/admin/includes/configure.php catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/products_attributes.php What do I need to do? Thank you
  6. I found this in the install instructions: I found that orders were not appearing in my admin screen once payment had been received. I found this was nothing to do with the payment module but that 3 rows were missing from the order_status table. INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (1, 1, 'Pending'); INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (2, 1, 'Processing'); INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (3, 1, 'Delivered'); Will reslve this problem. Only do this if you experience the same problem. I tried messing around with PHPMYADMIN but kept getting errors. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  7. Thanks! Found it now. Slight problem now though. The orders process fine through world pay in Test Mode. But the orders do not show in the back end admin site and when the user who made the order logs back into the site and they click on my account it shows that they have not ordered anything. Also once the page redirects to world pay and the credit card information is entered it does not automaticly redirect back the the home page, it just stays there. Will all this change when I make it live? Or have I done something wrong? Thank you
  8. Hi, ive downloaded and followed all the instructions for the Worldpay module, uploaded all the files. But I can not see the actuall module in the admin section to activate? Any ideas as to whats wrong? Thanks