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  1. First, thanks Vger for the contribution. Transactions are working and we are making sales with this module. My only problem was that in test it was returning the cc's last 4 + auth code. Now that I've moved it into production I only get the cc expiry date. The transactions are being logged properly except for that. Also the email we get from authorize.net has the auth codes and whatnot, so we are using this in production. What could have gone wrong? My thoughts: There seems to be nothing in the response for the authorize_aim.php module. I think this is something with checkout_process.php as that looks like the file that should be receiving and logging this information. -mevdev
  2. This worked for me so well it sped up my server 3x. It is amazing how much faster it is now. I only realized this because I went through my /var/logs/httpd/error_log looking for other things. Nice fix, Mevdev
  3. mevdev

    Login ID

    This confused me also. You have to login to authorize.net click on the 'settings' (on left nav) Then it is in the list and says Login ID and transaction Key and you can create one there. It is quite a hidden little VERY important thing.
  4. mevdev


    Success! My setup: Fedora Core 4 php 5.0.4 mysql 4.1.20 Paypal WPP (website Payments Pro) -with the 'show payment page' option checked. Register Globals v1.5 contrib. I followed the instructions carefully and my problem was the coupon was only applying after I'd refresh checkout_confirmation.php I got CCGV(trad) to work with Paypal WPP with the standard instructions with one modification: In /includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php I made the change from this: if (!tep_session_is_registered('cc_id')) tep_session_register('cc_id'); //Fred - this was commented out before$cc_id = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred ADDED, set the global and session variable I swapped the order to first set the value and then save it to the session. To this: $cc_id = $coupon_result['coupon_id']; //Fred ADDED, set the global and session variableif (!tep_session_is_registered('cc_id')) tep_session_register('cc_id'); //Fred - this was commented out before Found here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...02139-1900.html Thanks for your wonderful contrib., mevdev
  5. mevdev

    CCGV (trad) Discount not Applying

    WTF This is exactly what is happening for me. I have Paypal WPP as my merchant and it seems to work fine when you refresh. My thoughts: Something for the CCGV is getting applied late in the process so when you refresh it gets the correct info. I cannot find where Paypal WPP gets the order total stuff, but I am looking. mevdev
  6. The documentation for this could use some work. It's a nice idea but rendered less useful by through unclear instructions.

    "search for 'tep_image') and change the functions (only in these two places)



    "(search for 'tep_image') and change the function (only one place)"

    Would be much better to exactly specify

  7. Q: Does anyone have coupon support working with paypal website payments pro and paypal express? It looks like CCGV or the CCGV(trad) are the ways to go, but my looking at the code seems like there may be quite a few changes needing to be made to have it work with paypal wpp. -Mevdev
  8. I have a question regarding your thumbnail scaler. I installed it and reprogrammed the code as you suggested. It works great for the main product page, but I couldn't get it to work for any of the others. I reviewed your .txt file multiple times to make sure I'd done it correctly. Any hints? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks. Brent Thompson

  9. mevdev

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Wow, first, Great Contribution. (v1.5 used with 2.2MS2) I was having a problem with this SEO-G where it would give errors with navigation_history.php with the reset() and the filter_parameters($parameters). My error was fixed by having this line in my php.in (I use php 5 and Mysql 5) register_long_arrays On register_globals Off I also had to change my apache conf file to AllowOverrides for my .htaccess file. It was locked down so that Overrides could not be made. It created the links correctly with the SEO, but none of the links would work because it was not using that .htaccess file. <Directory /> Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All </Directory> I figured I would note this for other people that are having problems. Thanks Enigma!