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    Demitry got a reaction from osCommerce-Official in Old backend on php 7   
    It's a lot of work, especially if you are not technical. And in the end, your site will still look dated and lack mobile responsiveness.
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    Demitry reacted to psychopath in osCommerce v4 translation   
    That is OK, but I will not do any translations if I can not ask questions!
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    Demitry got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    I just found out that they force SSL on all pages, which is not a big deal for me as long as it doesn't impact page loading speed,.. though it's not the way osCommerce is set up. 
    And, this is the first time I am using cloud hosting. I was with WebHostingHub for over 7 years, which is a sister company to InMotion hosting. They were good in the beginning, but their performance and QoS dropped off dramatically in recent times.
    I'm also impressed with HostArmada's tech support. It seems like it's a bunch of Bulgarians, but their English is great, so is their response time, and knowledge base. WebHostingHub's tech-support QoS deterioration is one of the main reasons I chose to look for another hosting company.
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    Demitry reacted to Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    I'm liking the LiteSpeed Web Server.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    I just got their Speed Reaper 3-year plan on November 30th. I did a bunch of research before landing on this company. So far, everything is great! 
    One thing to mention, their server date/time stamp is set to the European format, as in dd/mm/yyyy. That threw me off because I am used to the US format of mm/dd/yyyy. So, when it says that your next billing date is 04/12/2024, it's not April 12th.
    Also, their shared hosting is not ideal for certain types of customers. For example, if your site is dependant on heavy file downloads such as videos, their shared hosting would not be a good fit for both, storage and data transfer.
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    Demitry reacted to Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    Thanks. I just signed up for the three year HostArmada plan. They are doing a cpanel transfer now.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    Also, if you don't already, you should use Up-Time Robot. It's a free service that pings your site every 5 minutes and sends you an email or text to let you know when your site is down and again when it comes back up.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in DDOS on shared servers   
    Check out HostArmada. They boast about their security and specifically DDoS attacks. Their Speed Reaper plan is a good one. Their renewal rates suck, but the first 3-yr discount is great. Plus, I cannot find any bad reviews for them. Though no dedicated IP for shared.
    Another one to concider is ScalaHosting. They have a VPS at $10/month with a 3-year commitment. Great reputation on this one too.
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    Demitry reacted to jeanmi89 in Addons for orders.php   
    Bin finalement après plusieurs essais , ça a l'air de marcher comme ça:
    Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Demitry.
    Passe une bonne journée.
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    Demitry reacted to cannuck1964 in Country State Selector BS v3.0   
    My version of osC is 2.3.4++
    I do a lot of upgrades and do not follow all of the osC releases.
    Tried the new one and same thing, no luck.  I think I will try upgrading my jQuery and bootstrap versions, maybe that will help, not sure when I did so last.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Fredi in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Enough with the complaining. This thread has now turned into grief counseling.

    Instead, ask yourself what can you do to better the situation? ..solutions rather than criticism and grievances.

    A couple of folks took initiative to patch older versions of osC in order to help less than a hand-full of others who are in desperate need to upgrade their failing old osC software. I look at this as a temporary solution while we all wait for the “next season of Breaking Bad” to be released.

    Truth is, this software is dead and has been for a long time. Just look at this thread on osCv4. There are 30 people following it. If you didn’t get that, read that last sentence again!
    And just to lower your expectations a bit more, ..if and when the new version is released, it is likely to be buggy and missing some key features. Though, those issues will probably be resolved in the following release.
    Confucius say, “Man who want pretty nurse, ..must be patient.”

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    Demitry got a reaction from Hotclutch in Order Status Updates bouncing back from Gmail adresses   
    Read through that thread. It seems that Gmail spam filters are blocking the subject line. 
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    Demitry reacted to Hotclutch in Updating to PHP8   
    Sorry, false alarm. The DOB problem is specific to one of my sites. Tested on a stock installation and cannot replicate the problem there.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Hotclutch in Updating to PHP8   
    Just wrap that in...
    if (is_array($customers_dob) && isset($customers_dob)) {
    Try it without the is_array() function.
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    Demitry got a reaction from ruden in V4 ETA ?   
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    Demitry got a reaction from Hotclutch in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Try this for the first one.
    switch (isset($_GET['install'])) {
    switch ((isset($_GET['install']) ? $_GET['install'] : null)) {
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    Demitry reacted to Smoky Barnable in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    For those of you who would like to use this addon with PHP 8 the following change cleared this fatal error.
    In the image.php file, change:
    $trnprt_color = @imagecolorsforindex ( $this->_image, $trnprt_indx ); to:
    if ($trnprt_indx < imagecolorstotal($this->_image)){ $trnprt_color = imagecolorsforindex ( $this->_image, $trnprt_indx ); }  
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    Demitry reacted to Jack_mcs in Add "Keep me logged in" on login page   
    There is code to delete sessions but not for when it expires, as I recall. The session is deleted for certain actions, like when a paypal order complete or the SID changes due to the recreate setting in admin. But they are not deleted based on age which is why the table needs to have old entries removed occasionally.
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    Demitry reacted to Psytanium in Add "Keep me logged in" on login page   
    Big thanks to you and for Jack too, you offered great support in this forum. and hope the osC4 will looks like the current osc in structure.
    Probably i will write a simple delete query to remove the sessions older than the time set already in your addon. and put it in cronjob.
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    Demitry got a reaction from Psytanium in Add "Keep me logged in" on login page   
    I just looked at that sessions file and I think you're right, that add-on is made for sessions that are stored in the database. I've never dealt with storing sessions in a folder instead, ..or what changes need to be made to accommodate that set-up.
    Let's ask Jack @Jack_mcs about the automatic removal of expired sessions from the database. I believe that this is true, but Jack would know better than I.
    Jack also has an awesome add-on called, Database Optimizer. This keeps your database clean and light, and you can set up a cron job to clean that database once a week or once a month. Set it to run at like 4am when most everyone is snoring so as not to impact site performance for visitors. The process only takes a minute or so,.. so it's really not a big deal.
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    Demitry got a reaction from ruden in V4 ETA ?   
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    Demitry got a reaction from ruden in V4 ETA ?   
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    Demitry got a reaction from ruden in V4 ETA ?   
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    Demitry got a reaction from ruden in V4 ETA ?   
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    Demitry got a reaction from kgtee in Flash from the past... but the "fixes" aren't fixing it for me... Function eregi() is deprecated...   
    I didn’t see that post from Vadym. I saw another one a while back and am now not sure if it was from him or second-hand. So, I was wrong in my understanding of that 2.x migration to osCv4, and you are right. Though having read this, I am now even more skeptical of the osCv4 rollout.
    I assume that your “Doom & Gloom” comment was directed at me. If so, I disagree with your perception of such comments. I’m a realist, ..just being realistic!
    1. The last official release of this software was over 4 years old and is not compatible with today’s PHP version.  
    2. The software is not made to be upgradeable to newer osC versions and is not easily upgradeable to new PHP versions.
    3. osC is a bare-bones set of core files that is completely dependent on addons for basic features to make it a working shop.
    4. The addons site is in disarray with old and poorly coded addons most of which have not been updated in years and the majority of which are written by amateur programmers.
    5. The main source of osCommerce technical support we now have is,… (drum-roll…….) => Jack! And I am very grateful for his continued commitment, availability, and help.
    Most of the other senior developers/techs have either jumped ship or are not wasting any more of their time on osC support. Good for them! I am grateful to them for all the time, effort, and expertise they donated to help the rest of us.
    6. osC went belly-up a decade ago and there are currently around 30 people following Vadym’s “new osCommerce V4” thread who are interested in the V4 release. Numbers don’t lie! https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&amp;geo=US&amp;q=oscommerce
    7. You basically have to be a programmer or know a programmer to set-up and manage an osC site. This software is not for the non-technical shop owner, which is pretty much most everyone.
    8. The new osC ownership missed their own deadline for the release of the new version, which was supposed to be available this past summer of 2021.
    9. That last D-bag that pretended to manage osCommerce for years, basically wiped his ass with it. And, the new osC ownership have been MIA for months.
    Considering all of these issues, how can you tell newbies and existing shop owners (whose old osC software is failing them), that they should stick with osCommerce? Yeah!, I tell them the truth, ..that they should go find another cart software. Why? Because it’s immoral and unethical not to. That’s not “Doom & Gloom,” ..that’s being real about the software’s current state and any future projection (seeing how the new ownership has thus far handled the osCv4 rollout). That’s me saving them a ton of time, money, and aggravation.
    I do believe that Vadym and his team will eventually release osCv4, which will breathe some life into this software. Though again, being realistic, ..it is highly unlikely that this new version will somehow propel osCommerce to compete with some of the big names of eComm software in the industry (or even some of the smaller ones).

    Ashley is just having some fun and trying to help those that still think osC is a viable eComm solution. Though your comment only proves my point. A non-technical person cannot do what Ashley (as well as Ruden) did, and that’s just patching an old software to the latest PHP version (plus a few minor tweaks). There is still the process of loading all the necessary addons, bringing them up to date, and testing them. This doesn’t even include customization.
    That’s like saying, “look how easy it is for that ballerina to dance on stage,” ...but try explaining that to the cops arresting you for dancing in a pink tutu on Time Square.
    So, that’s fairly easy stuff for someone who knows osCommerce directory, file, and code structure and is at least semi-technical (though extremely time consuming!). Not so much for the non-technical newbie or a shop owner who is still running an MS2.2 candle shop on PHP5.3.