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  1. Hi 

    Please let me know whether the below add on is compatible with OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5


    Thank you very much for your assistance








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    2. mddel


      Hi Demitry,

      Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

      We give it a go




    3. mddel


      Hi Demitry

      I was unsuccessful in installing the module on OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5

      I am hoping to upgrade to and will let you know

      Thank you once again







    4. Demitry


      ok Dinesh, thank you for following-up and letting me know.

  2. ok man, ..we're waiting on your version. ...whenever you get time.
  3. I did not know that. I assumed that they would have been removed if they were not going to be used. Ah, that is part of the module, but I could never figure out what that description meant because it did not make much sense to me. Here is the screenshot of it below. Thanks for explaining it.
  4. Jack, thank you for the explanation. The CC module adds only the card number, expiration date, and card type to the customers database table, but so do the other CC processing modules. And even the latest version of osC Phoenix has these columns in the customers database table. what do you mean by split option? I could not find anything related to this. ~~~~ Vicent, I did not plan on it because it was removed from osC and introducing it back in as an addon will likely conflict with the underlying purpose of why it was removed in the first place. As Jack said, it was a PCI compliance issue, but I am not 100% sure if this was the only reason. There may have been other security issues that were part of that decision to remove it as well. Aside from that, I do not use the left or right columns in the osC layout so, my CSS is not structured for that layout - specifically, when resizing the browser. Here is a screenshot of what my payment page looks like. I am currently just using these modules for testing and only plan on having a CC module (via a merchant account) and a PayPal module as payment options.
  5. @domiosc hi Vicent, Thank you for that information. Actually, I redid the old Credit Card module (cc.php) for BS Edge. I have not tested it yet, but it should work for what I'm looking to do before actually getting a merchant account. hi Matt, I took a look at the customers database table and even in the latest version of Phoenix there is a column for credit card numbers. I'm not sure if these are now encrypted or as per Vicent, you still have to get a separate addon installed for that. Anyway, having these in the customers table does not kill the PCI compliance. I ran a PCI complaisance test on my BS Edge site on https://www.immuniweb.com and it came back with everything good except for the Content Security Policy, which goes in the main htaccess file. See screenshot below. @Jack_mcs hi Jack, From our prior conversation, you mentioned that the Credit Card module was removed for PCI non-compliance, however, I ran a test with that module redone for BS Edge on https://www.immuniweb.com and it came back clean for PCI compliance. I'm not sure if there is something else that was the cause, but I just wanted to let you know my findings.
  6. thanks Jack, I'll take a look at it. I'll see if they have some sort of a sandbox option for testing prior to going live, ..preferably one that is free to test. I really did not want to use authorize.net as the merchant account/gateway, but will see.
  7. Thank you for the explanation, Matt. I was not aware of all that. So, basically I need to sign up for a gateway / merchant account first, ..then install and modify the available osC credit card payment modules that is made for that account?
  8. hi Matt, I think that MS2.2 payment module stored CC numbers in the database, but not any CVV or CVC2. PCI compliance prohibits storing these numbers but not the CC numbers, otherwise sites like Amazon and eBay (and many others) would require you to enter your CC number each time you make a purchase. So, as I understand it, I have to select a merchant account first and then apply a module for that account from the payment modules list to be able to process cards? I don't think this was the case with MS2.2 ..What if I just want to use a CC module to test it and different features related to it without selecting a merchant account? What I am saying is that the payment gateway was separate from the CC module and you could previously install that module and manage it without actually processing payments via a gateway. Is this no longer the case?
  9. hi, I'm not sure if this is the best page to pose this question, but this forum page has more recent posts than some of the other ones I looked at. I'm working on BS Edge with PHP7.2 and am trying to figure out what credit card payment module to install. MS2.2 had the following payment module in /includes/modules/payment/cc.php ..however, BS edge and later versions do not have this file. So, ..do I update that file and install it in BS Edge or is there a simpler Credit Card module solution? Does anyone know?
  10. Because I do not use the Navigation Bar, I cannot say whether enabling the Hamburger menu button for the Navigational Bar would affect the display position of the Categories Menu button in the Horizontal Menu. I would say, that this is likely not the case. Again, I don't know because my modified version does not include the Navigation Bar. I have the three aforementioned modules that I imported into the Horizontal Menu from the Navigation Bar and those display in both desktop and mobile. And as long as it works, that's all that matters! On a side note, always test any changes you make to your site on both desktop and mobile. I primarily use FireFox due to its security features and because it does not scrape as much of my personal info as the other browsers do (plus, its faster). However, I usually also do cross-browser testing in Chrome, MS Edge, IE, and Safari. And, Google Chrome has a feature I often use to identify issue on a page via their More Tools > Developer Tools settings menu option. There, you can view your changes on select mobile devices as well. I mention this here not just FYI, but for anyone reading through these posts who's making code changes or installing new features on their site.
  11. This is a CSS setting for that button of position:absolute; You need to find the class that controls that Categories button and change the position setting to position:relative; This should work, but may need another tweak depending on the div structure and other related CSS.
  12. Yeah, that's strange that it works without the Extra Small (XS) module for mobile. Maybe based on the BootStrap nav class? Though, that module is really easy to install. Are you sure you did not install that XS module?,.. because I thought that Categories button for the menu dropdown is part of it. Mine is completely different, .. with lots of modifications. I installed it in 10/17 so its been a while.
  13. Make sure your Categories Menu XS is enabled. Go into your admin panel Modules>Content>Categories Menu XS and make sure it is installed and enabled. If that is enabled and you are still seeing that desktop horizontal menu, go into the template for the catmenu and look at the code that follows this line if (MODULE_CONTENT_HEADER_CATMENU_XS_STATUS == 'True') { That code is what determines hiding the desktop version of the horizontal menu when the screen width is smaller than desktop. As I mentioned before, my version is modified and I actually use some of the Navigation Bar modules in my Horizontal Menu (like Account, Cart, and Checkout). Therefore, it makes it a bit more challenging for me to test or replicate issues on my end without having a fresh install of each osC version.
  14. @Kurre If you used the second CSS script I posted, then it should work. If it does not, then just use what did work for you that Andrea posted. I appreciate you testing it.
  15. this is with the adjusted CSS? ..strange, it should not be doing that. What version of osC do you have?