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  1. One or both likely got hacked. Most hackers are apprentices and hack for the fun and novelty of it. You are not completely out of the woods yet. Chances are that this one will be back to marvel at his/her work. That means you need to beef up security to protect those two files and the rest of your site. You should also use a comparison tool and compare your site today to a recent backup. There may be other files altered. And, run an online scan for malware and viruses. Your hosting company will do this for free as well.
  2. Those errors are related to database connectivity. So, it is either the database name, username or password. And, from what it looks like, it's the password on line 39. Check to make sure that the username and password are the same in that configuration file as they are on your server. The T_STRING error is usually a missing single quote, or an extra one. So, check that configuration file for any extra or missing single quotes, and specifically on line 39, which should be your database password. Do the same in the catalog configuration file.
  3. Seems like your admin configuration file got hacked. That file should not have an eval() function and that is a common function that hackers use. Compare that file to the same of a backup. After you resolve that issue, change your admin folder name and add htaccess password protection to that directory.
  4. Demitry

    Upgrading from osCommerce 2.2-MS2

    At some point a car gets so old, that the costs of repairs and its dependability jeopardize your freedom of reliable transportation. At that point, you either get a newer car,.. or a bicycle. ...I can only show you the door Neo,.. you have to walk through it.
  5. Demitry

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    My osC version does not have this boxes.php class file. However, I believe you have to make that function __construct change to each of the class XXXXX extends tableBox, function XXXXX in that file.
  6. lol, ...well,.. there was that one time on a trip to Mexico,... Though in my defense, ..I was very drunk,.. and it was a really cute midget.
  7. @YePix Petduhrrr?? where did you go?! ..I really miss your broken Engrish attempts at making an insult. Or have you decided to quit?,.. you know, much like a young fluffer girl who made a life-altering decision to end her adult-entertainment career early,.. after working an all-day scene for a Mandingo party shoot and then could not speak for a week because her jaw was so sore. Is that you Petduhrrr?! Is that You??! LMAO!!!
  8. Calling me a Biden,... man that really hurt, ..sob sob Petduhrrr!!! LMAO!
  9. Well, I guess you told me, aye Petduhrrr? lol I suppose you’re just going to keep barking like an annoying yappy little dog.
  10. WOW!!! You must be one of them smart ones, aye?! Petduhrrr…. Well, I’ll tell you what smart guy,.. why don’t you stop whining and crying like a little girl and write that modification for Troy? I already gave you the framework for it. All you have to do is write 3 short pieces if code. Can you manage that smart guy?,.. and without complaining so much?
  11. Well,.. you know, if I were a 14-year-old girl for the first time at a house party listening to you while hanging on to my girlfriend’s arm and the kitchen counter to keep from falling after my 3rd cooler,.. I’d be REALLY IMPRESSED! …but please, tell me again, how your code is THE BEST EVER and EVERYONE in the world is going to use your code even if they don’t have osCommerce or an actual website. LMAO!!!
  12. LMAO!!! .. Petduhrrr! Are you going to keep barking little doggy?,.. or are you going to bite?
  13. @SCH_001 No, there's a difference. There are more than one way to do a modification. And it also depends on the requirement set. Separating the admin order status comments involves creating a separate column in the orders table to store those comments. You then need to retrieve them to know what you wrote. As per your later clarification, what you are saying you want is to just hide the comments that you do not wish to email to the customer from their account history info page. That takes an identifier to identify which comments you are not emailing and to use that identifier to weed out those comments from the account history info page. That's correct, and it requires modification for this to work. My help is in the form of what needs to be done from a coding structure overview perspective. I'm not here to drop everything I'm doing and work on your site for you. As I said before,.. if you own an osCommerce site, then you must be at least semi-technical or know someone who is. Funny how you think Petduhrrr is here to assist you when that mess that he wrote mostly follows my original overview of what should be done. Well, I'm glad he is trying to ...er,..do something? lol Good luck Troy.
  14. @SCH_001 hi Troy, Ok, so I thought you wanted to have separate admin comments for order updates that are not emailed or viewed by the customer, but according to your clarification, all you want is to not have certain order update comments emailed to the customer or have them see these same comments on their account history info page. This is a much simpler code modification. However, you will still see your comments in the admin panel for a particular order and not know if they were meant to display for the customer or not. Though this can always be an additional modification. To do this you just need three things: 1) You need a line of SQL: a new column added to the orders history status table. This is just a flag identifier. 2) You then need to add that identifier as PHP code to designate whether the order status update comment is not to be mailed to the customer in the /admin/order.php file. 3) And you need that identifier to be retrieved in the account history info page with some SQL and PHP code to exclude the hidden order update comments when displaying them for the customer. Really easy modification, but I will let Petduhrrr write it for you, since it only took him 5 hours (Not 30 minutes! ..yeah, the messages are time-stamped, lol! ..smh), to write that last mess of code that still misses two main parts of the modification. Good luck!