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  1. @Jack_mcs, do you think you might be able to fix that issue for @artfulweb if you had access to the code so that you could see it and test it? Perhaps for a fee? There's so much more value to actually being able to see the code and work with it, rather than guessing at a solution.
  2. Demitry

    Old backend on php 7

    It's a lot of work, especially if you are not technical. And in the end, your site will still look dated and lack mobile responsiveness.
  3. Demitry

    Old backend on php 7

    This is a constant variable that's defined in the configuration table of your database. I recommend using the caching add-on that writes all database variables to a single file. That should solve most of the undefined/undeclared variable errors, though you will still have some when migrating to PHP7.x. The real value of that add-on, is that it significantly reduces the queries to your database.
  4. Demitry

    Randomly turned off?

    Use Jack's Site Monitor addon. It will tell you whenever a change is made to the site.
  5. Demitry

    DDOS on shared servers

    I just found out that they force SSL on all pages, which is not a big deal for me as long as it doesn't impact page loading speed,.. though it's not the way osCommerce is set up. And, this is the first time I am using cloud hosting. I was with WebHostingHub for over 7 years, which is a sister company to InMotion hosting. They were good in the beginning, but their performance and QoS dropped off dramatically in recent times. I'm also impressed with HostArmada's tech support. It seems like it's a bunch of Bulgarians, but their English is great, so is their response time, and knowledge base. WebHostingHub's tech-support QoS deterioration is one of the main reasons I chose to look for another hosting company.
  6. Demitry

    DDOS on shared servers

    I just got their Speed Reaper 3-year plan on November 30th. I did a bunch of research before landing on this company. So far, everything is great! One thing to mention, their server date/time stamp is set to the European format, as in dd/mm/yyyy. That threw me off because I am used to the US format of mm/dd/yyyy. So, when it says that your next billing date is 04/12/2024, it's not April 12th. Also, their shared hosting is not ideal for certain types of customers. For example, if your site is dependant on heavy file downloads such as videos, their shared hosting would not be a good fit for both, storage and data transfer.
  7. Demitry

    DDOS on shared servers

    Also, if you don't already, you should use Up-Time Robot. It's a free service that pings your site every 5 minutes and sends you an email or text to let you know when your site is down and again when it comes back up.
  8. Demitry

    DDOS on shared servers

    Check out HostArmada. They boast about their security and specifically DDoS attacks. Their Speed Reaper plan is a good one. Their renewal rates suck, but the first 3-yr discount is great. Plus, I cannot find any bad reviews for them. Though no dedicated IP for shared. Another one to concider is ScalaHosting. They have a VPS at $10/month with a 3-year commitment. Great reputation on this one too.
  9. Demitry

    Addons for orders.php

    Ok, I was wondering why that addslashes() function was there, and now we know. I'm glad it worked for you. Cheers!
  10. Demitry

    Addons for orders.php

    I just realized that the query I posted may fail. Please replace the following in that SQL query: $order->products[$i]['products_model']) with this: $order->products[$i]['model'])
  11. Demitry

    Addons for orders.php

    Give this a try. This is based on the product model. Though I have not tested it, and the attributes FOR loop follows this code. Uncomment that print_r(); statement to see if this works based on the quantity of how many products you have of that model. $order_count_query = tep_db_query("select p.products_quantity, p.products_model, pd.products_name from products_description pd, products p, orders_products op where p.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.products_name = '" . addslashes($order->products[$i]['name']) . "' and p.products_model = ' . $order->products[$i]['products_model']) . ' and op.orders_id = '" . $_GET['oID'] . "'"); $order_count = tep_db_fetch_array($order_count_query); echo ' ' . $order_count['products_quantity'] . ' in-stock'; //print_r(' There are ' . $order_count['products_quantity'] . ' in-stock of model: ' . $order_count['products_model']);
  12. Demitry

    Fake accounts

    reCAPTCHA uses minimal JavaScript and though any script can be bypassed, it is one of the most challenging to get around. Although version 2 does require user input, it's now considered a standard for protecting online forms, which makes it not so much of a "bother." More so, reCAPTCHA version 3 works in the background and doesn't require user interaction. It's the invisible reCAPTCHA. It is a Google owned product and therefore, has dedicated resources. https://www.google.com/recaptcha/about/
  13. Demitry

    Fake accounts

    If these are bot generated, just add a reCAPTCHA along with the honey pot.
  14. I looked at the source code and at the first image on the page. This is the src link: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/zgqDvFRBbP_xFVpk5W66YfY4AakWg8qOsFzLq0P0Pl7f5PZ3zOd_obki2d_43KCTixeun_6bRP0cKZqjAxl-ddWZIZzYfnJu57kqYdYxtBozb4i4arbS9LVO-6M5Nz2RHA=w1280 Though you didn't really need me to point out the problems with that link, did you?
  15. Demitry

    Country State Selector BS v3.0

    @cannuck1964 What version of osC are you using? And, did you just install this add-on, or was it there from some time back and just stopped working? I have BS Edge and the default code for the country/state pairing was problematic. I actually worked on this Country State Selector add-on, but for reasons I cannot recall now, I chose a different one. I installed Rainer's State Selector BS add-on and World Zones. https://apps. oscommerce.com/cbtGB&state-selector-bs