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  1. Thanks John, I had not thought of that. I figured it needed both and it works with both. I'll take a look and try restructuring the file to use one parameter (products_id) for all reviews and the reviews_id for the single review. The easiest way is probably to just scrap the split file and leave it as it was and then add in the product_reviews_info.php file. The SEO URLs code is already set up for it in the class file.
  2. @Jack_mcs hi Jack, I modified my product_reviews.php file in my BS Edge install to also display individual reviews,.. same as product_reviews_info.php file did in the older osC versions, before it was dropped for whatever reason. The htaccess rewrite rules for the product_reviews.php file does not recognize any query in the url beyond products_id. Therefore, an individual review in that file with a url like this: ../product_reviews.php?products_id=19&reviews_id=3 …will ignore the last part and return the same product_reviews.php page showing all of the reviews for that product. I tried finding a solution using an htaccess RewriteRule and cannot seem to get one to work properly. I’m doing this with the assumption that I don’t need to add code in the seo.class.php class file, though I may be wrong on that. Do you or anyone else here know how to structure that RewriteRule for it to read the second part of that url query string?
  3. Hey, awesome recaptcha module, easy install! TX

  4. Demitry

    Removing fake customers

    I think an easy way to get around bot creation of fake accounts or abuse of Tell A Friend page is to add in a script that requires the user to approve the account or email-send action via a button sent to their email. This is an added step, but you could spin it as it is designed to protect them (the customer). And a hacker or spammer is not going to use their own email account. This would not work for the Contact Us page, but if set up right, it will only execute the final account-submit or email-send action upon a human approval from the account of the email they used. It would likely require some A/B testing to see if an added step like this would have a significant negative impact on new account creations and Tell A Friend emails sent via real customers.
  5. hi Rainer, This is a small modification to this addon for anyone who wants to use it,.. and if you see value in it, you could add it to an update release. The mod is designed to only show the “See More” button if the number of recently viewed products exceeds the content limit of recently viewed products for each module. For example: if a customer viewed 4 or less products and the content limit is set to 4 recently viewed products, then it does not makes sense to have them see and click on a "See More" button that takes them to a Recently Viewed Products page containing the same 4 or less products that were listed on whatever page they were on. So, here are the changes and I’m only going to use the product_info page Recently Viewed module in this sample. This works in BS Edge. /includes/modules/content/index/cm_i_recently_viewed.php 1) FIND this code: // Set up the product data string in order by $recently_viewed_array if ($num_products > 0) { // Show only if we still have products in the array ADD just ABOVE it: // this will show/hide the "See More" button $rv_btn = 'style="display:none;"'; $rv_number_viewed = substr_count($recently_viewed_string, ",") + 1; if ($rv_number_viewed > MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_CONTENT_LIMIT) { $rv_btn = 'style="display:inline;"'; } 2) FIND this code: $recently_viewed_content .= '<h3 class="h3"><span itemprop="name">' . MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_TITLE . '</span>' . ((MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_SHOW_MORE_BUTTON == 'True')? ' <a href="' . tep_href_link('recently_viewed.php') . '" class="btn btn-default btn-sm">' . MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_IMAGE_BUTTON_SEE_MORE . ' <span class="fa fa-angle-right"></span></a>' : '' ) . '</h3>'; REPLACE it with this: $recently_viewed_content .= '<h3><span itemprop="name">' . MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_TITLE . '</span>' . ((MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_SHOW_MORE_BUTTON == 'True')? '&nbsp;&nbsp;<span ' . $rv_btn . '>' . tep_draw_button(MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_RECENTLY_VIEWED_IMAGE_BUTTON_SEE_MORE, 'glyphicon glyphicon-triangle-right', tep_href_link('recently_viewed.php'), 'primary', null, 'btn-default btn-sm') . '</span>':'') . '</h3>';
  6. @Tsimi ...you put the "bro" in Lambros 😀 yeah man, ..that's exactly what I was trying to achieve and I'm not very good with SQL. Thank you for the help. I just tested this mod and it works as it should. If you want, you can add it to the next update release. Ok, so here is the complete mod to only show the "See More" button when the number of Featured Products exceeds the content limit set in admin for the particular module. I'm just going to use the index module for this sample, and this is for BS Edge. I'm not sure if there is a difference with other versions. /index/modules/content/index/cm_i_featured_products.php 1) FIND this code: if (tep_db_num_rows($featured_products_query) > 0) { // Show only if we still have products in the array ADD just ABOVE it: // this will show/hide the "See More" button $fp_count_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from featured WHERE status = '1'"); $fp_count = tep_db_fetch_array($fp_count_query); $fp_btn = 'style="display:none;"'; if ($fp_count['total'] > MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CONTENT_LIMIT) { $fp_btn = 'style="display:inline;"'; } 2) FIND this code: $featured_products_content = '<h3>' . ($cat_name != '' ? sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CATEGORY_TITLE, $cat_name) : MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_TITLE . ((MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_SHOW_BUTTON == 'True')? ' ' . tep_draw_button(MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_BUTTON_SEE_MORE, 'glyphicon glyphicon-triangle-right', tep_href_link('featured_products.php'), 'primary', null, 'btn-default btn-sm'):'')) . '</h3>'; REPLACE it with this: $featured_products_content = '<h3>' . ($cat_name != '' ? sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CATEGORY_TITLE, $cat_name) : MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_TITLE . ((MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_SHOW_BUTTON == 'True')? '&nbsp;&nbsp;<span ' . $fp_btn . '>' . tep_draw_button(MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_BUTTON_SEE_MORE, 'glyphicon glyphicon-triangle-right', tep_href_link('featured_products.php'), 'primary', null, 'btn-default btn-sm') . '</span>':'')) . '</h3>';
  7. @Tsimi yeah, no rush, whenever you can. The "See More" button for the featured products is already there. I'm just trying to condition it to only display when there are more products listed than are limited to display. I really just need to figure out how to get the total featured products listed. Once I have that key, the rest is cake.
  8. @Tsimi hi Lambros, I'm trying to add a modification to the modules for this addon, where the "See More" button does not display unless there are more featured products listed than are limited to display at any one time. ..because there is no point is sending the customer to the featured products page if they are seeing all of the featured products on whatever page they are on. The problem I'm having is getting the total number of featured products (for lets say, the index page module). It's probably right in front of me, I'm just missing that piece. For example: I condition to display that "See More" button only when the total number of featured products is > MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_CONTENT_LIMIT. I wanted to use tep_db_num_rows($featured_products_query), but that is set in the $query to always equal the content limit setting. I really appreciate any help on this. And it could be a good feature for an update. I'll gladly share it here once I get that mod working properly.
  9. I know that this is an old thread, however, because I recently solved this problem, I will share it here for anyone who is looking for the solution. The problem is that the variable $products_id is not defined. So,.... find this code at the top of product_reviews_write.php page, around line 31: if (!tep_db_num_rows($product_info_query)) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link('product_reviews.php', tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')))); } else { $product_info = tep_db_fetch_array($product_info_query); } and replace it with this: if (!tep_db_num_rows($product_info_query)) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link('product_reviews.php', tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')))); } else { $product_info = tep_db_fetch_array($product_info_query); $products_id = $product_info['products_id']; } This should make the error validation work properly. It did for me.
  10. @Tsimi ok, thank you for the explanation. As I mentioned, nothing seems to be off with menu display or functionality without those attributes. So, I think I will continue with them removed. Thanks again.
  11. @ecartz Matt, I apologize, I just saw your reply now. I have added myself as a follower of this post, but never got a notification of your reply, and I only noticed today that the heading title for this thread was in bold in my profile. Anyway, thank you so much for your rely and your solution. I tested it just now and it works Perfectly!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. Demitry
  12. @Tsimi hi Lambros, While customizing my product_info page, I decided to run the W3C HTML Validator on that page. I got 22 errors and warnings, most of which are related to base osC software for BS Edge. However, there was an error and a couple of warnings related to this addon – see the screenshot below. I searched all of the addon files (css, js, classes, modules, templates) of the Horizontal Menu version I have (v1.3.1) for a reference or a defined value of that “catMenu” ID and could not find it. Same goes for role=”navigation” …I found nothing associated with it and am not sure what the role attribute does for the nav tag in that desktop menu. So, I removed these and tested both menus. Nothing seemed off and the menus work as they should. Is there a purpose for these attributes that I am not aware of? Or, is it ok to move forward without them? Thanks.
  13. hi, I need some help to solve an interesting code logic puzzle with an addon for header scrolling on the product_info.php page. This one: https://apps.oscommerce.com/eZbEr&headerscroll-for-oscv2-3-4-bs-edge This is a module for the product_info.php page where a customer can check the HeaderScroll checkbox and each time they load a product page, that page will load scrolled past the header. This spotlights the product offering with each product view and the customer has full control to enable or disable this feature for their session. ~~~~ What I have not been able to solve is how to set the HeaderScroll checkbox to be enabled (checked) by default when the customer’s session starts. The user’s checkbox input is stored in sessionStorage. I tried the most obvious… setting the checkbox $checked value to true,.. and I tried the same using jQuery on document ready, but with both of these tactics the checkbox only flashes checked for a split second and then applies the unchecked status from sessionStorage. The challenge is to possibly set sessionStorage to have the checkbox enabled, but only on the very first instance (product page visit). Otherwise it will always revert to being checked on each new product page load regardless of the customer’s preferred selection. Here is the jQuery for the sessionStorage part of this feature: // HeadScroll save checkbox state to session $(function(){ $('#scroll').each(function() { var $el = $(this); $el.prop('checked', sessionStorage[$el.prop('id')] === 'true'); }); $('#scroll').on('change', function() { var $el = $(this); sessionStorage[$el.prop('id')] = $el.is(':checked'); }); }); Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: Please note that this is not a support thread for this addon. I’m just trying to get some assistance to improve it for the osC community.
  14. Demitry

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    @frankl Frank, Thanks man, but seems like I'm the only one having this issue. So, no need to waste time on it. Thank you for all your help.
  15. Demitry

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    my lowest version for Upgrade All Calls is 2.7 and the other one is now only 3.1 I tried that 2.7, but no improvement, ..still getting the same error. I tested the validity of the redirect URI and that came back good. I don't know, ..I think I have to put it down and perhaps try it again when I have the site in production (off the sub-domain).