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  1. I am using STS V4, it's great! I have one question: In the product info page, how to hide the text like "Special Prices" if there is no special price? And also the same to "Option Choices" Thanks
  2. Thanks bill, I have created the shopping_cart.php.html file according to the sample in test folder. But i am having trouble to find instruction to create infobox template. The forum link yo given me shows hundreds of posts; but i can not locate instruction as to create infobox template. What i did find out is that you have a link here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1524 In this contribution you added "Infobox Templates for use with STSv4.2" I compared the boxes.php file in includes\classes, it seems that my current STS V4.5.8 has a newer version of boxes.php So in problem again!, please help! My purpose is just to change style of shopping cart content, like make "Remove Product(s) Qty. Total " bold etc
  3. I have been trying to create a "content template" for shopping_cart.php"; the purpose is to edit the layout and style of the Shopping Cart page as easy as editing the Product Info page. I am using STS 4.5.8 (updated by Bill Kellum) According to the user manul "3.11 Create content templates for any page" It is possible to create content template for shopping_cart.php page I swear that i have tried to solve this problem myself; but for the last few hours, i have tried everything i can think about, but the shopping_cart.php page still shows as default. Please give me some input, thank you!