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    Ahhh, it's an option in cPanel. Got it. Thank you for your fast reply.
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    Hi all. Great contribution. I have installed it with no problem, and discovered that after cleaning my hacked site, I forgot one file with bad code inside. Anyway, I don't understand how to set automatic scans (due to my bad english). Where is configured this feature? Thanks.
  3. manolohpm

    working with shipping modules

    /includes/languages/english<spanish>.../modules/shipping/ To add a new language: Copy, paste, rename and translate: /includes/languages/english... /admin/includes/languages/english... Add the language in the administrator page. Or download a language package.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to install the standard version of more pics manually. Is there any version of readme.txt with CR. I get a only paragraph even using adjusting lines. Thanks. Manolo.
  5. manolohpm

    Batch Print Center (support thread)

    Hello. This is my first message as you can see. I've installed this contribution which works really fine for me, thanks to the creator. No problem if the first label is not included in each page. I've been looking in this thread information regarding the font size used in the Labels template. I'm able to change everythig except the font size of the name and address of the customer. I guess the code for this is located at "labels.php" inside "templates" folder: define('GENERAL_FONT_SIZE', '40'); define('GENERAL_LINE_SPACING', '15'); define('GENERAL_FONT_COLOR', BLACK); When I change the value of the second line, the spacing changes, but when I change the value of the first line nothing happens. I don't now anything of php coding... so I don't know where else I can look for this issue. Regards. Manolo.