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  1. ExactlyHow

    Shipping Choices Problem

    It seems I wasn't detailed enough. Any total shipment over 150 lbs, regardless of the number of packages, is shipped by freight. Any total shipment under 150 lbs is shipped UPS, regardless of number of packages. So, when total weight is under 150 lbs, I would like only UPS to show, and over 150 lbs have only freight. Freight is based on billythekid's Four-region State contribution. Thank you for your prompt and polite response, Jan.
  2. ExactlyHow

    which shipping contribution can do this?

    This should do the trick: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,818 A contribution by billythekid that let's you set up 4 regions with weight/cost tables for each. It works with US and Canada. I use it on one of my sites and it work perfectly.
  3. ExactlyHow

    Shipping Choices Problem

    Does anybody know how to keep the UPS selection in the checkout shipping selection page from showing if the weight is over 150 lbs? Since that shipping option can't be selected, there seems no point in it being there. Some of my customers have told me it's a little confusing.
  4. ExactlyHow

    Shipping by Zip Codes

    1) My client wants to offer free local delivery. Is there a way to set shipping to free for local zip codes? 2) My client wants to discount shipping by 50% for all methods, including UPS. The UPS module calculates shipping by linking to UPS (somehow, not sure how). Is there a way to take the shipping total for all methods and reduce it by 50%? It would be nice to show the discount at checkout too. I would really appreciate help with this. I've been banging my head on the wall trying to figure this out! Thanks! :'(
  5. How would I go about excluding certain zip codes from shippping charges. I have built a furniture store for a client who offers free delivery to nearby zip codes. All other zip codes are to use the UPS module or freight charges to the weight schedule.