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  1. sfrasher

    Shipping based on number of items?

    Solved! contribution: Table Rate With Quantity Option I found a similar trib from 2004 that totally screwed up the table rate. This one is 2007 and worked flawlessly. BTW: this worked on V2.3.1
  2. Is there a way to get a shipping amount based on the number of items bought? For instance, if you buy up to 8 items, the shipping is $5.95. If you buy 9 to 16 items, the shipping is $10.95. Etc. Versions 2.2RC2 or 2.3.1. Makes no difference because I use both. Thanks.
  3. sfrasher

    PayPal Express No item name in description

    Chris, thank you so much. That worked!
  4. sfrasher

    PayPal Express No item name in description

    Bump! I have the same problem with Paypal Standard.
  5. Thanks Germ. Just based on your question, I figured out to put the secure part in both of those lines and it works now!
  6. Update: I have determined that the problem comes from switching from SSL to non-SSL. When I go to log in, it is secure. Then it goes to the main page and it is still secure. When I click on "catalog", it goes to the unsecure page and that's when it forgets me. If I set both secure and unsecure links in configure.php to the secure server, everything works great.
  7. This is a little simpler...maybe: I log in. It says "Welcome back Spencer". I go to any page and then click "catalog" in the breadcrumb. It says "Welcome Guest". (bad) I log in, it says "Welcome back Spencer". I just click "catalog" and it says "Welcome Guest". (bad) I log in, it says "Welcome back Spencer". I refresh the page, even shift-refresh and it still says "Welcome back Spencer". (normal) I log in, go to another page. Then click the "back" button and refresh, it says "Welcome back Spencer". (normal) And, as above, click "checkout" and it goes to the login page, even though I'm already logged in. (bad)
  8. osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a PHP Version 5.2.12 Whenever I click the "checkout" button, it returns me to the login page. I log in, it forgets what was in the cart, so I add an item, then it remembers and I have 2 items! Click "checkout" and it goes to the login page. Repeat forever! www.wufstuff.com is the site. Any ideas?
  9. I just did a search for "pounds". I got a list of possible topics. But...for one topic alone, I have to search through 187 pages of replies and hunt for the one with the word "pounds" in it. It would be nice if a search only produced the topics/replies with the search word.