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  1. Im in need of a unique contribution hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. We would like to be able to drop off merchandise or allow customers to pick up the merchandise upon prior agreement. We dont want this option to be available to the general public, COD for example, so perhaps a special shipping code could be entered which would: Provide a field allowing the visitor to enter the special code that would, Remove any shipping charges from the item total Notify the store own that this would be a pick up item Provide a comment area for the customer to type in any special instructions or comments (just like on regular check out) If anyone know of something like this a link would be fabulous. We are willing to hire a contribution developer to create this if anyone has used someone before and can make a recommendation this would be great too. Thanks much, A
  2. Stargrrl

    PsiGate XML Gateway

    Luke would you mind posting the info of the person you had install the mod for you? I wouldnt post his email but name and website, or PM if you dont mind. I could use his services too. Thanks A
  3. Stargrrl

    Product Description 1.3

    Can you post your solution? Im having the same problem.. A
  4. Stargrrl

    Products Short Description

    My SQL command ran successfuly and I now see the short description field when adding products in admin. But for some reason the text I input there isnt showing up on preview. When I go back to the product and look at the short description box the text is no longer there. It seems to be losing the data somehow. Im not getting any error message though just this problem. Thanks, A
  5. Stargrrl

    Products Short Description

    Thanks a million, I tried doing this by adding a row to the table but ended up with this error message: 1054 - Unknown column 'short_desc' in 'field list' insert into products (products_quantity, short_desc, products_model, products_price, products_date_available, products_weight, products_status, products_tax_class_id, manufacturers_id, products_image, products_date_added) values ('500', 'Author - Author Name\r\nLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent eu sapien ac erat placerat sagittis. Suspendisse vel urna at nibh sodales condimentum. Nullam metus. Maecenas lacus purus, vestibulum quis, mattis et, varius quis, urna. Donec semper.', '', '12.95', null, '0', '1', '1', '0', 'bk-lifewithkarol.jpg', now()) [TEP STOP] I will try your instructions instead, A
  6. Im going over the instructions to add this contribution to our store: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3123 The contribution allows a description to appear underneath the product photo and title in the catagory list view, like this: http://caravanmart.com.au/yard/index.php?c...510cb6bf12eca8c Most of the modifications are just file replacement except for the first instruction: 1/ Ok first execute this SQL into your database ------------ ############# ADD SQL ################# ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `short_desc` TEXT; Im looking for a step by step on how to "alter" the database table. I dont want to mess the database up and this doesnt give detailed info on how exactly to this. Any pointers would be awesome.. A
  7. My default installation only show title text under the product image in Category page view. I would like to add the description underneath the title as well like in this example: http://www.queenship.org/showproducts.cfm?FullCat=494 Does anyone know what contribution should be used to achieve this? Thanks, A
  8. Stargrrl

    Change the Order of Products

    Thank you, I'll try that.. A
  9. Im having no luck figuring out how to change the order that products appear in the catalog. I'd like to move them up or down on the list but only have the option to move them from folder to folder. Must I delete the products and then add them again in the order I'd like for them to appear? Possibly there is contribution that will do this? TIA, A