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  1. Me too same problem... I have run into this before with something else.. and I dont remember what I did to fix it. Looking here for guidance... :(
  2. NM I got it.. See enough time and EVEN I can figure it out!! Thanx Shawn BTW the code you posted must be from an earlier snapshot cuz it would not werk for me but by using your example I was able to figure out wich variables and format to use!! :lol: Werks Great!!
  3. I must be pretty thick, :oops: I am having trouble figuring out where to input this code.. the code is self is pretty explainatory but where do I stick it?? {hahah no funny comments :lol: } TIA Shawn
  4. That look great!!! This might sound silly but which PHP page is it I need to Modify with this code in order to get his to werk.. product_info?? I like the way it shows up on your site all though I cant read german :lol:
  5. This is what I am looking to do... I want to create a field for each product that has a couple of variables that relate to shipping stock ships: Same day in 24 Hours in 3 days in 5 days Out of Stock Back Ordered It is my belief that the manufacturer function will do this effectivly however I use my manufacturer for manufacturers. So what I am thinking would be perfect would be to; Copy the Manufacturer DB table and rename it to shipping_stock. Then to copy the manufacturer PHP pages and rename them to shipping_stock. Modify the PHP pages to change "Manufacturer" to "Ships In:" Also add a column in the product_info so that is displays both the Manufacturer and the new Ships In column This is the best solution that I can come up with and my experience with PHP & MySQL is pretty limited. I can usually figure things out if given enough time but what I am wondering is how is the best way to do this.. I can probably modify all my PHP pretty easily without any help but how do I go about entering the new fields into the DB OBTW I do NOT use MyPHPadmin. for security reason our DB server is isolated from the Internet and I have to do all my modifications right on the server with the MySQL tools provided. Any help on this subject would be awesome and I know that if any body in the world can help me they would be HERE in these forums!! TIA Shawn
  6. I was able to make the change that zzfritz suggested and now everything werks fine Thanx that was kinda buggin me.... Shawn
  7. Shawn

    DHTML Menu's

    Sorry but I think I will toss my 2 cents in here. You are all right! JAVA & DHTML is Cool and useful Plain HTML is functional Some like it some dont So we should all just make two different ways to view the site My website I think is a good example. http://www.the-wizards.com I make shure that any feature that I have in Java is also available in plain HTML text. If someone has java turned off or they have a problem with it... fine There is a plain text link on the page for all java menus Anyway.. Thought I would point that out Shawn
  8. Shawn

    Big Images 1.23a

    I figured out my problem!! I loaded the wrong popup_image.php file to the /catalog folder.. I loaded the right file and poof it werks :oops: Boy am I a schmuck!
  9. Shawn

    Big Images 1.23a

    In my earlier post I said that my Big Image wasnot uploading.. I was wrong! My image loaded to the server but for some reason the Big image will not display. When I try to preview it in Admin it shows up as a broken link image and when I click to enlarge in the store it defaults to the small image.. Still looking for a solution. If anyone knows... ?? TIA Shawn
  10. I just installed Big Images 1.23a and it seems to be werking with 1 little problem.. When I upload the 2 images via the admin site the big image wont upload.. The small one werks fine... I am kinda puzzled Any Ideas? Shawn