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  1. oojacoboo

    Export orders into csv

    I'm sorry, I don't see that statement in the exportorders.php file. Would you mind telling me what it says, or the line number? Maybe I have the wrong contribution file? I see 9 Queries - Order Comments - Order Sub-Total - Tax - Insurance - Shipping - Giftwrap - Order Total - Product Count - List of Products Ordered I just don't see anything on here to filter out by Order Staus. I only want to export out Orders that have been paid for, via paypal, and OSC logs all orders even if the customer doesn't complete the order process... Thanks!
  2. oojacoboo

    Export orders into csv

    I think adding in the filter from this contribution would be best. I tried to implement it, but, unfortunately my php skills are really quite limited... <_< http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4675
  3. oojacoboo

    Export orders into csv

    how do you filter by the order status....?