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  1. But I thought main idea of special character conversion is to convert special characters to basic Latin? Am I right? In my example special character 'š' is not converted to 's', it is just simply removed.
  2. Hi Jack, Happy New Year!!! Marvellous contribution, had it up and running on test server in less than 10 minutes. Everything is fine except "Special character conversion". It does not seem to work. It omits special characters. I have this string to convert Lithuanian special characters 'ą'=>'a','č'=>'c','ę'=>'e','ė'=>'e','į'=>'i','š'=>'s','ų'=>'u','ū'=>'u','ž'=>'z' I checked configuration table in DB, all chars are shown correctly. Database encoding is utf8-general-ci. Can you help me with this? Example: "25 mm sidabro spalvos ruošinys segei, Gutermann, 1 vnt." => converts => "/sidabro-spalvos-ruoinys-segei-gutermann-p-3788.html" Kovar