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  1. Courty

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hi Fenerbahce, Looks to me like you haven't set-up your HTTP and HTTPS lines correctly as it's refering back to the MySite url and appending the catalog parts afterwards. If it's like my host, we have http://www.yourhost.co.uk/ and for httpS we do https://www.secureserver.com/yourhost.co.uk/ To get this to work you need the https entry to read https://www.secureserver.com/yourhost.co.uk/ including the last extra URL. here's the first couple of lines from configure.php from a clients shop I set up last month on my system define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://shop.avicraft.co.uk'); // eg, [url="http://localhost"]http://localhost[/url] - should not be empty for productive servers define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://webxxx.secure-secure.co.uk/avicraft.co.uk'); // eg, [url="https://localhost"]https://localhost[/url] - should not be empty for productive servers Regards Paul
  2. Courty

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hi Guys, First off, just want to say I have been struggling with another PayPal Pro contribution and swapped to this one and not looked back - superb !! :D Couple of small issues - although it all works, my set-up is such that the http URL does not match the HTTPS url and I have noticed that the IPN Notification URL is auto generated incorrectly (the path doesn't take into account the extra / required in the HTTPS URL) I've correct the path but I'm not convinced that its 100% - is it correct that is should point to "https://xxx.xxx.xxx/index.php?action=express_checkout_ipn" ? Secondly, some advice ? - when I do a refund from the Orders page and select a new "Order Status" while doing it, this doesn't get set in the orders page (the refund goes through OK though so not a show stopper) - any ideas ? Again, many thanks for a great contrib.. Regards Paul
  3. Hi Guys, Came across an interesting one this weekend - a clients shop went live, all appeared to be working and we had tested live transactions for PayPal Pro - Express Checkout and PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) Direct Payments, both worked fine. Then an order came it that looked wrong and further investigation showed that the whole order had no tax added (UK VAT @ 17.5%). Turns out that if a client orders a mixed cart of taxed and untaxed items (Books are tax free in the UK) the whole cart has no tax.. I have correct zones and tax classes set for Inc Tax and Ex Tax and the products are set correctly as well.. Before I go digging into the code - Anyone seen this before ? Direct Payments works fine BTW as well as the other payment options.. Regards Courty
  4. Courty

    Problems with PayPal Express

    Guys, Just an idea - It does this if the username and password for PayPal are wrong.. If you have anything other than the standard build, the error messages get lost - have a look at the URL of the return page, chances are it has the error message appended to the end. Few bugs in this module ! Courty..
  5. Hi Guys, Got it working.. :) You need to use the Your unique Merchant Login from your Pro account acceptance mail as the Vendor AND User entries and the password is the Second password you used when upgrading from a normal paypal account to a Pro account (not your normal PayPal password). In conclusion, use the 1.1 version of the Direct Payment module, do the update mentioned above to the code if your version of OSC needs it and follow the above for username and password... Many Thanks for a great contrib... Regards Paul
  6. PayPal_JohnF / Guys, I'm sure I'm not being daft but I'm still having a few issues.. We got our PP-Pro account sorted and i signed in and went to the pro section, I went to the 'Request API Credentials' section and set up a user and then I went to the Grant API Permission and set the permissions. this is where it started going wrong :rolleyes: When I went to the shop/admin and looked to enter the details, I appear to be short on fields to get the info in. the Credentials section gave me a username, password and a signature but the PayPal Direct Payment UK module only has spaces for Username and Password, what am I supposed to do with the signature ? In the US module you can load a API cert, should I be using this module even though I'm a UK shop with a UK PP account ?? I have tried the new username and pasword, the old username and password and both give the same error Error: Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login credentials. Has anyone got a step by step idiots guide to setting up PP Pro direct UK and Express UK or could anyone give me a run down of what goes in which field ? Many Thanks Paul
  7. Hi Guys, I added the fix Harold mentioned for catalog/checkout_confirmation.php and now it looks better. I set the Card Acceptance Page to Confirmation and now I get "Error - Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login credentials." Checked the PayPal account and my Website Payments Pro account is "Application Pending" so I assume its working, just awaiting the account to be switched on. I'll let you know what happens once the account is working. For Info, I'm running a custom osCommerce 2.2-MS2 with all the patches as recommended by PayPal with the latest version of the UK Pro Payment Module files. Thanks All, Regards Paul
  8. I have the "All payment information fields are required." error but had an interesting one too, in the admin/modules/payment/PP UK Direct payment, the field for Checkout Payment was not working, looked at the script and it's not defined in the install - should it come from somewhere else ?? think I may have missed something. to correct the problem I ran this SQL query. INSERT INTO configuration( configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added ) VALUES ( 'Card Acceptance Page parameter:', 'MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_DIRECT_CARD_INPUT_PAGE', '', 'Card Acceptance Page parameter', '6', '20', now( ) ); Still have the "All payment information fields are required." error but at least the admin menu works now. Will keep digging.. Paul
  9. OK, had a look and I now have a 2.2MS2 version of change_password.php Bit confused though, the main form as a POST and a GET ?! the GET for the search and the post for the change password script.. I know it doesn't matter that much but I changed the code it to listen for a POST. I have also added error checking (Lines 3 and 4) which is good for debuging, take it out for live though. My install would not work (totally blank screen) until I removed the ref to' tep_hide_session_id();' in the search code about half way down the file. For info my install is Red Hat Linux, OSC 2.2MS2, PHP5, MySql5 and the new file works fine on this setup.. will post to contribs now Courty
  10. QUOTE(Chris Perkins @ Dec 1 2007, 10:51 PM) * Jim, In the Readme file on step 8, it refers to the file: catalog/admin/includes/customers.php And lists some changed which need to be made. I don't seem to have that file present! Am I missing something? It is part of the stock osc install. Not in 2.2MS2 it's not ! that line should read "catalog/admin/customers.php" it's in the admin root and not in the /includes. Also for 2.2 the post method doesn't work and there's a couple of other bugs in the code that make it not 2.2 friendly. I'll clean it up in a minute and post a working 2.2ms2 version. Courty
  11. Courty

    Recover Cart Sales

    Yes should do, code updates were to correct bad / sloppy code so should be fine on PHP4 Courty
  12. Try putting in a product that is expensive (>£/$100) and heavy (>3kg) and try again - I just fought with mine for an a couple of hours before I worked out that the latest contrib now comes with the percent mod pre installed, so if you have a £/$1 product that weighs 0, the giftwrap show 0 as well ! (i wish people would't dick with things !) :angry: to fix the problem open catalog/includes/modules/giftwrap/giftwrap.php Find this 'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code, 'title' => MODULE_GIFT_TEXT_WAY, 'cost' => MODULE_GIFT_COST * $total_weight))); and change it back to this ! 'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code, 'title' => MODULE_GIFT_TEXT_WAY, 'cost' => MODULE_GIFT_COST))); Have Fun Courty
  13. Courty

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi All, Just tried this mod on a *nix server running PHP 5 and MySql 5 with OSC 2.2MS2 and had a bunch of the same problems mentioned here (+ others). After a couple of hours stress :blink: I have it all working so have posted the working files back to the mod/contribution. Changes as follows: updated both files to work on php5 / Sql5 / *nix removed a load of php4 -> php5 typos added the mktime mod working fine on my system now but let me know if it craps on another (should be ok for most installs now) Enjoy Courty :thumbsup: